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Tip 1: Use Phrases in Quotes

Example:  "audit files"

Without quotation marks, any page containing the words "audit" OR "files" will appear in results.
When surrounded by quotation marks, the words are treated as a phrase and only pages with the exact phrase "audit files" will appear in results. This is the most powerful query refinement technique.

Tip 2: Use a Plus (+) or Minus (-) Sign to Require or Reject Words

Example:  audit files +system -withdrawn

You can require that the word "system" be in any documents in the results list by placing a plus (+) sign before it.
You can reject words with the minus (-) sign.
In the example, no documents with the word "withdrawn" will appear on the results page unless a search engine is programmed to make them appear above the regular results list.

Tip 3: Combine Tips 1, 2

Example:  audit files +"Internal Revenue Service" +system

By combining phrases with a plus (+) or minus (-) sign, and capitalizing where it's appropriate, you can increase the relevance of search results.

Tip 4: Spell Out All Acronyms

Example:  Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Avoid using acronyms for instance: IRS for Internal Revenue Service can be mistaken for another acronym such as IRS-CI and effect search results.

Tip 5: Searching by Job Number

Example:  N1-016-00-001

NOTE: You MUST enter the job number in the correct format. Consult the SF 15 Numbering Key if necessary.


RG-0015: Veterans Affairs, Department of

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Title Number/Filename
Office of Inspector General Case Files DAA-0015-2013-0004
Office of Research Oversight DAA-0015-2014-0001
Environmental Programs Service DAA-0015-2014-0002
Government Accountability Office (GAO) Audit/Performance Files DAA-0015-2014-0003
Office of Research Oversight DAA-0015-2015-0002
Office of Research and Development DAA-0015-2015-0004
Patient Generated Data (PGD) DAA-0015-2016-0001
Academic Affiliations Case File Record DAA-0015-2016-0004
VA Enrollee Health Care Projection Model DAA-0015-2016-0005
National Surgical Records DAA-0015-2016-0006
Police Uniformed Law Enforcement Service DAA-0015-2016-0007
Homeless Shelter Program (HSP) Records DAA-0015-2016-0008
Veterans Health Administration Call Centers DAA-0015-2017-0001
Department of Medicine and Surgery, Field Station Services and Divisions Records II-NN-3270
National Survey of Veterans Data Files and Documentation N1-015-00-001
Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Ionizing Radiation Records and Gulf War Records N1-015-00-002
Veterans Health Administration (VHA)/Voluntary Service Records N1-015-00-003
Disaster Emergency Medical Personnel System (DEMPS) N1-015-00-004
Civilian Health and Medical Program - Department of Veterans Affairs - CHAMPVA N1-015-01-001
Web Application Files N1-015-01-002
Agent Orange Registry (AOR) Records N1-015-01-003
The National Prosthetic Patient Database (NPPD) N1-015-01-004
Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Investigative Case Files N1-015-01-006
Offense File N1-015-02-002
Electronic Patient Medical Record N1-015-02-003
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Service Records N1-015-02-004
Nuclear Medicine Records N1-015-02-005
Veterans Health Administration Health Care Staff Development and Retention Records N1-015-02-006
Health Administration Center Civilian Health and Medical Care Records N1-015-03-001
Veterans Health Administration Spinal Cord Dysfunction Registry N1-015-05-001
Veterans Health Administration Patient Representation Program N1-015-05-002
Veterans Health Administration Automated Safety Incident Surveillance and Tracking N1-015-05-003
Veterans Health Administration Office of Research Oversight N1-015-06-001
Office of General Counsel N1-015-06-002
Echocardiogram Video Cassette Recording Tapes N1-015-07-001
Emergency Room Register (Logs) N1-015-07-002
Office of Research Oversight (OR) Records N1-015-07-003
Privacy Complaint Files N1-015-08-001
Records of the Loan Guaranty Service N1-015-09-001
