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These requests for disposition authority documents are agency requests to NARA submitted since 1973.  Older items may have subsequently been superseded by more recent submissions.  Please see the FAQ for more information. Questions about active disposition authorities should be directed to the agency records officer.

NOTE: NARA’s process for determining which records schedules in the RCS are currently valid is an ongoing work in progress. Records schedules will be marked inactive when all items on the schedule have been superseded. Before implementing disposition using these records schedules, always verify that you are using the most recent and current disposition authority (or item).

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General Records Schedules

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Title Number/Filename
GRS 4.3 Input Records, Output Records, and Electronic Copies Inactive DAA-GRS-2013-0001_SF115
GRS 4.1 - Records Management Records DAA-GRS-2013-0002_SF115
GRS 1.1 Financial Management and Reporting Records DAA-GRS-2013-0003_SF115
GRS 3.1 - General Technology Management Records DAA-GRS-2013-0005_SF115
GRS 3.2 Information Systems Security Records DAA-GRS-2013-0006_SF115
GRS 4.2 - Information Access and Protection Records DAA-GRS-2013-0007_SF115
GRS 1.2 - Grant and Cooperative Agreement Records DAA-GRS-2013-0008_SF115
GRS 6.1: Email Managed Under A Capstone Approach DAA-GRS-2014-0001_SF115
GRS 2.1 Employee Acquistions Records DAA-GRS-2014-0002_SF115
GRS 2.5 - Employee Separation Records DAA-GRS-2014-0004_SF115
GRS 2.8 - Employee Ethics Records DAA-GRS-2014-0005_SF115
GRS 6.2 - Federal Advisory Committee (FACA) Records DAA-GRS-2015-0001_SF115
Additions to GRS 4.2 - Information Access and Protection Records DAA-GRS-2015-0002_SF115
GRS 4.4 - Library Records DAA-GRS-2015-0003_SF115
GRS 2.6 - Employee Training Records DAA-GRS-2015-0005_SF115
GRS 1.3 Budgeting Records DAA-GRS-2015-0006_SF115
GRS 2.3 - Employee Relations Records DAA-GRS-2015-0007_SF115
Additions to GRS 1.1 - Financial Management and Reporting Records DAA-GRS-2016-0001_SF115
Alterations to GRS 4.2 - Information Access and Protection Records DAA-GRS-2016-0002_SF115
Additions to GRS 4.2 - Information Access and Protection Records DAA-GRS-2016-0003_SF115
GRS 5.3 - Continuity and Emergency Planning Records DAA-GRS-2016-0004_SF115
GRS 6.4 - Public Affairs Records DAA-GRS-2016-0005_SF115
Additions to GRS 2.5 - Employee Separation Records DAA-GRS-2016-0007_SF115
Additions to GRS 4.2 - Information Access and Protection Records DAA-GRS-2016-0008_SF115
GRS 5.4 - Facility, Equipment, Vehicle, Property, and Supply Records DAA-GRS-2016-0011_SF115
GRS 5.5 - Mail, Printing, and Telecommunications Service Management Records DAA-GRS-2016-0012_SF115
Additions to GRS 1.1, GRS 3.1, and GRS 4.2 - Administrative Records DAA-GRS-2016-0013_SF115
GRS 2.6 - Employee Training Records Revised DAA-GRS-2016-0014_SF115
GRS 2.4 - Employee Compensation and Benefits Records DAA-GRS-2016-0015_SF115
GRS 5.1 - Common Office Records DAA-GRS-2016-0016_SF115
GRS 5.8 Administrative Help Desk Records DAA-GRS-2017-0001_SF115
GRS 6.5 Public Customer Service Records DAA-GRS-2017-0002_SF115
GRS 5.2 - Transitory and Intermediary Records DAA-GRS-2017-0003_SF115
Addition to GRS 1.1 - Administrative Claims Records DAA-GRS-2017-0005_SF115
