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These requests for disposition authority documents are agency requests to NARA submitted since 1973.  Older items may have subsequently been superseded by more recent submissions.  Please see the FAQ for more information. Questions about active disposition authorities should be directed to the agency records officer.

NOTE: NARA’s process for determining which records schedules in the RCS are currently valid is an ongoing work in progress. Records schedules will be marked inactive when all items on the schedule have been superseded. Before implementing disposition using these records schedules, always verify that you are using the most recent and current disposition authority (or item).

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RG-0058: Internal Revenue Service

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Title Number/Filename
Frivolous Return Program (FRP) DAA-0058-2012-0002
Form 4506-A, Request for Public Inspection or Copy of Exempt or Political Organization IRS Form DAA-0058-2012-0003
Form 8886, Reportable Transaction Disclosure Statement DAA-0058-2012-0004
Chief Counsel Records DAA-0058-2012-0005
Direct Debit Installment Agreements DAA-0058-2012-0006
Non - Banking Financial Institution Database (Title 31), Bank Secrecy Act DAA-0058-2012-0007
Information Technology - Security Compliance Monitoring (IT SCM) DAA-0058-2012-0008
Pseudonym Master Listing DAA-0058-2012-0009
Employee User Agreements DAA-0058-2013-0001
Embedded Quality Submission Processing System DAA-0058-2013-0002
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Interactive Networking Site Use Records DAA-0058-2013-0003
Tax Return Database (TRDB) DAA-0058-2013-0004
409A Compliance Resolution Program Case Files DAA-0058-2013-0005
Update Block Completion Lists DAA-0058-2013-0006
Form 3949-A (Information Referral) DAA-0058-2013-0007
Cyber Security Data Warehouse (CSDW) DAA-0058-2013-0008
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) System DAA-0058-2013-0010
Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) Records DAA-0058-2013-0011
Update to Appeals Customer Service (ACuServ) System DAA-0058-2013-0012
Privacy, Government Liaison, and Disclosure (PGLD) Records DAA-0058-2013-0013
Complaint Case Files DAA-0058-2013-0015
Item 50B, Offers in Compromise Case Files (Other than accepted offers) DAA-0058-2014-0001
Return Review Program System DAA-0058-2014-0002
Midwest Automated Compliance System (MACS)/ Compliance Data Environment (CDE) Extract Request Form DAA-0058-2014-0003
Part 1. Administrative and General Records DAA-0058-2014-0004
Compliance Case Files DAA-0058-2014-0005
IRS Email Management Inactive DAA-0058-2015-0001
Competency and Standard Files DAA-0058-2015-0002
Enrolled Agent Policy and Management Files DAA-0058-2015-0003
Reporting Compliance Case Management System (RCCMS) DAA-0058-2015-0004
OIC Forms 3210 Transmittals DAA-0058-2015-0005
Qualified Intermediary (QI) / Employer Identification Number (EIN) Contract Case Files DAA-0058-2015-0006
Federal, State, Local Referrals not Covered by an Agreement DAA-0058-2015-0007
Continuing Education Management Records DAA-0058-2016-0001
Appeals Records DAA-0058-2016-0002
Tax Preparation Identification System (TPPS) DAA-0058-2016-0003
Tax Exempt and Government Entities Records DAA-0058-2016-0004
International Compliance Management Module (ICMM) System DAA-0058-2016-0005
e-Trak for Garnishments (eTRAK) System DAA-0058-2016-0006
Streaming Data Monitoring Tool (SDMT) DAA-0058-2016-0007
Information Technology Operational Reporting (ITOR) - System 7.5 DAA-0058-2016-0009
IRS Identity Validation-Out of Wallet (OOW) DAA-0058-2016-0010
TAS International Taxpayer Rights Conference Website DAA-0058-2016-0011
1120-F Non-Filer/Delinquent Return Program DAA-0058-2016-0013
IRS Marketing Express (IME) DAA-0058-2016-0014
Late Reply Tool/Audit Recon (LRT/AR) System DAA-0058-2016-0015
IRS Federal Erroneous Retirement Coverage Corrections Act (FERCCA) Case Files DAA-0058-2016-0016
System Data and Content for Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) Taxpayer Advocacy Panel (TAP) TAPSpace DAA-0058-2016-0017
Auto Preassessed Installment Agreements DAA-0058-2016-0018
Affordable Care Act (ACA) Information Returns Database (IRDB) DAA-0058-2016-0019
National Fraud Program Case Files DAA-0058-2017-0001
Automated Quarterly Excise Tax Listing Data DAA-0058-2017-0002
Link and Learn Taxes System Data DAA-0058-2017-0003
Examination Audit Information Management System (AIMS) DAA-0058-2017-0006
Form 3949A Information Referral DAA-0058-2017-0009
AtHoc Alert Notification System DAA-0058-2017-0011
Discretionary Limitation on Benefits Case Files DAA-0058-2017-0012