Veterans Benefit Administration, Compensation and Pension Services N1-015-09-002
Claimant Not Eligible Files N1-015-10-001
Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VR & E) Corporate WINRS Electronic Records N1-015-10-003
Prosthetics and Sensory Aids Services Files N1-015-10-004
Loan Guaranty Service (LGS) Electronic Business System Records N1-015-10-005
Veterans Affairs (VA) Deceased Veterans Claims (XC Files) N1-015-10-006
Health Care Providers Credentialing Records N1-015-10-007
Office of General Counsel Records N1-015-11-001
Beneficiary Identification and Records Locator System (BIRLS) N1-015-11-002
Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Educational Activity Records N1-015-11-004
Records of the Joint Republic of the Philippines - United States Veterans Commission, 1996 N1-015-11-005
Tissue Banking Records for Transplantation N1-015-12-001
American Prisoners of War (POWs) N1-015-86-001
Subdivision and Condominium Analysis Folders N1-015-86-002
Medical School and Health Training Grant Files - PL 92-541 N1-015-86-003
Guaranteed and Insured Loan (GIL) System Records N1-015-86-004
Insurance Death Claim Account Card File N1-015-86-005
Specially Adapted Housing Grant Record Cards N1-015-86-007
Voluntary Service Program Records N1-015-86-008
Lenders Identification File Cards N1-015-86-009
Loan Guaranty Property Management System Reports N1-015-86-010
Special Evaluation Pension (SEP) Folders N1-015-86-011
Counseling/Evaluation/Rehabilitation (CER) Folders N1-015-86-012
Property Management System (PMS) Reports N1-015-86-013
Mortgage Loan Information Card, Veterans Administration Form 26-8982 N1-015-87-001
Loan Guaranty Property Status Control Card File, Veterans Administration Form 26-6716 N1-015-87-002
Claims Paid Loan Guaranty Folders N1-015-87-003
Veterans Administration Medical Records of Patients N1-015-87-004
Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Veterans Administration (CHAMPVA) Sponsor Record Folders N1-015-87-005
Loan Guaranty Folders N1-015-87-007
Field Station Administrative Issue History N1-015-87-008
Health Professional Scholarship Program Records N1-015-88-001
History Files, Administrative Issue History N1-015-88-002
Claims Paid Loan Guaranty Folders N1-015-89-001
Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Maintenance Application Forms N1-015-89-002
Publication of Veterans Administration Regulations and Procedures N1-015-89-003
Individual Deceased Personnel N1-015-89-004
Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) Records N1-015-90-001
Loan Guaranty Records N1-015-90-002
Fee Basis Employees' Folders and Fee Personnel Performance Folders N1-015-90-003
Veterans Job Training Folders N1-015-90-004
Veterans Medical Records Folder N1-015-90-005
Veterans Benefits Administration Veterans Job Training Act N1-015-90-006
Omnibus Diplomatic Security and Antiterrorism Act of 1986 and Executive Order Education Folders N1-015-91-001
Montgomery GI Bill Active Duty Educational Assistance Program Records N1-015-91-002
Fiscal Records - Centralized Accounts Receivable System (CARS) N1-015-91-004
State Home Construction Grant Program Files N1-015-91-005
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) N1-015-91-006
Perpetual Medical Files N1-015-91-007
Privacy Act and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Report Files N1-015-92-001
History Files/Administrative Issuance History Files N1-015-92-002
The Credentialing and Privileging Record N1-015-92-003
Medical Inspector Investigation Records N1-015-92-004
Microfiche File Copies N1-015-93-002
Chapter 36 Counseling Folders N1-015-93-004
The Medical Inspector's Investigation Records N1-015-94-001
Operation Log File N1-015-94-002
Telecommunication Files and Messages N1-015-94-003
Chapter 106 Counseling Folders N1-015-94-004
Income Verification Match (IVM) Folders N1-015-94-005
Outreach Counseling Folder File N1-015-94-006
National Chaplain Management Information System (NCMIS) N1-015-95-001
Monthly Report of Restraint and Seclusion File N1-015-95-003