GRS 5.6 - Security Records DAA-GRS-2017-0006_SF115
GRS 2.2 - employee Management Records DAA-GRS-2017-0007_SF115
GRS 5.7 Agency Accountablity Records DAA-GRS-2017-0008_SF115
GRS 6.3 Information Technology Records DAA-GRS-2017-0009_SF115
GRS 2.7 Employee Health and Safety Records DAA-GRS-2017-0010_SF115
GRS 2.1 Employee Acquisition Records DAA-GRS-2017-0011_SF115
GRS 6.6 Rulemaking Records DAA-GRS-2017-0012_SF115
Ethics Program Records Inactive N1-GRS-01-001_SF115
Civilan Personnel Records Inactive N1-GRS-02-001_SF115
Information Technology Operations and Management Records Inactive N1-GRS-03-001_SF115
Alternative Dispute Resolution Inactive N1-GRS-03-002_SF115
Temporary Commissions, Boards, Councils and Committees Inactive N1-GRS-04-001_SF115
Reasonable Accommodation Request (RAR) Inactive N1-GRS-04-002_SF115
General Record Schedule (GRS) for Chief Information Officers Inactive N1-GRS-04-004_SF115
Revision to General Record Schedule (GRS) 23, Item 7 Inactive N1-GRS-04-005_SF115
Aircraft Operations and Maintenance Records Inactive N1-GRS-04-006_SF115
Records of Circular Number A-76, Performance of Commercial Activities N1-GRS-05-002_SF115
General Record Schedule (GRS) 1 N1-GRS-06-001_SF115
General Record Schedule (GRS) 26, Item 2 N1-GRS-07-001_SF115
Public Key Infrastructure Records N1-GRS-07-003_SF115
Change / Additions to Implement Media Neutrality (MN) and Assist Agencies in Implementing Electronic Recordkeeping N1-GRS-07-004_SF115
Revisions to General Record Schedule (GRS) 26, Item 2 Inactive N1-GRS-07-005_SF115
Applicant Certification and Examination N1-GRS-86-001_SF115
Contract Bids and Proposals N1-GRS-86-002_SF115
Accounting N1-GRS-86-003_SF115
Personnel - Employee Medical N1-GRS-86-004_SF115
Express Mail N1-GRS-87-002_SF115
Microfilm Inspection N1-GRS-87-003_SF115
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests N1-GRS-87-004_SF115
Electronic Records N1-GRS-87-005_SF115
Personnel - Occupational Injury and Illness Report N1-GRS-87-006_SF115
Mandatory Review for Declassification N1-GRS-87-007_SF115
Data Submitted to the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) N1-GRS-87-008_SF115
Contract Appeals N1-GRS-87-009_SF115
National Defense Executive Reserve (NDER) N1-GRS-87-010_SF115
Revision of General Records Schedule 4, Property Disposal Records N1-GRS-87-011_SF115
General Records Schedule (GRS) 1 - Amend Item 1b(2) N1-GRS-87-012_SF115
Administrative Claims Files N1-GRS-87-013_SF115
Addition to General Records Schedule 3, Procurement, Supply, and Grant Records N1-GRS-87-014_SF115
Addition to General Records Schedule 16, Administrative Management Records N1-GRS-87-015_SF115
Addition to General Records Schedule 16, Administrative Management Records N1-GRS-87-016_SF115
Addition to General Records Schedule 16, Administrative Management Records N1-GRS-87-017_SF115
General Records Schedule 9 N1-GRS-87-018_SF115
Additions and Changes to General Records Schedule 23 N1-GRS-87-019_SF115
General Records Schedule 6, Accountable Officers Accounts Records N1-GRS-88-001_SF115
Additions to General Records Schedule 1 N1-GRS-88-002_SF115
Amend General Records Schedule (GRS) 1 - Civilian Personeel Records, Item 23 N1-GRS-88-003_SF115
Position Descriptions N1-GRS-88-004_SF115
Changes and Additions to General Records Schedule 17 N1-GRS-88-005_SF115
Addition to General Records Schedule 16, Administrative Management Records N1-GRS-89-001_SF115
