Federal Records Management

Records Control Schedules

These requests for disposition authority documents are agency requests to NARA submitted since 1973.  Older items may have subsequently been superseded by more recent submissions.  Please see the FAQ for more information. Questions about active disposition authorities should be directed to the agency records officer.

NOTE: NARA’s process for determining which records schedules in the RCS are currently valid is an ongoing work in progress. Records schedules will be marked inactive when all items on the schedule have been superseded. Before implementing disposition using these records schedules, always verify that you are using the most recent and current disposition authority (or item).

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RG-0064: National Archives and Records Administration

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Title Number/Filename
Presidential Electronic Records Library (PERL) DAA-0064-2009-0002
Automated Museums' Collections Management Database (AMCMD) DAA-0064-2010-0001
Garnishment Database Inactive DAA-0064-2010-0005
Records Management Workshop, Conference, and Training Course Files DAA-0064-2010-0006
Holdings Protection Program DAA-0064-2011-0001
Records of the Continuity and Emergency Planning Function DAA-0064-2011-0002
Security Clearance Tracking System (SCTS) DAA-0064-2011-0003
Returned (Undeliverable) Notification Letters Inactive DAA-0064-2011-0004
2001 Web Snapshot Initiative Records Inactive DAA-0064-2013-0001
Program and policy records of the Archivist and Deputy Archivist Inactive DAA-0064-2013-0002
Federal Register Publication Records DAA-0064-2014-0002
Routine Surveillance Recordings Inactive DAA-0064-2014-0003
Federal Register Publication Records DAA-0064-2015-0002
Routine Administrative (Non-mission) Records Common to All Offices Inactive DAA-0064-2015-0003
Program Records Schedule DAA-0064-2016-0001
Special Studies DAA-0064-2016-0003
Special Projects DAA-0064-2016-0005
Records of the Office of Investigations DAA-0064-2016-0006
NARA Human Captial Assessment and Accountbility Program Records DAA-0064-2016-0007
Intergrated Pest Management Records DAA-0064-2016-0008
DVSAS Workplace Protection Records - Domestic Violence, Sexual Assualt, and Stalking (DVSAS) DAA-0064-2016-0009
Records Management Training Program DAA-0064-2016-0010
Records of the Office of Audit DAA-0064-2016-0011
NARA Training Records DAA-0064-2016-0014
Non-NARA-sponsored Committee Records DAA-0064-2016-0015
Federal Records Centers Program (FRCP) Records Management Services DAA-0064-2016-0016
Records Administration Program Subject Files DAA-0064-2016-0017
Agency Strategic, Performance, Program Review, Accountability, Plans, and Results Records - Files Created and Maintained by All Other Offices DAA-0064-2017-0001
Presidential Records Act (PRA) Public Release and Special Access Notiification Files DAA-0064-2017-0002
Audiovisual Records DAA-0064-2018-0006
Engagement and Public Affairs Records DAA-0064-2018-0008
Electronic Messaging Records DAA-0064-2019-0006
Research Room Reference Service Files--White Pull Slips DAA-0064-2019-0009
Leadership and Operations Management DAA-0064-2020-0001
National Archives and Records Administration [Capstone Form] GRS-6-1-0064-2023-0001
National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) Unsuccessful Grant Application Files N1-064-00-001
Office of Presidential Libraries - Researcher Case Files N1-064-00-002
Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO) Records Inactive N1-064-00-003
Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Investigations and Audits N1-064-00-004
Year 2000 (Y2K) Records Inactive N1-064-00-006
Kennedy Assassination Collection System N1-064-00-007
Policy and Planning Records N1-064-00-008
Targeted Assistance Projects and Federal Register Notice Comments N1-064-00-009
Federal Register Publication Papers and Document Control Files N1-064-01-001
Human Resources Records N1-064-01-002
Professional Conferences, Symposia, Ceremonies, and Events N1-064-02-001
NARANet System Backups Inactive N1-064-02-002
Researcher Application and Authorization Records N1-064-02-003
Federal Register Proposed Rules Records N1-064-02-004
RESOLVE - Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Files N1-064-02-005
Record Copies of Publications Inactive N1-064-02-006
Research Room Use Files N1-064-02-007
Reference Service Communications Files N1-064-02-008
Senior Executive Services (SES) and Human Resource Subject Files Inactive N1-064-02-009
Special Studies and Project Records - Records Management Initiatives N1-064-02-010
Modern Archives Institute (MAI) Files N1-064-02-011
Performance Measurement and Reporting Systems (PMRS) N1-064-03-001
Army Serial Number Electronic Files N1-064-03-002
Change of Status Files N1-064-03-003
1507 Incorporation by Reference (IBR) Publications and Approval Files Inactive N1-064-03-004
Records Management Files Inactive N1-064-03-005
Web Function Records Inactive N1-064-03-006
Case Management and Reporting System (CMRS) N1-064-03-007
Computer / Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP) N1-064-03-008
National Archives Trust Fund Financial Transaction Records N1-064-04-001
Electronic Records Initiative (eGov) N1-064-04-002
Records of Inquiry into the Disposal of Records of the Naval Research Laboratory Stored at the Washington National Records Center (WNRC) Inactive N1-064-04-003
National Archives Experience Development and Fundraising Records N1-064-04-004
Military Personnel-Related Records used by the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) for Records Reconstruction N1-064-04-005
Legal Records N1-064-05-001
Information Technology (IT) Project Management Files Inactive N1-064-05-002
Customer Service Communications Files Inactive N1-064-05-003
Employee Inappropriate Internet Use Notifications N1-064-05-004
Lifecycle Coordination Management Records N1-064-05-005
Federal Agencies Web Harvest Content Files N1-064-05-006
Liaison/Custodial Functions for Special Prosecutor and Independent Counsel Records N1-064-05-007