Inpatient Discharge Data System (IDDS) N1-015-95-004
Loan Guaranty Folders - Claims Paid N1-015-95-005
History Files for Special Salary Rates N1-015-96-001
Mammography X-Rays N1-015-96-002
Cardiac Catheterization Films (Motion Picture) N1-015-96-003
Electroencephalograph (EEG) Records N1-015-97-001
Political Appointee Files N1-015-97-002
The National Vietnam Veterans Readjustment Study (NVVRS) Records N1-015-97-003
Quality Management Records N1-015-97-004
Chapter 30 Montgomery GI Bill Active Duty Educational Assistance Program, and Chapter 34 N1-015-97-005
Data Integrity Board and Computer Matching Agreements Files (Originals and Copies) N1-015-97-006
Electroencephalographic Request and Report (Interpretation) N1-015-98-001
1983 Survey of Aging Veterans Data File and Documentation N1-015-98-002
Health Eligibility Center (HEC) Records N1-015-98-003
Homeless Providers and Per Diem Program N1-015-98-004
Government Information Locator Service - Electronic System N1-015-99-001
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Service Records N1-015-99-002
Audit/Investigative Case Files N1-015-99-003
Automated Veterans Burial Records N1-015-99-004
Automated Clinical Laboratory System Computerized and Magnetic Tape Files DATA NC-015-75-001
Gravesite Reservation System Computerized and Magnetic Tape Files DATA NC-015-75-002
Fiscal Records NC-015-75-003
Geographic Card File NC-015-75-004
Payment History File - Microfilm NC-015-75-005
Fiscal Records NC-015-76-001
Insurance Service NC-015-76-002
Automated Management Information System (AMIS) Magnetic Tape and Disk Pack DATA NC-015-76-003
Autopsy Protocol File NC-015-76-004
Education and Insurance Services NC-015-76-005
Loan Guaranty Service NC-015-76-006
Compensation and Pension NC-015-76-007
Administator's Files NC-015-76-008
Federal Occupational Injuries and Illness File NC-015-76-009
Tumor / Cancer Registry File NC-015-76-010
Disposal Requests for Veterans Administration NC-015-76-011
Summary Hospital Information Patient System Magnetic Tape Files NC-174-000100
Loan Guaranty Folders NC-174-000117
Counseling Folders NC-174-000123
Chief Attorney Automated Diary and Index Tape / Disk System Magnetic Tape Files NC-174-000204
Guardianship Folders, Principal, Veterans Administration Regulation 1850 Cases for Minors Under Custodianship NC-174-000206
Nonconverted Lapsed World War I Yearly Renewable War Risk Term Insurance Folders Identified Under Policy Prefix "T"; 1917-1921 NC-174-000213
Inactive Disability Insurance Claims Folders; 1918-1958 NC-174-000232
Inactive United States Government Life Insurance Folders Indentified Under Prefix "K" NC-174-000233
Beneficiary Identification And Records Locator Subsystem Magnetic Tape Files NC-174-000238
Central Office Finance Data Records Magnetic Tape Files NC-174-000242
Field Stations- Department of Veterans Benefits NC1-015-76-12
Centralized Accounts Receivables System (CARS) - Fiscal and Education Records NC1-015-76-13
Navy and Marine Corps - Diagnostic X-Rays, Located at the National Personnel Records Center (Military) NC1-015-76-14
Administrator's Congressional Name, Veteran's Names, and Weekly Reports Files NC1-015-76-15
Office Operations Service - Veterans Administration Photographs NC1-015-76-16
Information Service - Informal Presentations NC1-015-76-17
Fiscal Records - VA Form 22-1999V (Certification of Delivery of Advance Payment and Enrollment) and VA Form 4-5216 (Transmittal Schedule of Centralized Accounts Receivable Collections (CARS)) NC1-015-76-18
Comprehensive Structures and Lands Files NC1-015-76-19
Education and Rehabilitation Service and Loan Guaranty Service Records NC1-015-76-20
Geographic Card File and Loan Management Folders NC1-015-76-21
Fiscal Records - Microfilm Copy of Insurance Daily Transaction History Lists and Insurance Awards Daily Transaction History Lists NC1-015-76-22
Nuclear Medicine Service - Field Facilities Comprehensive Files NC1-015-76-23
Office Operations Service - Emergency Officer, Retirement Claims History Files NC1-015-76-24
Comprehensive Fiscal Records NC1-015-76-25