Competent Authority Arrangement Case Files DAA-0058-2017-0015
Private Debt Collection (PDC) Program Records DAA-0058-2017-0016
Collection Case Files DAA-0058-2017-0022
eWorkforce Management (eWFM) System DAA-0058-2017-0023
Global High Wealth Examination Case Files DAA-0058-2018-0003
Advance Pricing Agreement and Mutual Agreement Program Case Files DAA-0058-2018-0009
Office of Professional Responsibility Disciplinary Files DAA-0058-2019-0002
Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service [Capstone Form] GRS-6-1-0058-2017-0001
Office of Safeguard Reports N1-058-00-001
Year 2000 Reports N1-058-00-002
Gift Tax Returns (Form 709) N1-058-04-002
Commissioner Public Correspondence N1-058-04-003
Collection Statute Expiration Date (CSED) Extension Extracts N1-058-04-004
Records of the Chief Counsel N1-058-04-005
Contact Recordings and Related Records N1-058-04-006
Low Income Housing Credit (LIHC) Records N1-058-05-001
Division of Government Liaison and Disclosure Records N1-058-05-002
Human Capital - Personnel Field Services N1-058-05-003
Deputy Commissioner for Operations Support Mission Assurance N1-058-05-004
Agency Wide Shared Service (AWSS) Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Diversity Field Services N1-058-05-005
Submissions Processing Campus Records (Previously referred to as Service Centers) N1-058-05-006
National Research Program N1-058-05-007
Health Coverage Tax Credit Files N1-058-05-009
Mission Assurance Inactive N1-058-05-010
Web Records N1-058-06-001
Form 8886, Tax Shelter Disclosure Statement Form Inactive N1-058-06-003
Revenue Restructuring Act (RRA) 98 Section 1204 Certification Records N1-058-06-004
Forms 8879 and 8879 (SP), Internal Revenue Service (IRS) e-file Signature Authorization N1-058-06-005
Form 8875, Taxable Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Subsidiary Election N1-058-06-006
Audio Digital Recordings and Screen Capture Images (Non-Evaluative) N1-058-06-007
Embedded Quality Review System (EQRS)/National Quality Review System (NQRS) N1-058-06-008
Enrollment and Practice, Office of Professional Responsibility Inactive N1-058-06-009
Art Appraisal Services Records Inactive N1-058-06-010
Small Business/Self-Employed Form 6459, Return Preparer's Checklist N1-058-07-001
Small Business/Self-Employed Employee Protection System N1-058-07-002
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 8655: Reporting Agent Authorization N1-058-07-003
Dependent Database N1-058-07-004
Custodial Audit Support Tracking System N1-058-07-005
Form 12889, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Custodial Program - Inspection Report (Custodial Inspection Form) N1-058-07-006
National Taxpayer Advocate's Taxpayer Advocate Service Customer Outreach System N1-058-07-007
Appeals Customer Service (ACuSer) System Inactive N1-058-07-008
Withholding Compliance System N1-058-07-009
International Travel Office's International Passport Office (IPOP) N1-058-07-010
Criminal Investigation Head Quarters (HQ) Case Files N1-058-07-011
Administrative/Organization Support Organizational Records - Employee Tax Compliance N1-058-07-012
Wage and Investment, Service Center Operations Form 8840 Closer Connection Exception Statement for Aliens N1-058-07-013
National Criminal Investigation Training Academy (NCITA) N1-058-07-014
Office of Program Evaluation and Risk Analysis (OPERA) Project Files N1-058-07-015
W-7s N1-058-07-016
Withholding Compliance Program Records, Correspondence with Taxpayers and Employers N1-058-08-001
PFIC (Passive Foreign Investment Company) Taint Removal Election (Form 821-A) File. N1-058-08-002
National Taxpayer Advocate Systemic Advocay Management System (SAMS) N1-058-08-003
Wage and Investment Division's United States Residency Certification (U.S. CERT) System N1-058-08-004
Closed Taxpayer Delinquent Accounts and Taxpayer Delinquency Investigations Records. N1-058-08-005
Records Control Schedule 14, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for Associate Counsels Offices N1-058-08-006
Revenue Procedure 92-29 Records. N1-058-08-007
New Hire Tax Liability Check (TAXCK) System N1-058-08-008
Enterprise Data Access Strategy (EDAS) Integrated Production Model (IPM) N1-058-08-010
Deputy Commissioner Operation and Support, Office Privacy Act Information Protection, Form 11370 N1-058-08-011
Wage and Investment, Service Center Operations Form 13592 Receipt and Control Final Candling Log N1-058-08-012
Internal Revenue Form IR 5500 EZ N1-058-08-013
Disallowed Claims Letter N1-058-08-014
Midwest Automated Compliance System (MACS) N1-058-08-015
Occupational Safety, Health Program, and Environmental Management System N1-058-08-016
Internal Revenue Form 12412 Operations Assistance Request (OAR) N1-058-09-001
