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These requests for disposition authority documents are agency requests to NARA submitted since 1973.  Older items may have subsequently been superseded by more recent submissions.  Please see the FAQ for more information. Questions about active disposition authorities should be directed to the agency records officer.

NOTE: NARA’s process for determining which records schedules in the RCS are currently valid is an ongoing work in progress. Records schedules will be marked inactive when all items on the schedule have been superseded. Before implementing disposition using these records schedules, always verify that you are using the most recent and current disposition authority (or item).

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RG-0053: Public Debt, Bureau of the

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Title Number/Filename
Miscellaneous Records of the Division of Personnel Management N1-053-00-001
Employee Exit Forms Inactive N1-053-00-002
Office of the Commissioner Records N1-053-00-003
Reinvestment Records N1-053-00-004
Videos/ Public Service Announcements Inactive N1-053-00-005
Division of Data Services Records N1-053-00-006
Operations Records N1-053-00-007
Rapid Application Deployment and Reporting System and Electronic Mail Files N1-053-00-008
Federal Reserve Bank Records N1-053-00-010
Electronic Data Processing Equipment-Trouble Ticket, and Analysis of Procurement Requests N1-053-00-011
Government Investment Loans, Offense Incident Report, and Personal Information for ID Badges N1-053-00-012
Transactions and Rulings Records N1-053-01-001
Division of Staff Services N1-053-01-003
Savings Bond Operations Inactive N1-053-01-004
Division of Accounts and Reconcilements N1-053-01-005
Division of Special Investment N1-053-01-007
Investor Payment and Tax System (Inpax) Inactive N1-053-01-008
Treasury Direct Fee System (TDFeeS) Inactive N1-053-02-001
Treasury Direct Electronic Services System (TDES) Inactive N1-053-02-002
Card File Program (DTR-87) Inactive N1-053-02-003
Forfeited Bond Tracking System N1-053-02-004
Savings Note Reissue System N1-053-02-005
Unissued Stock Systems Inactive N1-053-02-006
Division of Accounting Services: Public Debt Accounting and Reporting System (PARS) and Registered Accounts System (REGII) Inactive N1-053-02-007
Securities Operations, Direct Access Marketables Branch Foreign Owned Accounts/IRS Form 1042-S Inactive N1-053-02-008
Office of Public Debt Accounting Financial Documents N1-053-02-009
Savings Bond Marketing Office Payroll Savings Participation (PSP) System/ Call and Program Summary (CAPS) System N1-053-02-010
Office of Public Debt Accounting HUD/FHA Debenture Program Inactive N1-053-02-011
Customer Service and Current Income Bond Branch Interest Payment and Miscellaneous Files Inactive N1-053-02-012
Office of Security Operations Redemption Table, Interest Rate Certification Inactive N1-053-02-013
Administrative Resource Center Windows-Based Forms Inventory System (WINFINS) N1-053-02-014
Office of the Chief Counsel Litigation Files, Reports Inactive N1-053-02-015
Office of Security Operations, Treasury Securities Accounting Branch Inactive N1-053-02-016
Federal Reserve Bank - Existing Records N1-053-03-001
Debt Buyback Program Records Inactive N1-053-03-002
Savings Bonds Related Records N1-053-03-003
Auction and Issue Folders Inactive N1-053-03-004
Bureau of Public Debt (BPD) Web Page Inactive N1-053-03-005
Marketing Office/ Savings Bond Videos Inactive N1-053-03-006
Office of Investor Services/Bureau Automated Tracking System (BATS) System N1-053-03-007
Office of Investor Services Records Inactive N1-053-03-008
Office of Investor Services/Bureau Automated Tracking System (BATS) System N1-053-03-009
Surveillance Tapes Inactive N1-053-03-010
Securities Transactions Documents and Temporary Investor Locator Files Inactive N1-053-03-011
Special Purpose Securities System (SPSS) Inputs, Reports, and Federal Housing Authority FHA Reports Inactive N1-053-03-012
Daily Accounting Transactions Inactive N1-053-04-002
Change of Address for Current Income Bonds, Payroll Customer Enrollments Active and Inactive Agents N1-053-04-003