Addition to General Records Schedule 14 N1-GRS-89-002_SF115
Revision of General Records Schedules 20 and 23 N1-GRS-89-003_SF115
Revision of General Records Schedule (GRS) 14, Item 25 N1-GRS-89-004_SF115
Position Classification N1-GRS-90-001_SF115
Drug Testing N1-GRS-90-002_SF115
Passport Application Records - General Record Schedule (GRS) 9/5 N1-GRS-91-001_SF115
Travel and Transportation Vouchers - General Records Schedule 6 & 9 N1-GRS-91-003_SF115
Internal Control Records (Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-123) N1-GRS-91-005_SF115
Administrative Grievance, Disciplinary, and Adverse Action N1-GRS-92-001_SF115
Electronic Records N1-GRS-92-002_SF115
Equal Employment Opportunity N1-GRS-92-003_SF115
Revision of General Records Schedule 2, Payrolling and Pay Adminstration N1-GRS-92-004_SF115
General Records Schedule 1 Addition: Donated Leave Records N1-GRS-92-005_SF115
Time and Attendance Report N1-GRS-92-006_SF115
Security and Protective Services Records N1-GRS-93-001_SF115
Handicapped Employee Case N1-GRS-93-002_SF115
Performance Evaluation Records N1-GRS-93-003_SF115
Drug Testing Program Records - General Records Schedule 1/36e N1-GRS-93-004_SF115
Federal Employees Pay Comparability Act (FEPCA) N1-GRS-94-001_SF115
Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreements N1-GRS-95-001_SF115
Electronic Records N1-GRS-95-002_SF115
Employee Performance File System Records N1-GRS-95-003_SF115
Procurement - General Records Schedule 3/3 N1-GRS-95-004_SF115
Space and Maintenance Records (General Records Schedule 11) N1-GRS-96-001_SF115
Federal Employees Pay Comparabitity Act (FEPCA) N1-GRS-96-002_SF115
Accessioned Audio Visual Records Lacking Value - General Records Schedule (GRS) 21 N1-GRS-96-003_SF115
Call Detail Records - General Records Schedule (GRS) 12, Item 4 N1-GRS-96-004_SF115
Alternate Worksite Records - General Record Schedule 1/42 N1-GRS-97-001_SF115
Employee Transportation Subsidy Records - General Record Schedule 9/7 N1-GRS-97-002_SF115
Semiannual Expense Reports for Non-Federally Funded Travel - General Record Schedule 9/6 N1-GRS-97-003_SF115
Temporary Individual Employee Records - General Record Schedule 1 N1-GRS-97-004_SF115
Positive Drug Testing Records N1-GRS-98-001_SF115
General Record Schedule - Removal of Indefinite Retention Periods N1-GRS-98-002_SF115
General Record Schedule Revision - Records Maintained Apart from an Record Keeping System N1-GRS-98-003_SF115
Provisions of the General Records Schedule NC-064-75-001_SF115
Conformity with Other Fiscal Records Listed in General Records Schedule (GRS) 6 NC-064-75-002_SF115
Amendment to General Record Schedule (GRS) 1 NC-064-75-003_SF115
Federal Procurement Regulations Pertaining to Small Government Purchases NC-064-75-004_SF115
Security Clearance Case Files: Highly Confidential Allegations NC-064-76-001_SF115
General Records Schedule from the General Services Administration NC-174-000105_SF115
Item Number 6 of General Records Schedule Number 6 of the General Services Administration NC-174-000119_SF115
GAO Audit Records NC-174-000161_SF115
Amendment to General Records Schedule Number 14 NC1-064-76-03_SF115
Amendment to General Records Schedule 1: Destroy After 5 Years NC1-064-76-04_SF115
Files Pertaining to the Freedom of Information Act NC1-064-77-01_SF115
Machine-Readable Records and Related Documentation NC1-064-77-02_SF115