Internal Revenue Manual Offers in Comromise Overview N1-058-09-002
Offers in Compromise Records Created by the Wage and Investment Business Unit N1-058-09-003
Internal Revenue Form 8854 (Expatriation Initial Information Statement) N1-058-09-004
Partnership Control Systems (PCS) N1-058-09-005
National Fraud Program Case Files N1-058-09-006
Payrolling and Pay Administration Records N1-058-09-007
Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Sections 48 A&B Tax Credit Applications N1-058-09-008
Field Assistance Customer Comment Cards N1-058-09-009
Non-Return Unit 403(b), 457, and 408(k) Simplified Employee Plans/SARSEP (Salary Reduction Simplified Employee Pension Plan) Examination Completed Case Files N1-058-09-010
Tax Administration Electronic Systems Records N1-058-09-011
Combined Annual Wage Reporting (CAWR) System N1-058-09-012
Non-Filer Tracking (NFTRAC) System N1-058-09-013
Administration -Compliance Department of Treasury Files N1-058-09-014
Standards Enforcement Program System Records N1-058-09-015
Records of Taxpayer Delinquency Accounts N1-058-09-016
Records of the Enterprise Computing Center -Detroit N1-058-09-017
Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Extract N1-058-09-018
Tax Administration Electronic Systems Records N1-058-09-019
Enterprise Computing Center -Detroit Records N1-058-09-020
Small Business/ Self Employed Social Security Administration Medicare Benefit (SSA MB) System N1-058-09-021
Small Business/ Self Employed Federal-State Business Master File Extract N1-058-09-022
Small Business/ Self Employed Federal-State Individual Master File / Individual Transaction File Extract N1-058-09-023
Small Business/ Self Employed Federal - State Business Return Transcription File Extract N1-058-09-024
Office of Employee Protection's Form 13090 Caution Indicator Referral Report N1-058-09-025
Modernization and Information Technology Services, Work Request Tracking System (WRTS) N1-058-09-026
Small Business / Self Employed Social Tip Data Base (TIPDB) N1-058-09-027
Wage and Investment, Third Party Data Store (TPDS) N1-058-09-028
Third Party Contact System (TPC) N1-058-09-029
Wage and Investment OnLine Notice Review (OLNR) Application N1-058-09-030
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Manager's Quarterly Certifications N1-058-09-031
Transition Management Repository (TMR) N1-058-09-032
Integrated Retrieval System Unit (IDRS) and Unit Security Representative Database (IUUD) N1-058-09-033
Wage and Investment, Generate Electronic Filing (ELF) Letters (ELFL) System N1-058-09-034
Wage and Investment, Total Evaluation Performance System (TEPS) N1-058-09-035
Wage and Investment, Earned Income Tax Credit Referral Automation (EITCRA) N1-058-09-036
Incremental Scheduled Updates to Taxpayer Information File (Daily Taxpayer Information File (TIF) Update - Daily Tiff (DIY) and Weekly TIF Update - Weekly TIF (WTU)) N1-058-09-037
Management Information System (MIS) N1-058-09-038
Combined Federal and State (COMB FED State) Application N1-058-09-039
Private Debt Collection Program Inactive N1-058-09-040
Disclosure of Information to Federal, State, and Local Agencies (DIFSLA) System N1-058-09-041
Electronic Products Support Services (EPSS) and Electronic Tax Administration (ETA) N1-058-09-042
Secure Object Repository N1-058-09-043
Federal Tax Deposit Request (FTDRQ) Application N1-058-09-044
Small Business/ Self Employed Fed-State CP2000 Underreporter Notice Extract (KIRP) Process Records N1-058-09-045
Form 4442 Report - Account Referrals and the Workload Information Tracking System (WITS) N1-058-09-046
Remittance Transaction Research (RTR) System N1-058-09-047
Estate Tax Program (ETP) System N1-058-09-048
Microfilm Replacement System (MRS) N1-058-09-049
Legislative Analysis, Tracking and Implementation Services (LATIS), Legislative Implementation Tracking (UTS) Application N1-058-09-050
Legislative Analysis, Tracking and Implementation Services (LATIS), Taxpayer Assistance Blueprint (TAB) Application N1-058-09-051
Deputy Commissioner for Services and Enforcement, Whistleblower Application N1-058-09-052
Wage and Investment, Transcript Delivery System (TDS) N1-058-09-053
Legislative Analysis, Tracking and Implementation Services (LATIS), Tax Gap Application N1-058-09-054
Electronic Tax Law Assistance (ETLA) System N1-058-09-055
Offshore Compliance Initiative (OCI) Application N1-058-09-056
Benefits and Services Team Tracking System (BeSTTrac) N1-058-09-057
Information Returns Processing Underreported Backup Withholding System (IRP UBWH) N1-058-09-058
Records Control Schedule for Tax Administration - Wage and Investment Records N1-058-09-059
Prior Year Earned Income Option System (PYEIO) N1-058-09-060
Identity Verification Information Systems (IVIS), Plus System 1000 N1-058-09-061
