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These requests for disposition authority documents are agency requests to NARA submitted since 1973.  Older items may have subsequently been superseded by more recent submissions.  Please see the FAQ for more information. Questions about active disposition authorities should be directed to the agency records officer.

NOTE: NARA’s process for determining which records schedules in the RCS are currently valid is an ongoing work in progress. Records schedules will be marked inactive when all items on the schedule have been superseded. Before implementing disposition using these records schedules, always verify that you are using the most recent and current disposition authority (or item).

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RG-0218: Joint Chiefs of Staff

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Title Number/Filename
1300 Series - Academic Affairs Records DAA-0218-2019-0002
Department of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff [Capstone Form] GRS-6-1-0218-2019-0001
United States Cyber Command [Capstone Form] GRS-6-1-0218-2019-0002
Department of Defense, United States Africa Command [Capstone Form] GRS-6-1-0218-2020-0001
Joint Staff and Commander-In-Chief (CINC), Series 0000 N1-218-00-001
Organization and Manpower, Series 0100 N1-218-00-002
Personnel, Payroll, Series 0200 N1-218-00-003
Intelligence and Security, Series 0300 N1-218-00-004
Information and Legal, Series 0400 N1-218-00-005
Operations, Planning, Command & Control, Series 0500 N1-218-00-006
Logistics, Supply, Services and Budget, Series 0600 N1-218-00-007
Communications and Electronics, Series 0700 N1-218-00-008
International, Series 0800 Inactive N1-218-00-009
General Administration and Management, Series 0900 N1-218-00-010
Information Technology (IT) Procurement, Operations, and Management Records, Series 1000 Inactive N1-218-00-011
Medical, Series 1100 N1-218-00-012
Command Top Secret Control and Barcode System N1-218-06-001
Antiterrorism (AT) Level 1 Training System N1-218-06-002
Joint Transformation Integration System (JTIS) N1-218-06-003
Automated Directives Information Management System (ADIMS) N1-218-07-001
Joint Manpower and Personnel System (e-JMAPS) N1-218-07-002
Analytric Suite (AS) System N1-218-07-003
Witness Index Tracking System (WITS) N1-218-09-001
Gift System N1-218-09-002
Force Structure Screening Tool (FSST) System N1-218-09-003
Core Vulnerability Assessment Management Program (CVAMP) N1-218-09-004
Anti-Terrorism Enterprise Portal (ATEP) N1-218-09-005
Information Strategy Portal (IS Portal) Master Files Inactive N1-218-09-006
United States European Command (EUCOM) Deployed Personnel Reporting System (DPRS) N1-218-09-007
USEUCOM Inspector General Assistance Database (IGAD) Input/Masterfile N1-218-10-003
Joint Staff "Big Bucket" Schedule N1-218-10-005
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-218-86-001
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-218-89-001
Electronic Systems N1-218-89-002
Joint Staff Messages, 1950-52 N1-218-90-001
Additions to Operations, Planning, Command and Control, Series 500 N1-218-90-002
Southeast Asia Air Mission Data for October 1965-December 1970 NC1-218-77-01
North Vietnam Mine Countermeasures Activity File, Operation End Sweep, February 1973-July 1973 NC1-218-77-02
Southeast Asia File, Air Mission Combat Activity Data, June 1965-August 1973 NC1-218-77-03
Records Common to Several or All Offices within OJCS NC1-218-81-01
Updates and additions to NC1-218-81-001 NC1-218-84-01