Insurance, Loan Guaranty Service, and Education and Rehabilitation Service NC1-015-76-26
Loan Guaranty Folders NC1-015-77-01
Insurance ADP System Magnetic Tape Files - Actuarial Magnetic Tape Files and Insurance Awards (AWDS) NC1-015-77-02
Critical Path Method (CPM) Records Files NC1-015-77-03
Prisoner of War (POW) and Missing in Action (MIA) Survivor Status Card, Original, Copies (VA Form 23-8680 (NR)) NC1-015-77-04
Fiscal Records - Centralized Accounting for Local Management (CALM) Paid Voucher Cards and Microfilm Copies of PAID Voucher Files NC1-015-77-05
Loan Guaranty Service Comprehensive Records NC1-015-77-06
Loan Guaranty - Index and County Analysis Report for All Guaranteed and Insured Loans (Formerly County Geographical Distribution of Loans Summary Report) NC1-015-77-07
Fiscal Records - Comprehensive Records NC1-015-77-08
Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) - Alphabetical Folder File NC1-015-77-09
Transmittal Lists of Award Actions - Receipted Copies NC1-015-77-10
Computer Files Created as Part of Summary Hospital Information System - Semi-Annual H. Story Tape File and Statistical Tape File-Last Year to Date Sent NC1-015-77-11
Fiscal Records - Microfiche Files of Centralized Accounts Receivable System (CARS) NC1-015-77-12
Veterans Administration Data Dictionary System Computerized Files (Disk Packs) and Magnetic Tape Files NC1-015-77-13
Loan Management Folders - Claims Paid NC1-015-77-14
Machine Utilization and Cost Report Files - ADP Equipment, Computer Console Change Documentation Files NC1-015-77-15
Wage Automated Generated Evaluation (WAGE) System Computerized and Magnetic Tape Files Data NC1-015-77-16
Patient Care Subsystem Inpatient Data Systems Tape Files NC1-015-77-17
Fiscal Records - Centralized Accounting System for Construction Appropriations (CASCA) Paid Voucher Files and Microfilm Copies NC1-015-78-01
Transaction Registers NC1-015-78-02
Social Work Service Workload Reporting System NC1-015-78-03
Veterans Appeals Records Management System Magnetic Tape Files Data NC1-015-78-04
Drug Dependence Clinical Support System NC1-015-78-05
Wage Automated Generated Evaluation System Computerized and Magnetic Tape Files Data NC1-015-78-06
Pacific Branch of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers at Sawtelle, California NC1-015-78-07
Insurance In-Force State of Residence Report Magnetic Tape File NC1-015-78-08
Books and Periodicals ADP System NC1-015-78-09
Constuction Managenent Information System (CMIS) NC1-015-78-10
Liquidation and Claims System Tape Files NC1-015-78-11
Education Inactive System NC1-015-79-01
Architect-Engineer Check Prints, Specifications and Calculations NC1-015-79-02
Loan Guaranty Service NC1-015-79-03
Veterans Administration Resources NC1-015-79-04
Construction History Information System NC1-015-79-06
Fiscal Records NC1-015-79-07
Centralized Accounts Receivable System NC1-015-79-08
Personnel and Accounting Integrated Data Reports History File NC1-015-79-09
Adjudication End Products NC1-015-79-10
Compensation and Pension Philippine Claimant Identification Records NC1-015-79-11
World War I Bonus Finance cards NC1-015-79-12
Loan Guaranty Folders NC1-015-79-13
Transition File of the President NC1-015-79-14
Veterans Administration Bicentennial Tree Planting Files NC1-015-79-15
Administrative Service Security Violations and Data Log NC1-015-79-16
Data Processing Center (DPC) Staffing/Address List Magnetic Tape Files NC1-015-80-01
Construction Management Information System Magnetic Tape Files NC1-015-80-02
Magnetic Tapes of Inpatient Discharge Data System NC1-015-80-03
Amendment to the General Records Schedule 18, Items 28-31 Relating to Emergency Planning Records NC1-015-80-04
Annual Income Questionnaire Magnetic Tape File Data NC1-015-80-05
Insurance Subsystem Reconciliation Magnetic Tape Files NC1-015-80-06
Insurance Subsystem Rates Magnetic Tape Files NC1-015-80-07
Magnetic Tape Files Identified as FEE Basis Medical and Pharmacy System NC1-015-80-09
Recruitment Bulletin System Magnetic Tape Files NC1-015-80-10
Rehabilitation and Education Folders NC1-015-80-11