Succession Planning Resource Center System (SPRC) N1-058-09-062
Spouse Address Check System (SPA) N1-058-09-063
Engagement Strategy and Tracker Survey System (ES Tracker) N1-058-09-064
State Income Tax Levy Program System (SITLP) N1-058-09-065
Enterprise Logistics Information Technology System (ELITE) N1-058-09-066
Information Returns Processing Validation and Perfection System (IRP VAL) N1-058-09-067
Information Returns Processing Non Filer System (NONF) N1-058-09-068
Distribution Channel Management System (DCM) N1-058-09-069
Electronic Tax Administration Marketing Database System (ETAMDB) N1-058-09-070
Photocopy Fee Refund System (PHOREF) N1-058-09-071
Temporary Scrambled Social Security Number System (TMPSSN) N1-058-09-072
Specialist Referral System (SRS) N1-058-09-073
Innocent Spouse Tracking System (ISTS) N1-058-09-074
Base Inventory Master File System (DIMF BIMF) N1-058-09-075
Notice Conversion System (NOTCON) N1-058-09-076
Innocent Spouse System (IS) N1-058-09-077
Computerized Mailouts (MAILOUTS) N1-058-09-078
Quarterly Bank Extract System (QBE) N1-058-09-079
Criminal Investigation, CI CONNECTIONS N1-058-09-080
Tax Advocate Management Information System (TAMIS) N1-058-09-081
Notice Review Processing System - (UNISYS) Notice Review Processing System (NRPS - UNISYS) N1-058-09-082
Notice Review Processing System (NRPS) N1-058-09-083
Customer Account Data Engine (CADE) N1-058-09-084
Stakeholder Partnerships, Education and Communication (SPEC) Application Files and Cooperative Agreements N1-058-09-085
Link Analysis Tool (YK1) N1-058-09-086
Work Number for Everyone System (Work #) N1-058-09-087
Informant Claims Examination (ICE-1) N1-058-09-088
Correspondence Imaging System (CIS) N1-058-09-089
Federal State Information Returns Master File Extract System (FED STATE IRMF EXT) N1-058-09-090
Public Information Officers Database (PIOneer) N1-058-09-091
Executive Control BMF Extract System (BMF 701 EXEC) N1-058-09-092
Electronic Master File Tax Account (MFTRA) System (ELEC MFTRA) N1-058-09-093
Reasonable Cause Assistant (RCA) N1-058-09-094
Bulk Electronic File Transfer (BEFT) System N1-058-09-095
Modernized e-File System (MeF) N1-058-09-098
Excess Collection File System (XSF) N1-058-09-099
Unidentified Remittance File System (URF) N1-058-09-100
Health Coverage Tax Credit System (HCTC) N1-058-09-102
Report Generation Software (RGS) N1-058-09-103
Natural Resources and Construction's IRC Sections 48C Tax Credit Application N1-058-09-104
Issue Management System N1-058-09-105
e-File Reports System (EFILE REPORTS) N1-058-09-106
Social Security Administration - Railroad Retirement Board 1099 System (SSA-RRB 1099) N1-058-09-107
Business Returns Transaction File On-Line System (BRTFOL) N1-058-09-108
Returns Transaction File On-Line System (RTFOL) N1-058-09-109
e-Help Support System (EHSS) N1-058-09-110
Calling Card Ordering System (CCOS) N1-058-09-111
Technical Information Exchange System (TIES) N1-058-09-112
Chief Financial Officer (ARDI) Management System (CAMS) N1-058-09-113
Counter Surveillance Unit Report System (CSURS) N1-058-10-001
Employee Plan and Exempt Organization Inventory Control System (ERICS) N1-058-10-002
Information Technology Assets Management System (ITAMS) N1-058-10-003
Web-Based Employee Technical Time System (WebETS); Aging Data Report N1-058-10-004
Enforcement Revenue Information System (ERIS) N1-058-10-005
Compliance Data Warehouses (CDW) N1-058-10-007
Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) N1-058-10-008
Compliance Initiative Project Files N1-058-10-009
Midwest Automated Compliance System (MACS) Inactive N1-058-10-010
Financial Planning System N1-058-10-011
Credit Bureau Audit Records N1-058-10-012
Statistics of Income - Large Mid-Sized Business Inventory Control Application (SLIC) N1-058-10-013
Credit Card Program Account Maintenance Change Forms N1-058-10-014
Taxpayer Advocate N1-058-10-015
Field Assistance Support Systems N1-058-10-016
Application to Participate in the IRS Acceptance Agent Program N1-058-10-017
Electronic Filing of 94x XML Returns (94x XML) N1-058-10-018
Report of Apparent Violation of Financial Recordkeeping and Reporting Regulations N1-058-10-019
IRS-USDA Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) Data Sharing Project N1-058-10-020
Automated Insolvency System (AIS) N1-058-10-021
Security Auditing and Analysis System (SAAS) N1-058-10-022
Fraudulent Tax Scheme Files N1-058-10-023
Low-Income Housing Credit Program N1-058-11-001
Payment Tracers Database Inactive N1-058-11-002
Bank Discrepancy Web-Based Application N1-058-11-003
Electronic Tax Administration Research and Analysis System (ETARAS) N1-058-11-004
Work Request Management System (WRMS) N1-058-11-005