Liaison/Custodial Functions for the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collections N1-064-05-008
Records Center Program Billing System (RCPBS) N1-064-05-009
Website Production Records Inactive N1-064-06-001
Website Program Operation Records Inactive N1-064-06-002
ElectronFederal Register Electronic Editing and Publishing System (eDOCS) System N1-064-06-003
Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO) Records N1-064-06-004
Office of Inspector General (OIG) Investigative Case Files N1-064-07-001
Online Ordering System and Related Records N1-064-07-002
National Archives Trust Fund Order Fulfillment Records N1-064-07-003
Travel and Miscellaneous Expenses Receipt Files N1-064-07-004
Office of Regional Records Services Regional Records Facilities N1-064-07-005
National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) Case Management and Reporting System (CMRS) N1-064-08-001
Accessions Management Information System (AMIS) N1-064-08-002
Archival Electronic Records Inspection and Control System (AERIC) N1-064-08-003
Archival Processing System (APS) N1-064-08-005
Physical Access Control System (PACS) N1-064-08-006
Archival Research Catalog (ARC) Records N1-064-08-007
Integrated Property Management (IPM) System N1-064-08-008
Visitor Services Reservation Scheduling System (VISTA) N1-064-08-009
Office of Regional Records Services Regional Records Facilities N1-064-08-010
Master Location Register System (MLR) N1-064-08-011
Information Services N1-064-08-012
Government Credit Card Files Inactive N1-064-08-013
First Preserver Program Records N1-064-09-001
Judicial Watch Petitions N1-064-09-002
Unclassified Redaction and Tracking System (URTS) N1-064-09-003
Archival Declassification, Review and Redaction System (ADRRES) N1-064-09-004
Presidential Libraries VISTA Admission System N1-064-09-005
Office of Government Information Services (OGIS) Access System (OAS) N1-064-11-001
Safety and Occupational Health Program Records N1-064-11-002
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-064-87-001
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Appraisal Task Force Records Inactive N1-064-87-002
Constitution Bicentennial Vigil Visitor Sign-In Sheets Inactive N1-064-88-001
Comprehensive Records Schedule Revisions N1-064-90-001
Declaration of Independence Bicentennial Vigil Visitor Sign-In Sheets Inactive N1-064-90-002
Department of Justice Litigation Case Files Appraisal Project Inactive N1-064-90-003
Office of Records Administration Subject Files N1-064-91-001
National Archives Trust Fund Operations Service Orders N1-064-92-001
Procurement Policy Information Files N1-064-92-002
Volunteer Service Files N1-064-92-003
Federal Women's Program Committee (FWPC) Records, 1976-84 Inactive N1-064-92-004
Records Documenting the Transfer of Records of the Polish Foreign Ministry, 1918-40, to Poland, 1992 Inactive N1-064-93-001
Regulations, Directives and Legislation Case Files N1-064-93-002
Retained Records Database N1-064-93-003
Conference on the Use of Audiovisual Archives as Original Source Material, 1972 Inactive N1-064-95-001
Comprehensive Records Schedule Revisions N1-064-95-002
Quarterly Program Narrative Reports N1-064-96-001
Comprehensive Records Schedule Revisions N1-064-96-002
General Counsel Records N1-064-96-003
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Mission and Organization Records Inactive N9-064-99-001
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of General Administration Records Inactive N9-064-99-002
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Personnel Records Inactive N9-064-99-003
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Budget, Accounting, and Financial Management Records Inactive N9-064-99-004
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Property and Procurement Records Inactive N9-064-99-005
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Facilities Records Inactive N9-064-99-006
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Travel and Transportation Records Inactive N9-064-99-007
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records Inactive N9-064-99-008
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Legislative and Congressional Relations Records Inactive N9-064-99-009
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Public Information Records Inactive N9-064-99-010
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Legal Records Inactive N9-064-99-011
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Audits and Investigations Records Inactive N9-064-99-012
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Federal Agencies and Records Inactive N9-064-99-013
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Archives, Presidential Records and Donated Materials Records Inactive N9-064-99-014
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Federal Register Records Inactive N9-064-99-015
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Public Programs and Exhibits Records Inactive N9-064-99-016
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of National Historic Publication and Records Commission (NHPRC) Records Inactive N9-064-99-017
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of National Archives Trust Fund Records Inactive N9-064-99-018
National Archives and Records Service Program Files NC-064-76-002
Amendments to GRS 14 Information Services Records - FOIA records NC1-064-77-01
Records Declassification, Presidential Libraries, Federal Archives, Records Management, and Technical Services NC1-064-77-04
Presidential Proclamations, Executive Orders, Public Laws and Resolutions, Rules, Proposed Rules, Notices Submitted for Publication in Federal Register NC1-064-79-01
Disposition Authorization File Inactive NC1-064-80-01
National Audiovisual Center Program Files NC1-064-81-01
National Archives and Record Service - Program Records NC1-064-82-01
Military Personnel-Related Records used by the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) for Records Reconstruction NC1-064-83-01
Educational Program Files NC1-064-85-01