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These requests for disposition authority documents are agency requests to NARA submitted since 1973.  Older items may have subsequently been superseded by more recent submissions.  Please see the FAQ for more information. Questions about active disposition authorities should be directed to the agency records officer.

NOTE: NARA’s process for determining which records schedules in the RCS are currently valid is an ongoing work in progress. Records schedules will be marked inactive when all items on the schedule have been superseded. Before implementing disposition using these records schedules, always verify that you are using the most recent and current disposition authority (or item).

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RG-0059: General Records of the Department of State

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Title Number/Filename
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Overseas Protective Operations DAA-0059-2011-0001
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Chief Technology Officer Documents DAA-0059-2011-0002
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Weapons of Mass Destruction Records DAA-0059-2011-0003
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, DS Human Resources Management Records DAA-0059-2011-0004
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, DS Research and Development Records DAA-0059-2011-0005
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, DS Deputy Executive Director and Management Services Records DAA-0059-2011-0006
Bureau of Public Affairs, U S Diplomacy Center Records DAA-0059-2011-0007
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Certification, Accreditation and Transit Security Records DAA-0059-2011-0008
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Foreign Missions (DS/OFM) DAA-0059-2011-0009
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Special Investigations Division Records Responsibily (DS/ICI/SID) DAA-0059-2011-0010
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Domestic Operations DAA-0059-2011-0011
Office of Commissary and Recreation Records (A/OPR/CR) DAA-0059-2011-0012
Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, Iraq Economic and Assistance Affairs Records (NEA/I/ECON/ASST) Inactive DAA-0059-2011-0013
Bureau of International Organizations, Office of Policy, Regional, and Functional Organizations Records (IO/PRF) DAA-0059-2011-0014
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Office of English Language Programs (ECA/A/L) Records DAA-0059-2011-0015
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Information Security Records (DS/SI/IS) DAA-0059-2011-0016
eCountry Clearance System (eCC) Schedule DAA-0059-2011-0017
Records for the Office of Domestic Facilities Protection DAA-0059-2012-0001
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, DS Office of Public Affairs Records DAA-0059-2012-0002
ECA Office of Global Educational Programs Records for the Educational Information & Resources Branch, Humphrey Fellowships Branch and Teacher Exchange Branch DAA-0059-2012-0003
Records Schedule for the Risk Analysis and Management (RAM) System DAA-0059-2012-0004
A/GIS/IPS Staff Assistants Records Schedule DAA-0059-2012-0005
Directives Management (A/GIS/DIR) Records DAA-0059-2012-0006
Records A/LM State Assistance Management System (SAMS) DAA-0059-2012-0007
Records Enterprise Data Warehouse System (EDW) of IRM System Integration Office DAA-0059-2012-0008
Records of the Office of International Visitors Program DAA-0059-2012-0009
Records for the Office of Middle East Partnership Initiative - MEPI in Near Eastern Affairs DAA-0059-2012-0010
Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, Records for the Office of Threat Finance Countermeasures and Economic Sanctions DAA-0059-2013-0001
Records of the Foreign Service Grievance Board DAA-0059-2013-0002
Records of the Office of Iraq Programs DAA-0059-2013-0003
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Records of Computerized Management Maintenance System (CMMS) Inactive DAA-0059-2013-0004