Notice Delivery System (NDS) N1-058-11-006
Chief Counsel's Directives Manual (CCDM) N1-058-11-007
Automated 6020(b) System N1-058-11-008
Remittance Strategy for Paper Check Conversion System N1-058-11-009
Enterprise Learning Management System (ELMS), Learning Content Management System (LCMS), Evaluation Management Sytem (EMS), and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Training Course Files N1-058-11-010
Online Payment Agreement (OPA) N1-058-11-011
Risk Based Scoring System N1-058-11-012
Collection Activity Reports (CAR) N1-058-11-013
Employee Plans (EP) Voluntary Correction Program Case Files N1-058-11-014
Administrative Management and Organization Records N1-058-11-015
Form 8329, Lender's Information Return for Mortgage Credit Certificates (MCCs) N1-058-11-016
Information Reporting and Document Matching (IRDM) System N1-058-11-017
Large Business and International (LB&I) 1446-6 International Database (LB&I 1446-6) N1-058-11-018
International National Standards Application (INTL NSA) N1-058-11-019
Chapter Three Withholding (CTW) Database N1-058-11-020
Form 11370 Certificate of Annual UNAX Awareness Briefing N1-058-11-021
Form 9045 Withholding Compliance (WHC) Referrals for Lock - Ins and Civil Penalty Assessments N1-058-11-022
94x Signature Documents N1-058-11-023
Batch Block Tracking System N1-058-11-024
Tax Professional System Inactive N1-058-11-025
Examination Returns Control System N1-058-11-026
WebAssist System N1-058-11-027
United States Corporation Income Tax Returns and Income Tax Index Cards to United States Corporation Income Tax Returns N1-058-12-001
Offshore Compliance Initiative (OCI) N1-058-12-002
Office of Tax Shelter Analysis Application Database (OTSA DB) N1-058-12-003
Forms Development Case Files - Forms and Form Letter Files N1-058-12-004
Electronic Disclosure Information Management System (E-DIMS) N1-058-12-005
eAuthentication N1-058-12-006
Branded Prescription Drug System (BPDS) N1-058-12-007
Excise Records Systems N1-058-12-008
Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Case Files N1-058-12-009
Exempt Organization Entity System N1-058-12-011
Risk Based Scoring System (RBSS) N1-058-12-012
Inadequate Records Case Files N1-058-12-013
Business Performance Management System (BPMS) N1-058-12-014
Trace ID Reconciliation Reports N1-058-12-015
Embedded Quality Review System (EQRS) and National Quality Review System (NQRS) N1-058-12-016
Form 4506 Records and Magnetic Tape N1-058-86-001
Office of Examination Planning and Research Project Files N1-058-86-002
Records and Case Files of the Director of Practice Inactive N1-058-87-002
Employee Plans Application Case Files N1-058-87-003
Fire Damaged Documents Disposal N1-058-87-004
Record Control Schedule 206- Service Centers- Revision N1-058-87-006
National Office and Field Inspection Function Comprehensive Records N1-058-87-007
Waiver Certificates to Collect Social Security Coverage - Form 2031 N1-058-87-008
Problem Resolution Program Records N1-058-88-001
Records Control Schedule 102 - Assistant Commissioner (Examination - National Offices) - Revision N1-058-88-002
Records Control Schedule 206 - Service Centers - Revisions N1-058-88-003
Records Control Schedule 202 - Examination Regional and District Offices N1-058-88-004
Records Control Schedule 119 - Assistant Commissioner (International) - Revision and New Schedule N1-058-88-005
Records Control Schedule 204 Collection Activity - District and Field Offices N1-058-88-006
Mint Project Records N1-058-89-001
Additions and Changes to RCS 206 Service Centers of the International Revenue Service N1-058-89-002
Records Control Schedule 1272 - Disclosure - Tax Check File Revisions N1-058-89-003
Records Control Schedule 120 - Workload Selection and Special One-Time Studies Systems N1-058-89-004
Records From Study on Returns Filing and Retrieval N1-058-89-007
Service Centers/ Oil Production Fee Report and Deposit Form N1-058-90-001
Time and Attendance Records N1-058-90-002
Office of the Assistant Commissioner (Collection) RCS 204 Comprehensive Schedule Revisions N1-058-90-003
Records Cleanup Campaign Photos, ca. 1953 N1-058-91-002
Collection Division/Recapitulation For List Narcotics Registraints N1-058-91-003
Collection Division/District Director's List of Narcotic Registrants N1-058-91-004
Necessity Certificates, 1951-1954 N1-058-91-005
Service Centers/Employee's Pension Plans N1-058-91-006
Statistics of Income/Records Control Schedule 107 N1-058-92-002
Records Control Schedule (RCS) 1279, Problem Resolution Program, Revisions N1-058-92-003
Records Control Schedule (RCS) 212, Wage Information Retrieval System Records N1-058-92-004
Records Control Schedule (RCS) 204, Collection Function N1-058-93-002
