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These requests for disposition authority documents are agency requests to NARA submitted since 1973.  Older items may have subsequently been superseded by more recent submissions.  Please see the FAQ for more information. Questions about active disposition authorities should be directed to the agency records officer.

NOTE: NARA’s process for determining which records schedules in the RCS are currently valid is an ongoing work in progress. Records schedules will be marked inactive when all items on the schedule have been superseded. Before implementing disposition using these records schedules, always verify that you are using the most recent and current disposition authority (or item).

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RG-0441: General Records of the Department of Education

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Title Number/Filename
ED 254 - Grant Administration and Management Records DAA-0441-2013-0001
ED 072 - FSA Application, Origination, and Disbursement Records DAA-0441-2013-0002
ED 273 - FSA Access and Identity Management System (AIMS) DAA-0441-2015-0001
Federal Student Aid (FSA) Person Authentication Service (PAS) Records DAA-0441-2016-0001
Federal Student Aid (FSA) Health Eduation Assistance Loan (HEAL) Program Online Processing System (HOPS) DAA-0441-2017-0002
Federal Student Aid (FSA) National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) DAA-0441-2017-0004
Office of Inspector General Simplified Records Schedule DAA-0441-2021-0001
Department of Education [Capstone Form] GRS-6-1-0441-2016-0001
Student Financial Assistance Case Management and Oversight Records Inactive N1-441-00-001
Special Tabulation of Census Data by School District N1-441-00-002
Child Care Subsidy Program Records Inactive N1-441-01-002
Office of Inspector General Records Inactive N1-441-02-001
Office of Civil Rights Miscellaneous Records N1-441-05-001
Federal Student Aid (FSA) Postsecondary Closed School Records Inactive N1-441-05-002
Operational, Interagency, Internationl or Internal Committees, Task Forces or Working Groups N1-441-05-003
Office of Management / Administrative Communications System (ACS) N1-441-05-005
Protection of Human Subjects in Research Institution Review Board Files N1-441-06-001
National and International Conferences and Conventions N1-441-08-001
Decisions Made by Hearing Officials, Administrative Law Judges, Secretary of Education and the Civil Rights Reviewing Authority (CRRA) N1-441-08-002
Reports to Congress and/or the President N1-441-08-003
Civil Rights Case Files N1-441-08-004
Legal Decisions and Opinions N1-441-08-005
Education Discrimination Case Files N1-441-08-006
Office for Civil Rights, Delegation Agreements N1-441-08-007
Civil Rights Survey Files N1-441-08-008
Department-Wide Organizational Records N1-441-08-009
Secretary's, Deputy Secretary's and Under Secretary's Meetings Files N1-441-08-010
Federal Student Aid (FSA) Default Management N1-441-08-011
Communications Records N1-441-08-012
General Correspondence Files N1-441-08-013
Calendars, Schedules and Logs of Daily Activities N1-441-08-014
Administration Adjudication Case Files for the Office of Hearings and Appeals (OHA) N1-441-08-015
Policy and Guidance Documents N1-441-08-016
Program Management Files N1-441-08-017
Program Development Files N1-441-08-018
Significant Correspondence N1-441-08-019
Legislative Documents N1-441-08-020
Litigation Case Files N1-441-08-021
Magnet Schools Assistance Program (MSAP) Eligibility Case Files N1-441-09-001
Federal Real Property Assistance (FRPA) No Award Conveyance Files Inactive N1-441-09-002
Student Loan Repayment Benefit Case Files N1-441-09-003
Rulemaking Case Files N1-441-09-004
Child Care Subsidy Files Inactive N1-441-09-005
Recognition Programs Files N1-441-09-006
Federal Real Property Assistance (FRPA) Case Files N1-441-09-007
Institution Construction Loan Servicing File - College Housing Program Inactive N1-441-09-008
Information Collection Requests and Reports Inactive N1-441-09-010
Construction Grants and Related Files N1-441-09-012
Religious/Social Fraternity or Sorority Exemption Files N1-441-09-014
Federal Student Aid (FSA) Guaranty Agency, Financial and Education Institution Eligibility, Compliance, Monitoring and Oversight Records N1-441-09-015
Federal Student Aid (FSA) Loan Servicing, Consolidation, and Collections Records N1-441-09-016
Program Improvement - Pilot Projects N1-441-09-017
Family Policy Compliance Office Complaints and Technical Assistance N1-441-09-018
Accreditation Case Files N1-441-09-019
National Student Loan Data System Inactive N1-441-09-020
Ombudsmen Case Files N1-441-09-021
Financial Management System Inactive N1-441-09-022
Federal Student Aid (FSA) Application, Origination and Disbursement Records Inactive N1-441-09-023
Organizational Assessment (OA) and Performance Records N1-441-09-024
Computer Matching Agreement Files Inactive N1-441-09-025
Personal Identification Number (PIN) Registration System Inactive N1-441-09-026
Program Management Files - Electronic Information Systems N1-441-10-001
Grants Administration and Management Files N1-441-11-001
Non-Education OIG Audit Reports Inactive N1-441-89-001
National Council on Educational Research, 1973-85 Inactive N1-441-90-001
Pell Grant Records N1-441-92-001
National Assessment of Education (NAEP) Records N1-441-93-001
Longitudinal Studies N1-441-93-002
Federal Register Files Inactive N1-441-93-004
Federal Real Property Assistance Program (FRPA) Records Inactive N1-441-93-005
Postsecondary Education Files N1-441-93-006
Records of the National Council on Education Standards and Testing N1-441-93-007
Library Data Files N1-441-93-008
Characteristics of Students in Non-collegiate Postsecondary Schools Data N1-441-93-009
National Evaluation Cohort III Data Files, 1971-1975 Inactive N1-441-94-001
National Advisory Council on Education Research and Improvement Records Inactive N1-441-94-003
National Education Commission on Time and Learning Records Inactive N1-441-94-004
Elementary and Secondary Education Electronic Surveys N1-441-95-001
National Household Education Surveys N1-441-95-002
Postsecondary Education Surveys N1-441-95-003
Committee Management Files N1-441-96-001
Audio and Photographic Records, and Publications N1-441-96-002
Offices of the Secretary, Deputy Secretary and Under Secretary N1-441-97-001
Department Policies, Directives, and Organizational Records Inactive N1-441-97-002
Department Publications Inactive N1-441-97-003
Office of Hearings and Appeals Records Inactive N1-441-97-004
Accrediting Agency Evaluation Branch Records Inactive N1-441-98-001
Eligibility Certification Files N1-441-99-001
Federal Register Comments on a Proposed Regulation (WNRC Project) Inactive N1-441-99-002