Recurring Report Bulletin Tape Files NC1-015-80-12
Detailed Payment Records Cycle Listings NC1-015-80-13
Construction Project Specifications NC1-015-80-14
Register of Applications for Release from Liability Under Sections 1817 and 1820 NC1-015-80-15
General Accounting Office Liaison Staff Files NC1-015-80-16
Veterans Benefits and Claims Files of the Deceased NC1-015-80-17
Master Index Files ( Microfilm) NC1-015-80-18
Magnetic Tape File Containing Master Record of Annual Report of Training Master File NC1-015-80-19
Magnetic Tape Files of Annual Report of Training Expenses NC1-015-80-20
Housing Discrimination Complaint File NC1-015-80-21
Domiciliary Payroll Records NC1-015-80-22
Housing Discrimination Complaint Files NC1-015-80-23
Office of Data Management and Telecommunications - Comprehensive Records - System Title: Outpatient Clinic System (OPC) NC1-015-81-01
Controller - Settled Claims Regarding Veterans Employees Backpay, Salary Overpayments Regarding Veterans Employees NC1-015-81-02
Veterans Architectural Records NC1-015-81-03
Partial Claim Cases with Continuation of Liability (38 USC 1820) NC1-015-81-04
Paraplegic Housing Grant Folders NC1-015-81-05
Personnel and Accounting Integrated Data (PAID) History File NC1-015-81-06
Sterilization Record File - Series 9508, RCS 10-1 - Records Amendment Request NC1-015-81-07
Vocational Rehabilitation and Education Statistical System NC1-015-81-08
Books and Periodicals Subsystems NC1-015-81-09
Social Work Service Workload Reporting System (SWS) NC1-015-81-10
Foreign Treatment Program (FTP) NC1-015-81-11
System Title: Radiology Service Reporting System (RADS) 01G9 NC1-015-81-12
Guaranteed or Insured Loan (GIL) System NC1-015-81-13
Insurance Award Output Tape 25026-1 NC1-015-81-14
Insurance Premium Billing Tapes (14032) NC1-015-81-15
Centralized Accounting for Local Management (CALM) - Direct Access Storage Devices, Magnetic Tape Files and Auxiliary Records NC1-015-81-16
Merit Review Board Library File NC1-015-81-17
Outreach Counseling Folder File NC1-015-81-18
Title Papers NC1-015-81-19
Supply Fund Profit and Loss System NC1-015-81-20
Supply Fund Quarterly Inventory Management Analysis Report NC1-015-81-21
Procurement Storage and Distribution Log NC1-015-81-22
System Workload Statistics Magnetic Tape and Auxiliary Records NC1-015-81-23
Agent Orange Registry System (AGO) (Formerly Herbicides Exposure Examination Registry System (HEX)) NC1-015-81-24
Nuclear Medicine Service NC1-015-81-25
Non-Veterans Claim Folders NC1-015-81-26
Loyalty Files of Filipino Nationals During the Japanese Occupation of the Philippine Island during World War II NC1-015-82-01
Veterans Administration Change of Address Request or Notices NC1-015-82-02
Construction Project Specifications NC1-015-82-03
Entrance & Separation X-Rays NC1-015-82-04
Loan Management Folders NC1-015-82-05
Dependents' Educational Assistance Folders NC1-015-82-06
Research and Development Activities Folder File NC1-015-82-07
Centralized Accounting System for Construction Appropriations (CASCA) Direct Access Storage Devices, Magnetic Tape Files and Auxiliary Records NC1-015-82-08
Counseling Folders NC1-015-82-09
Consolidated Security File Listing, Sensitive File Update Informational Log NC1-015-82-10
Claims Folders Used by the Notice of Death (NOD) Unit NC1-015-82-11
Veterans Appeals Records Management System (VARMS) Magnetic Tape Files NC1-015-82-12
Veterans Appeals Records Management System (VARMS) Program Conversion and Output Documents NC1-015-82-13
Departments of Veterans Benefits, Powers of Attorney and Declarations of Representation NC1-015-82-14
Government Life Insurance Programs Correspondence NC1-015-82-15
Compliance Survey Files on Educational Institutions and Training Establishments NC1-015-82-16
Claims Folders used by the Notice of Death (NOD) Unit NC1-015-83-01
Claims Maintained at the Veterans Affairs Records Processing Center (VARPC) and used by the Notice of Death (NOD) Unit. NC1-015-83-02
Vocational Rehabilitation and Counseling Systematic Analyses of Operations NC1-015-83-03