Records Control Schedule (RCS) 112, Detroit Computing Center N1-058-93-003
Records Control Schedule (RCS) 110, Associate Chief Counsel Employee Benefits N1-058-93-004
Records Control Schedule (RCS) 118, Assistant Commissioner (Information System Management) N1-058-93-005
Records Control Schedule (RCS) 206: Certified and Registered Mail Records N1-058-94-001
Records Control Schedule (RCS) 204: Certified and Registered Mail Records N1-058-94-002
Records Control Schedule (RCS) 206: Collection Statute Extension Extracts N1-058-94-003
Records Control Schedule (RCS) 206: Revisions N1-058-94-004
Records Control Schedule (RCS) 206: Revisions Regarding Electronic Filing N1-058-95-001
Records Control Schedule (RCS) 301: Revisions to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) General Records Schedule (GRS) 3 Deviations Inactive N1-058-95-002
Records Control Schedule (RCS) 210, Taxpayer Ombudsman's, Problem Resolution Program (PRP), Revisions N1-058-95-003
Records Control Schedule (RCS) 117, Martinsburg Computing Center (MCC) N1-058-95-004
Records Control Schedule (RCS) 108, Strategic Planning Division Schedule N1-058-96-001
Records Control Schedule (RCS) 301, Administrative Management Records N1-058-96-002
Executive Secretariat, 1985-1994 N1-058-96-003
Records Control Schedule (RCS) 101, Commissioner's Office N1-058-96-004
Records Control Schedule (RCS) 212, Regional Commissioner and Director, Support Services N1-058-96-005
Records Control Schedule (RCS) 106, Office of Chief Counsel N1-058-96-006
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Photos N1-058-96-007
Request for Integrated Data Retrieval System (IDRS)-Generated Refund (Form 5792) N1-058-96-008
Records Control Schedule (RCS) 103, Appeals: Art Advisory Service Files Inactive N1-058-97-002
Records Control Schedule (RCS) 205: Servicewide Communications N1-058-97-003
Records by the Information Systems Organization Servicewide, Including the Chief Information Officer N1-058-97-004
Legislative Affairs N1-058-97-006
Servicewide Appeals Inactive N1-058-97-010
Servicewide Appeals N1-058-97-011
Commissioner's Office: Additions N1-058-97-012
Tax Administration Electronic Systems N1-058-97-013
Directives and Manuals, 1861-1953 N1-058-97-014
Historian's Records not Protected by 6103 N1-058-97-015
Historians Records Protected by 6103 N1-058-97-016
Special Services Staff Records, 1968-1973, Access and Disclosure Unrestricted N1-058-97-019
Special Services Staff Records, 1968-1973 - Access and Disclosure Restricted N1-058-97-020
Chief Operations Officer: Comprehensive Schedule N1-058-98-001
Former Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners N1-058-98-006
Former Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners N1-058-98-007
Assistant Commissioner (International) N1-058-98-008
Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Return N1-058-98-009
Philadelphia Service Center: 1985 Filing Season N1-058-98-010
Service Centers (Revision to Item 168 (3)) N1-058-98-011
Service Centers N1-058-98-012
Historian's Records N1-058-99-001
Information Systems Organization (Servicewide) N1-058-99-002
Management and Administration (Additions) N1-058-99-003
Service Centers N1-058-99-004
Form 8863 N1-058-99-005
Collection Statute Expiration Date Extension Extracts N1-058-99-006
General Administrative Records, Program and Functional Records, Alphabetic/Numeric Indices NC-058-75-001
Records Relating to Reports Management Program, Symbolled/Uncontrolled Records, Material Produced NC-058-75-002
Input Documents for Use in Performance Mission of Data Center NC-058-75-003
Modifications to Records Control Schedule 207 NC-058-75-004
Disposition of Sensitive Case Files Including Correspondence Containing Confidential Information NC-058-75-008
Records Created Under Property Accounting / Leased Accounting Reporting Systems NC-058-75-009
Service Center Work Plan and Schedules, Forms 4876 NC-058-75-011
Identification Media and Related Records NC-058-75-012
Disposal of Miscellaneous Administrative Legal Files Concerning Economic Stabilization Program NC-058-76-001
Narrative and Statistical Reports NC-058-76-002
Correspondence and Reports on Special Assignments Related to Inactive Assignments NC-058-76-003
Communications and Information Alleging / Indicating Internal Revenue Service Violation NC-058-76-004
Comprehensive Administrative Records from the United States Treasury Department NC-174-000096
Revenue Collecting and Accounting; Processing, Analysis and Disposition of Tax Returns, Tax Information Documents and Related Records; Mailing of Tax Forms, Transcription of Statistical Information, and Preparation of Special Reports of the Treasury Department NC-174-000162
Closed Legal Case Files for the United States Treasury Department NC-174-000211