Security Backup Copies Inactive N1-053-04-004
Documentary Material Removal Inactive N1-053-04-005
Investor Authorization Forms Inactive N1-053-04-006
Market Surveys, Product Studies, and Consumer Research Records Inactive N1-053-05-001
Office of Financing Inactive N1-053-05-002
Mail Records and External Reviews Inactive N1-053-05-003
Reinvest Direct Notice - Nonexceptions N1-053-05-004
Savings Bond Stock and Vault Inventory Statistics Inactive N1-053-05-005
Activity Analysis Records Inactive N1-053-06-001
Treasury Direct System N1-053-06-002
Franchise Services N1-053-06-003
Support Records for Public Debt N1-053-06-004
Retail Securities Services N1-053-06-005
Summary Debt Accounting N1-053-06-006
Wholesale Security Services N1-053-06-007
Government Agency Investment Services N1-053-06-008
Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Bulletins N1-053-08-001
Closed Claim Files 1863-1945 N1-053-11-001
Administrative Files of the Division of Investor Accounts N1-053-86-001
Treasury and Agency Securities, Interest Coupons N1-053-86-002
Fiscal Agency Checks N1-053-87-001
Treasury Direct System N1-053-87-002
Division of Administrative Services Finance Records and Files Section N1-053-87-003
Office of Securities and Accounting Services (OSAS) Project Records N1-053-89-001
Office of the Commissioner Finance Records and Files Section N1-053-89-002
Finance Records & Files Section /Agency corporation N1-053-91-001
Savings Bond Transactions Central Name Files N1-053-91-002
Securities Accountability Branch Transaction Summary N1-053-92-001
Historical Loan Records N1-053-96-003
Comprehensive Schedule - Electronic Records N1-053-96-004
Office of Administration Records N1-053-97-001
Savings Bond Transactions (1960-1993) N1-053-97-002
Savings Bond Operations Records in Federal Reserve N1-053-97-003
Systems Outputs from Previously Scheduled Systems N1-053-99-001
Public Debt Accounting and Reporting System (PARS) N1-053-99-002
Treasury and Federal Financing Bank Securities NC-053-75-001
Series H and K Detailed Summary Listings NC-053-76-002
Revised Department of Treasury Comprehensive Schedule #3 NC-053-76-003
List Number 9 NC-174-000260
Records being Accumulated for the United States (U.S.) Department of the Treasury NC1-053-77-01
Microfilm Registered Securities Inactive NC1-053-77-02
Redemption of Securities for the Payment of Federal Estate Taxes NC1-053-77-03
Records Related to Marketable Treasury Securities and United States (U.S.) Saving Bonds NC1-053-78-01
Bureau Management on ADP and Computer-related Telecommunications Policies and Practices NC1-053-78-02
Direction for Comprehensive Internal Audit Program NC1-053-78-03
Original Bonds, Notes, and Registration Stubs NC1-053-78-04
Transactions for Treasury Bills, Notes Bonds and Various other Treasury Securities NC1-053-78-05
Legal Policies and Regulations Governing the Conduct of Security Transactions NC1-053-78-06
Division of Management Services NC1-053-78-07
Bureau-wide Policies and Procedures for Personnel Management Programs NC1-053-78-08
Department of Treasury Cash Journal Inactive NC1-053-78-09
Division of Management Analysis NC1-053-78-10
Division of DATA Processing NC1-053-78-11
Book Entry Work Group NC1-053-78-12
Bureau-wide Financial Plans, Policies, and Procedures NC1-053-78-13
Redemption and Servicing Files NC1-053-78-14
Armed Forces Leave Bond Issue Files (1946-1949) NC1-053-79-01
Savings Bond Transactions Central Name Files Inactive NC1-053-79-02
Records of the Office of the Commissioner NC1-053-80-01
Records of the Division of Investor Accounts NC1-053-80-02
Original United States Savings Bonds Consisting of Paid or Cancelled Bonds NC1-053-81-01
Qualification Agreement Forms NC1-053-81-02
Tender Forms / Transaction Request Inactive NC1-053-81-03
Comprehensive Schedule, Office of the Assistant Commissioner and Division of Securities Operations NC1-053-82-02
General Ledger and Monthly Journals NC1-053-83-01
Exchange Subscriptions for United States Savings Bonds Inactive NC1-053-83-02
Office of the Director NC1-053-83-03
Numerical Records Files NC1-053-84-01
Division of Loans and Currency Claims and Ruling Section NN-174-000051