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RG-0406: Federal Highway Administration

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Title Number/Filename
Major Project Files - Federal - Aid (HIN) DAA-0406-2011-0001
I-35W Minneapolis Bridge Collapse and Replacement Bridge Records DAA-0406-2011-0002
Project Files DAA-0406-2013-0001
Federal Tolling Programs Files DAA-0406-2013-0002
Engineer's Estimate, Bidding, Award, and Construction System (EEBACS) DAA-0406-2013-0003
Social Media DAA-0406-2014-0001
State Infrastructure Banks DAA-0406-2014-0002
Research Data Exchange DAA-0406-2014-0003
Emergency Relief (ERFO) Program Files DAA-0406-2015-0002
Federal Highway Administration N1-406-04-001
Office of Communications and Public Information N1-406-04-002
Miscellaneous Historical Records, 1921-1964 N1-406-04-003
History Files, Associate Administrator for Infrastructure (HIF) N1-406-04-004
Federal Highway Administration - Interstate System Planning and Designation Files N1-406-04-005
Federal Highway Administration Interstate Cost Estimates (ICE) N1-406-06-001
Federal Highways Administration Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR) Records N1-406-06-002
Intelligence Transportation Systems (ITS) Integration Program Project Files N1-406-06-003
Office of the Federal Land Highways Program (OFLHP) N1-406-06-004
National Scenic Byways Program Records N1-406-07-001
Knowledge Management N1-406-08-001
Office of Safety N1-406-08-002
Office of Professional and Corporate Development (OPCD) / National Highway Institute (NHI) Records N1-406-08-003
Federal Highway Administration N1-406-08-004
Transportation Security Program Files N1-406-08-005
Federal Coordinated Research Programs N1-406-08-006
National Bridge Inventory (NBI) System N1-406-08-007
Program Records of the Office of Policy and Government Affairs N1-406-08-008
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Administrative Files N1-406-08-009
Office of Chief Financial Officer (HCF) N1-406-08-010
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) N1-406-08-011
Federal Lands Highway (FLH) Subject Files. N1-406-09-001
Program Records of the Office of Federal Lands Highway (Field) N1-406-09-002
Records of the Office of Administration N1-406-09-003
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Office of Operations N1-406-09-004
Motor Vehicle Smart System N1-406-09-005
Office of Planning, Environment and Realty N1-406-09-006
Office of Infrastructure N1-406-09-007
New York Division Office N1-406-09-008
Federal Highway Administration Massachusetts Division N1-406-09-010
Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) N1-406-09-011
Long-Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) Database N1-406-09-012
Highway Safety Information System (HSIS) N1-406-09-013
Office of Planning, Environment, and Reality, Office of Natural and Human Environment N1-406-09-014
State Environmental Streamlining and Stewardship Practices Database N1-406-09-015
National Evaluation of a Mileage-Based Road User Charge System (NEMBRUCS) N1-406-09-016
Federal-Aid Division (Field Offices) - Administrative N1-406-09-017
Federal-Aid Divisions (Field Offices) - Civil Rights N1-406-09-018
Engineering and Operations Records of the Federal-Aid Divisions (Field Offices) N1-406-09-019
Environmental Planning and Program Development Records of the Federal-Aid Divisions (Field Offices) N1-406-09-020
Legal Services Records of the Federal-Aid Divisions (Field Offices) of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) N1-406-09-021
Federal-Aid Divisions (Field Offices) - Research & Technology Function N1-406-09-022
Federal- Aid Divisions (Field Offices) - Bridges and Structures N1-406-09-023
Federal - Aid Divisions (Field Offices) - Right-of-Way Functions N1-406-09-024
Federal-Aid Division (Field Offices) - Highway Safety N1-406-09-025
Planning and Program Development (Transportation Planning Function) Records of the Federal Highway Administration N1-406-09-026
Long-Term Bridge Performance Database in the Office of Research, Development, and Technology's (HRT's), Office of Infrastructure Research and Development (HRDI) N1-406-09-027