Special Correspondence Files, Publications and Document Files, Forms and Form Letter Files, Closed Submission Case Files, Time Reporting Computer Tapes, Case Data Computer Tapes for the United States Treasury Department NC-174-000239
Special Correspondence Files, Forms and Form Letter Files, Closed Submission Case Files for the United States Treasury Department NC-174-000240
Extend Retention Period for Records Created and Accumulated Under Item 9b NC1-058-76-05
Form 3673, Approval of Self-Employed Pension or Profit-Sharing Plan NC1-058-76-06
Records Control Schedule 117 NC1-058-76-08
Records Control Schedule 206 NC1-058-76-09
100% Penalty Assessment Administrative Files NC1-058-76-10
New Item for Records Control Schedule 212: Daily Transaction Listings NC1-058-76-11
Record Control Schedule 201: Documents Pertaining to Alcohol and Tobacco Tax NC1-058-76-12
Investigative Case Files, File Folders, and Financial Statements of Internal Revenue Services NC1-058-76-13
Investigative Case Files NC1-058-76-14
Records of the Collection Division Pertaining to Receipt and Transmittal of Tax Returns NC1-058-77-01
Records Control Schedule 206, Maintained in Carrying out Daily Functions NC1-058-77-02
Request to Reduce Retention of Internal Audit Reports to 3 Years NC1-058-77-03
Information Returns and Related Documents Filed Domestically and Internationally NC1-058-77-04
Wage and Salary Stabilization Case Files NC1-058-77-05
Federal Tax Deposit Forms or Equivalent Documents NC1-058-77-06
Lien and Discharge Records NC1-058-77-07
Identification Media and Related Records, Security Programs, Security Clearance, and Claims NC1-058-77-08
Exempt Organization District Determination Letters NC1-058-77-09
Administration and Program Functions of Employee Plans/Exempt Organizations NC1-058-77-10
Joint Compliance Program Documents NC1-058-77-11
Computer Generated Management Inolermation Reports NC1-058-77-12
Federal Tax Deposit Forms or Equivalent Documents Used by Taxpayers NC1-058-77-13
Income Tax Returns Files by Individuals, Partnerships and Fiduciaries NC1-058-78-01
Records Control Schedules 202, 204, and 206: Service Centers NC1-058-78-02
Files Pertaining to Investigation of Alleged Criminal Violations of Tax Laws NC1-058-78-03
Records Control Schedule 206 NC1-058-78-04
Disposal of Duplicate Files NC1-058-78-05
Employee Benefit Plan Annual Return and Number Index Registers NC1-058-78-06
Problem Resolution Correspondence and Statistical Records NC1-058-78-07
"Old Law" Plans Accumulated Prior to 1970; Revocation and Termination of Exemption NC1-058-78-08
Administrative Activities, Tax Court and General Litigation, Criminal Tax Violations, Legal Services NC1-058-78-09
Records Control Schedule 112: Created in Service's Detroit Data Center NC1-058-78-10
Records Pertaining to Field Collection Program: Records Control Schedule 204 NC1-058-78-11
Office of Assistant Commissioner (Technical) and its Organizational Components NC1-058-79-01
Quarterly Transmittal of Tax Withheld at Source (Form 4277) NC1-058-79-02
Reports, Tables Produced by Service Centers and Internal Revenue Service Data Center NC1-058-79-03
Income Tax Returns Filed by Individuals, Partnerships and Fiduciaries NC1-058-79-04
Records of the Collection and Taxpayer Service Activity in District Offices NC1-058-79-05
Office of Assistant Regional Commissioner and Examination Division NC1-058-79-06
Records Control Schedule 102: Created by Examination (Audit) Division NC1-058-79-07
Administrative Records of the Internal Revenue Service NC1-058-80-01
Records Transferred to the Centralized Services Function of the District Office NC1-058-80-02
Internal Revenue Service Administrative Records NC1-058-80-03
Internal Revenue Service Centers NC1-058-80-05
Internal Revenue Service Records Control Schedule 206 Changes NC1-058-80-06
Security and Protective Services Records NC1-058-80-09
Records of Key District Offices from the Special Questionnaire Mailout Project - Employee Retirement Income Security Act NC1-058-80-10
Approval of Retention Periods for Internal Revenue Service NC1-058-80-11
Practitioner Attitude Survey Records NC1-058-80-12
Fort Worth Records Center NC1-058-80-14
Laguna Niguel Records Center NC1-058-80-15
Other Government Agency Records NC1-058-81-01
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Data Center NC1-058-81-02
Security and Protective Services Records NC1-058-81-03
Internal Revenue Service, Appeals Division, National Office Inactive NC1-058-81-04
Appeals Activities of Field Offices Inactive NC1-058-81-05
Collection Division NC1-058-81-06
Internal Revenue Service Centers NC1-058-81-07
Examination Division's District Offices NC1-058-81-09
Collection Division, National Office NC1-058-81-10