Bureau of Administration, Records of Parking Permit and Car Pool Records Information Systems of General Services Management Inactive DAA-0059-2013-0005
Insular Passport Case Files (Puerto Rico), 1911-1925 DAA-0059-2013-0006
Passport Correspondence (1906-25) DAA-0059-2013-0007
Rapid Response Unit (RRU) Records DAA-0059-2013-0008
Records of Personnel-Related Class Action Lawsuits Against the Department of State DAA-0059-2014-0001
Records Maintained by Enterprise Programming & Integration Division (IRM/OPS/SIO/EPI) DAA-0059-2014-0002
Passport Master Index (1906-1959) DAA-0059-2014-0003
Controlled Passport Case Files DAA-0059-2014-0004
Office of the Historian's Oral History Program DAA-0059-2014-0005
Records for the Office of Treaty Affairs DAA-0059-2014-0007
Office of the Chief of Protocol, Records of the Diplomatic Partnership Division DAA-0059-2014-0008
System of records for Secretary of State and Principal Officers, EVEREST DAA-0059-2014-0015
Records of the Office of International Conferences DAA-0059-2014-0017
Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations, Office of Program Strategies and Design DAA-0059-2014-0018
Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations, Records for Conflict and Stabilization Operations Front Office DAA-0059-2014-0019
Office of Domestic Facilities Protection DAA-0059-2014-0020
Records of the Office of Electricity and Energy Efficiency (ENR/ETR/EEE) DAA-0059-2014-0021
Records for the Office of the Assistant Secretary and Front Office Staff (ENR/FO) DAA-0059-2014-0022
Records for the Office of Environmental Quality and Transboundary Issues (OES/EQT) DAA-0059-2014-0023
Records of the Front Office of the Bureau of Counterterrorism (CT/FO) DAA-0059-2014-0024
Records of the Office of Learning and Training DAA-0059-2014-0025
Records of the Office of Export Control Cooperation (ISN/ECC) DAA-0059-2014-0026
Records for the Office of the Executive Director of Staff DAA-0059-2015-0001
Records for the Office of Energy Diplomacy Regional Offices Europe, Western Hemishphere, Africa (EWA) & Middle East, Asia (MEA) DAA-0059-2015-0002
Records Concerning the Office of Energy Programs DAA-0059-2015-0003
Records Concerning the Office of the Overseas Operations Teams DAA-0059-2015-0004
Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations, Records of the Office of Policy DAA-0059-2015-0005
Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations, Records Concerning the Office of Partnerships and Strategic Communications (CSO/PL/P) DAA-0059-2015-0006
Records of the Office of Alternative and Renewable Energy (ENR/ETR/ARE) DAA-0059-2015-0007
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, High Threat Programs Directorate DAA-0059-2015-0008
Office of Diplomatic Security Services DAA-0059-2015-0009
Consolidated Schedule: Records of the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs DAA-0059-2015-0010
Records of the Office of Policy Analysis and Public Diplomacy (ENR/EGA/PAPD) DAA-0059-2015-0011
Records of the Office of Physical Security Division's Project Coordination Branch (DS/PSD/PCB) DAA-0059-2015-0013
Regional Support Center's Electronic Merit Based Compensation (eMBC) DAA-0059-2015-0014
Records for the Office of Management Policy, Rightsizing and Innovation (M/PRI) DAA-0059-2015-0015
Records Pertaining to Declassification Review Process Regarding Foreign Relations of United States (FRUS) Volumes DAA-0059-2015-0017
HR Records and Information Management Division (HR/EX/RIM) Historical Documentation DAA-0059-2016-0001
Bureau of African Affairs, Geographic and Regional Policy Files for African Affairs Spanning 1965-1989 DAA-0059-2016-0002
Passport Office Decimal File (1910-1963) DAA-0059-2016-0003
Records of the Foreign Service Selection Board DAA-0059-2016-0004
Bureau of Arms Control Verification and Compliance, Nuclear Risk Reduction Center (AVC/NNRC) DAA-0059-2016-0005
Records Concerning the Victims' Resource Advocacy Program (VRAP) DAA-0059-2016-0006
Records of the Center for Lessons Learned Knowledge Library DAA-0059-2016-0007
Office of Inspector General DAA-0059-2017-0002