Deer Isle Bridge Event Database and the Cable Stay Bridge Database in the Office of Research, Development, and Technology's (HRT's) Office of Infrastructure Research and Development (HRDI) N1-406-09-028
Office of Policy and Government Affair (HPL), Office of Highway Policy Information (HPPI) N1-406-10-001
Central Federal Lands Highway Division N1-406-10-002
Research Information Management System (RIMS) in the Office of Research, Development, and Technology's (HRT's), Office of Infrastructure Research and Development (HRDI) N1-406-10-003
Traffic Monitoring and Analysis System (TMAS) N1-406-11-001
Motor Fuels and Finance Analysis System (Fuels and FASH) N1-406-11-002
Highway Performance Monitoring System (FHWA) N1-406-11-003
Bureau of Public Roads Nontextual Record Group 30 in Washington National Record Center (WNRC) N1-406-89-001
National Advisory Committee on Outdoor Advertising N1-406-89-002
Motor Carriers N1-406-89-003
Alaska Division - Alaska Road Commission - Road Construction N1-406-90-001
Federal Aid Division Project File N1-406-90-002
Fiscal Management Information System N1-406-90-003
Public Roads Magazine N1-406-92-001
Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP) Grant Files N1-406-94-001
Photographic Production Studies N1-406-94-002
Federal Highway Administration Deputy Administrator and Executive Director Correspondence Files N1-406-95-001
Rulemaking Docket and Adjudication Appeal Files N1-406-97-001
Microform Copies of Motor Carrier Certificates N1-406-97-002
Federal Lands Highway Program N1-406-99-001
Federal Aid Project Files N1-406-99-002
Direct Construction Project Files and Airport Concurrence Files NC-174-000266
Construction and Maintenance Report Files NC-406-75-001
Federal-Aid Project Files NC-406-75-002
Records of the Office of Civil Rights NC-406-75-003
Administrative Files NC-406-75-004
Administrative Files, External Audit Files NC-406-75-005
Accident Reports File NC-406-76-001
Federal-Aid Project Plan Files NC-406-76-002
Federal-aid Highway Systems, Right-of-Way Procedures NC1-406-78-01
Federal Aid and Other Highway Systems NC1-406-78-02
Direct Construction Project Files NC1-406-78-03
Land Acquisition ROW Case Files NC1-406-78-04
Interstate Project Documentation NC1-406-78-05
Department of Transportation-Federal Highway Administration NC1-406-79-01
Central Correspondence Records NC1-406-79-02
Direct Construction Project Files NC1-406-79-03
Federal Aid and Other Highway Systems and Personnel Cards NC1-406-79-04
Records of the Chief Counsel NC1-406-80-01
Records of the Public Affairs Staff NC1-406-80-02
Records of the National Highway Institute (NHI) NC1-406-80-03
Records of the Office of Civil Rights NC1-406-80-04
Records of the Federal Highway Administrator's Office NC1-406-80-05
Records of the Office of Highway Planning NC1-406-80-06
Records of the Office of Environmental Policy and the Office of Right-of-Way NC1-406-80-07
Records of the Office of Engineering and Traffic Operations NC1-406-80-08
Records of the Office of Research and Development NC1-406-80-09
Records of the Office of Highway Safety NC1-406-80-10
Records of the Associate Administrator for Administration NC1-406-80-11
Albert Rose Collection NC1-406-81-01
Federal Highway Administration Accessions at the Washington National Records Center NC1-406-82-01
Records of the Former National Highway Safety Bureau NC1-406-83-01
Foreign Country Highway Project Files NC1-406-84-01
Federal Highway Administration Transportation Planning Function NC1-406-84-02
Administration Field Offices NC1-406-85-01
Planning and Program Development Field Offices NC1-406-85-02
Legal Services Field Offices NC1-406-85-03
Civil Rights Field Offices NC1-406-85-04
Structures Field Offices NC1-406-85-05
Engineering and Operations Field Offices NC1-406-85-06
Planning and Program Development Field Offices NC1-406-85-07
Motor Carrier and Highway Safety Field Offices NC1-406-85-08
Planning and Program Development Field Records NC1-406-85-09
Direct Federal Divisions Field Offices Comprehensive Schedule NC1-406-86-01
Direct Construction Project Files and Airport Concurrence Files of the Department of Transportation NN-173-000120