Office of the Chief Counsel NC1-058-81-11
Administrative Management Records NC1-058-81-12
Tax Litigation, General Litigation, Criminal Tax, Legal Services, and Disclosure in the Internal Revenue Service NC1-058-81-13
Internal Revenue Service Centers NC1-058-81-14
Records of the Office of the Assistant Regional Commissioner NC1-058-82-01
Records of the Collection Division NC1-058-82-02
Records of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Centers NC1-058-82-03
Administrative and Program Functions of the Office of the Assistant Commissioner NC1-058-82-04
Administrative and Program Functions of the Office of the Regional Inspector NC1-058-82-05
Records of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS): National Office Appeals NC1-058-82-06
Document Register - Block and Selection NC1-058-82-07
Records of the Appeals Division of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) NC1-058-82-08
Internal Revenue Service NC1-058-82-09
Internal Revenue Service NC1-058-82-10
Employee Plans and Exempt Organizations (National Office) NC1-058-82-11
Employee Plans and Exempt Organizations (Regional and District Offices) NC1-058-82-12
Office of Chief Counsel Records NC1-058-82-13
Office of Assistant Commissioner Returns and Information Processing NC1-058-82-15
Office of Appeals-National Office Inactive NC1-058-83-02
Examination-National Office Inactive NC1-058-83-03
Intelligence Information Gathering and Retrieval System (Project IGRS) NC1-058-83-04
Regional Commissioners and Assistant Regional Commissioners (Resources Management and Centralized Services) NC1-058-83-05
Collection Division in all Internal Revenue Service (IRS) District Offices NC1-058-83-06
Unscheduled Records Stored in Wichita District Office NC1-058-83-08
Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Office of the Chief Counsel NC1-058-83-09
Internal Revenue Service Centers NC1-058-83-10
Internal Management Documents Branch NC1-058-83-11
Internal Revenue Service Centers NC1-058-84-01
Employee Plans and Exempt Organizations- Regional and District Offices NC1-058-84-02
Employee Plans/Exempt Organizations- National Office NC1-058-84-03
Internal Revenue Service Centers NC1-058-84-04
Physical, Document, and Computer Systems Security Functions of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) NC1-058-84-05
Miscellaneous Assessment and Collection Records NC1-058-84-06
Internal Revenue Service- Oklahoma City NC1-058-84-07
Monthly Internal Revenue Receipt Stubs NC1-058-84-08
Internal Revenue Service NC1-058-84-09
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Interface Disclosure Consent Form NC1-058-84-11
Employee Plans/Exempt Organizations Regional and District Offices NC1-058-84-12
Collection Division in all Internal Revenue Service (IRS) District Offices NC1-058-84-13
Centralized Services Division NC1-058-84-14
Regional Director of Appeals Inactive NC1-058-84-15
Records of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Centers NC1-058-84-16
Additions to Records Control Schedule 105 for Inspection - National Office NC1-058-84-17
Additions to Records Control Schedule 205 for Regional Inspector NC1-058-84-18
100% Penalty Case Files NC1-058-85-01
Internal Revenue Service Taxpayer Compliance Measurement Program Records NC1-058-85-02
Case Management Review Evaluation Record NC1-058-85-03
Records Control Schedule 204 NC1-058-85-04
Records Control Schedule 206 NC1-058-85-05
Items 12 and 13 of Records Control Schedule 208 Inactive NC1-058-85-06
Records Control Schedule 206 - Service Centers NC1-058-85-07
Disclosure and Security Division of the Internal Revenue Service NC1-058-85-08
Records of the Audit Division of the Dallas District Office of the Southwest Region of the Internal Revenue Service NC1-058-85-09
Internal Revenue Service Records Control Schedule 206 - Service Centers NC1-058-85-10
Internal Revenue Service Special Procedures Function Accumulated Closed Cases NC1-058-85-11
Records of Taxpayer Delinquency Accounts NC1-058-85-12
Optical Disk System NC1-058-85-13
Volunteers of the Tax Assistance Program (VITA) Assistance Card and General Assistance Program Determination NC1-058-85-14
Project Super Records NC1-058-85-15
Record Copy of Statistical Reports of the Reports Division NC1-058-85-16
Administrative Records Inactive NN-173-000162
Stabilization Records of the St. Louis District of the Information Systems Branch-Internal Revenue Service NN-173-000240
Administrative Records General Correspondence Files NN-174-000011
Comprehensive Records Control Schedule 114 NN-174-000012
Municipal Bond Issues (Historical) NN-174-000021
Administrative Records NN-174-000038
Revision to General Records Schedule, Civilian Personnel Records of Records Control Schedule 301 NN-174-000068