Documentation Concerning Prisoners of War / Missing in Action (POW/MIA) Casualties DAA-0059-2017-0003
Consolidated Schedule: Records of the Office of the Chief of Protocol DAA-0059-2017-0004
Office of the Press and Public Diplomacy (SCA/PPD) DAA-0059-2017-0005
Office of the Ombudsman DAA-0059-2018-0001
The Sounding Board DAA-0059-2018-0002
Consolidated Schedule: Records of the Bureau of Diplomatic Security DAA-0059-2018-0003
Consolidated Schedule: Records of the Office of the Secretary of State, Principal Officers and other Senior Officials DAA-0059-2019-0001
Consolidated Schedule: Records of the Bureau of Counterterrorism and Countering Violent Extremism (CT) DAA-0059-2019-0003
Consolidated Schedule: Records of the Bureau of Arms Control, Verification, and Compliance DAA-0059-2019-0008
Consolidated Schedule: Records of the Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation (ISN) DAA-0059-2019-0011
Consolidated Schedule: Records of the Office of Global Criminal Justice DAA-0059-2019-0018
Consolidated Schedule: Records of the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking-in-Persons DAA-0059-2019-0019
Treaty Negotiation Files DAA-0059-2020-0001
Consolidated Schedule: Records of the Office of the Executive Secretariat (S/ES) DAA-0059-2020-0020
NODIS Telegrams DAA-0059-2020-0023
Department of State [Capstone Form] GRS-6-1-0059-2016-0001
Director General of the Foreign Service N1-059-00-001
Special Advisor on Haiti N1-059-00-002
Various 1967-1975 Disposable Lot Files Inactive N1-059-00-003
Executive Secretariat Transition Files N1-059-00-004
U.S. Relations with Iran N1-059-00-005
Non-Precedent and Non-Historical Extradition Case Files N1-059-00-006
Personnel - Recruitment, Examination, and Employment N1-059-00-007
Personnel - Executive Director N1-059-00-008
Civil Service Personnel Management Official Position Descriptions N1-059-00-009
Employee Relations N1-059-00-010
Personnel - Performance Evaluation N1-059-00-011
Personnel - Policy Coordination N1-059-00-012
Personnel - Career Development and Assignments N1-059-00-013
Personnel - Overseas Employment N1-059-00-014
Grievance Staff, Bureau of Human Resources N1-059-00-015
Personnel - Retirement N1-059-00-016
Personnel - Resource Management and Organization Analysis N1-059-00-017
Personnel - Family Liaison Office N1-059-00-018
Year 2000 (Y2K) Records Inactive N1-059-00-019
Moscow Embassy Building Control Office N1-059-00-020
Iran-Contra Hearing Video Tapes Inactive N1-059-01-001
Records Relating to Panama and Noriega, 1973-1991 N1-059-01-002
Ambassador at Large (Walters) N1-059-01-003
Ambassador at Large and Special Representative for Central America Inactive N1-059-01-004
Rumsfeld Middle East Negotiations, 1983-84 Inactive N1-059-01-005
President's Interagency Council on Women N1-059-01-006
Department of State Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security N1-059-01-007
International Cooperative Administrative Support Service N1-059-01-008
Legal Adviser for Arms Control and Nonproliferation N1-059-01-009
Bureau of Verification and Compliance (VC) N1-059-01-010
Bureau of Arms Control N1-059-01-011
Bureau of Nonproliferation N1-059-01-012
Consular Affairs Public Service Announcement Files and Broadcast Tapes N1-059-01-013
Special Representative for Holocaust Issues N1-059-01-014
Office of Intelligence Resources N1-059-01-015
Overseas Schools Country Files N1-059-01-016
Political-Military/International Security Operations N1-059-01-017
Political-Military/Plans, Policy and Analysis N1-059-01-018
Political-Military/Contingency Planning and Peacekeeping N1-059-01-019
Political-Military Affairs/Humanitarian and Demining N1-059-01-020
Political-Military Affairs/Regional Security and Arms Transfers N1-059-01-021
Political-Military Affairs/Defense Trade Controls N1-059-01-022
Political-Military Affairs/Congressional and Public Affairs N1-059-01-023
Political-Military Affairs/Assistant Secretary N1-059-01-024
Legal Adviser for Nonproliferation N1-059-02-001
Ambassador at Large for War Crimes Issues N1-059-02-002
Office of Intelligence Coordination N1-059-02-004