Target System Transaction Reports (Printouts) NC1-015-83-04
Modifications for the Dependents' Educational Assistance Folder Schedule NC1-015-83-05
Approved Institution and Establishment Reports NC1-015-83-06
Recruitment Bulletin System NC1-015-83-07
Revision to Job nc1-15-82-9 Counseling Folders NC1-015-83-08
United States Government Life Insurance Folders and National Service Life Insurance Folders NC1-015-83-09
The Vocational Rehabilitation Panel File Replacement NC1-015-83-10
Authorization of Certain Claims Located at the Veterans Affairs Records Processing Center in St. Louis NC1-015-83-12
Veteran Educational Assistance Folders Documenting Education or Training NC1-015-83-13
Change to Job NC1-15-83-02 Regarding Claims Folders Maintained at the Veterans Administration Records Processing Center (VARPC) NC1-015-83-14
Change to Job NC1-15-83-02 Regarding Claims Folders Maintained at the Veterans Administration Records Processing Center (VARPC) NC1-015-83-14
Compliance Survey Files and Compliance Records and Reports NC1-015-83-15
Electrocardiograph Tracing File (EKG) NC1-015-83-16
Premium Record Card Files NC1-015-84-01
Title Changes Removing the Reference to "Target" NC1-015-84-02
Educational Institutional File NC1-015-84-03
Training Establishment File NC1-015-84-04
Veterans Administration Regional Office (VARO) Seattle Only NC1-015-84-05
Reports File NC1-015-84-06
Disability Insurance Control Files NC1-015-84-07
Proposals for Disposal of Files at Both Central and Field Office Levels NC1-015-84-08
Minority Homebuyers Counseling Name Files NC1-015-84-09
Counseling/Evaluation/Rehabilitation (CER) Folders NC1-015-84-10
Reappraisal of Electroencephalograph Records NC1-015-84-11
Loan Guaranty Property Management System (PMS) Monthly Listings NC1-015-84-12
Microfiche and Hardcopy Listings Produced by the Guaranteed and Insured Loan (GIL) System NC1-015-84-13
Appraisal of Audiology and Speech Pathology Records NC1-015-84-14
Reinstated Entitlement Program for Survivors (REPS) Claims Folders NC1-015-84-15
Listing of Veterans Denied Delimiting Date Extensions NC1-015-84-16
United States Postal Service Forms NC1-015-84-17
Outreach Counseling Folder File NC1-015-84-18
Veterans' Work Study Records NC1-015-84-19
Emergency Veterans' Job Training Act of 1983 NC1-015-84-20
Report of Education Overpayments by Facility Code NC1-015-84-21
Reemployment Priority Listing NC1-015-84-22
Property Management System (PMS) Records NC1-015-85-01
Loan Management Folders NC1-015-85-02
Spinal Cord Injury Service Records NC1-015-85-03
Contract Files (In Residence) NC1-015-85-04
Loan Management Folders NC1-015-85-05
Actuarial Computer Printouts NC1-015-85-06
Centralized Accounts Receivable Section (CARS) Centralized Accounts Microfiche NC1-015-85-07
Educational Institution and Training Establishment Records NC1-015-85-08
Department of Memorial Affairs Records Control NC1-015-85-09
District Counsel Records NC1-015-85-10
Off-Tape (Manual) Insurance Policy Loan Records NC1-015-85-11
Addendum to NC1-15-83-12 NC1-015-85-12
Plans and Specifications Relating to Direct, Guaranteed or Insured Loans NC1-015-85-13
Department of Memorial Affairs - National Cemetery Area Offices Records Control Schedule NC1-015-85-14
Department of Memorial Affairs - National Cemetery Historical Records NC1-015-85-15
Record Folders on Presidents of the United States NC1-015-85-16
Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act Index Control Cards NC1-015-85-17
Property Management Folders NC1-015-85-18
Premium Waiver Study Magnetic Tape Files NC1-15-080-08
Department of Memorial Affairs NC1-15-85-009
Veterans Administration NN-173-000104
Automated Pharmacy Information System Magnetic Tape Files NN-173-000173
Committee On Waivers and Compromises Report of the United States Veterans Administration NN-173-000336
Established Retention Standards For Materials Filed In Computer Console Change Documentation Files Maintained At Veterans Administration Data Processing Centers NN-174-000018
Transmittal Schedule of Portfolio Loan Collections NN-174-000054