Proposition for Disposition Standards Covering Audiovisual and Related Records NC1-064-77-03_SF115
Procurement, Supply and Grant Records: Schedule Revised to Include Grant Programs NC1-064-77-05_SF115
Cartographic, Remote Sensing, and Related Records: Approved in 1954 NC1-064-77-06_SF115
Payrolling and Pay Administration Records: Approved in 1957 NC1-064-77-07_SF115
Administrative Management Records: Approved in 1953 NC1-064-77-08_SF115
Communications Records: Approved in 1953 NC1-064-77-09_SF115
Civilian Personnel Records: Approved in 1967 NC1-064-77-10_SF115
Accountable Officers' Accounts Records NC1-064-77-11_SF115
Design and Construction Drawings NC1-064-77-12_SF115
Personnel Injury Files NC1-064-77-13_SF115
Service Records Cards NC1-GRS-78-02_SF115
Security and Protective Service Records; Personnel Security Clearance Case Files NC1-GRS-78-03_SF115
Leace Application Files NC1-GRS-78-04_SF115
Schedules of Daily Activities NC1-GRS-79-01_SF115
Temporary Records Relating to Promotions NC1-GRS-79-02_SF115
Security and Protective Services Records NC1-GRS-80-01_SF115
Retirement Files - Deduction Files NC1-GRS-80-02_SF115
Conflict of Interest Case Files NC1-GRS-80-03_SF115
Administrative Management Records NC1-GRS-80-04_SF115
Procurement, Supply and Grant Records - Item 19 - Contract Appeals Case Files NC1-GRS-80-05_SF115
Administrative Mangement Records, Item 11 - Records Management Files NC1-GRS-80-06_SF115
Administrative Management Records, Item 8 - Reports Control Files NC1-GRS-80-07_SF115
Records Dispostion Division - Office and Administrative Files NC1-GRS-80-08_SF115
Equal Employment Opportunity Records NC1-GRS-80-09_SF115
Emergency Planning Records NC1-GRS-81-01_SF115
Procurement Supply and Grant Records NC1-GRS-81-02_SF115
Payrolling and Pay Administration Records NC1-GRS-81-03_SF115
Adminsitrative Management Records NC1-GRS-81-04_SF115
Records Disposition Division NC1-GRS-81-05_SF115
General Record Schedule 20 Machine Readable Records NC1-GRS-81-06_SF115
Aministrative Management Records NC1-GRS-81-07_SF115
Security and Protective Service Records - Security Violations Records NC1-GRS-81-08_SF115
Audiovisual Records NC1-GRS-81-09_SF115
Civilian Personnel Records NC1-GRS-81-10_SF115
Position Classification Standards Files NC1-GRS-81-11_SF115
Accountable Officers Accounts Records NC1-GRS-81-12_SF115
Civilian Personnel Records and Budget Preparation, Presentation, and Apportionment Records NC1-GRS-81-13_SF115
General Records Schedule Number 24: Temporary Commissions, Committees, and Boards Records NC1-GRS-82-01_SF115
Employee Performance File System Records Substitution for Performance Rating Records NC1-GRS-82-02_SF115
Contractor's Statement of Contingent or Other Fees as Addition to General Records Schedule 3 NC1-GRS-83-01_SF115
Reports of On-Site Reviews of Affirmative Action Programs as Addition to General Records Schedule 1 NC1-GRS-83-02_SF115
Sunshine Act Meetings NC1-GRS-83-03_SF115
Affirmative Action Reports, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) NC1-GRS-83-04_SF115
Accounting Ledgers and Appropriation Allotment NC1-GRS-83-05_SF115
Calendars and Schedules of Daily Activities NC1-GRS-83-06_SF115
Nondisclosure Agreements NC1-GRS-83-07_SF115
Financial Disclosure Reports NC1-GRS-84-01_SF115
Inspector General Records NC1-GRS-85-01_SF115
Examination and Certification of Applicants NC1-GRS-85-02_SF115