Employee Services Center N1-059-02-005
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Intelligence Policy and Coordination N1-059-02-006
Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and Research (INR) N1-059-02-007
Secretary of State Memorandums of Conversation (MemCons) N1-059-02-008
Information Technology Operations and Management N1-059-02-009
Public Affairs - Condolence Books N1-059-03-001
Bureau of Public Affairs Office of the Historian (PA/HO) N1-059-03-002
Protocol - Condolence Books N1-059-03-003
School of Language Studies N1-059-03-004
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Enlargement Files,1993-98 N1-059-03-005
Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs N1-059-03-006
Office of Defense Trade Controls Miscellaneous Correspondence N1-059-03-007
Secretariat Control Registers and Logs, 1950-69 Inactive N1-059-03-008
Nairobi Bombing Claims Forms Inactive N1-059-03-009
General Services Management Files N1-059-03-010
Group of Eight (G-8) Summit Planning Organization (SPO) N1-059-04-001
Passport Services and Related Records N1-059-04-002
The Office of Foreign Missions Information System (TOMIS) Inactive N1-059-04-003
The Defense Trade Application System (DTAS) N1-059-04-004
Current Intelligence Staff N1-059-04-005
September 11 Commission Documents Inactive N1-059-04-006
Airgram Log, 1971-83 Inactive N1-059-04-007
Ombudsman for Civil Service Employees N1-059-04-008
Assistant Secretary for Educational and Cultural Affairs N1-059-05-001
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Academic Programs N1-059-05-002
Office of Academic Exchange Programs N1-059-05-003
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Professional and Cultural Exchanges N1-059-05-004
Office of Citizen Exchanges N1-059-05-005
J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board N1-059-05-006
Cultural Property Advisory Committee N1-059-05-007
Political Military Action Team N1-059-05-008
Assorted Temporary Lot Files Inactive N1-059-05-009
Chief Special Agency, 1927-53 Inactive N1-059-05-010
Passport Special Issuance Records N1-059-05-011
Thank You Letters and Letters of Appreciation N1-059-05-012
Office of the Executive Director (ECA-IIP/EX) Inactive N1-059-05-013
Bureau of Public Affairs and Information Centers Service Inactive N1-059-05-014
Office of Policy and Evaluation (ECA/P/V) N1-059-06-001
Office of Exchange Coordination and Designation (ECA/EC) N1-059-06-002
Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons N1-059-06-003
Notification of Travel by Foreign Officials in the United States N1-059-06-004
Secretariat Tracking and Retrieval System (STARS) N1-059-06-005
Bureau of Intelligence and Research N1-059-06-006
Internet-Based Travel Registration System N1-059-06-009
Motion Picture Service, 1946-52, and Office of International Information, 1944-50 Inactive N1-059-06-010
Diplomatic Security Office of Training and Performance Support N1-059-07-001
Mobile Security Deployments N1-059-07-002
Central Foreign Policy File Automated Telegrams Subject TAGS N1-059-07-003
Office of Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program N1-059-07-004
Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations N1-059-07-005
Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations Background Information N1-059-07-007
Overseas Buildings Operation Iraq Project Inactive N1-059-07-008
Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations - Front Office N1-059-07-009
Office of Civil Rights Notables Files Inactive N1-059-07-010
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Computer Security N1-059-07-011
Office of Treaty Affairs N1-059-07-012
Overseas Buildings Operations Project Files N1-059-07-013
Overseas Buildings Operations, Office of the Chief of Staff N1-059-07-014
Overseas Buildings Operations, Project Execution Office N1-059-08-001
Overseas Buildings Operations, Planning and Development N1-059-08-002
Office of Refugee Admissions N1-059-08-003
Dayton History Project Files, 1995-97 N1-059-08-004
Overseas Buildings Operations, External Affairs N1-059-08-005
Assistant Secretary Consular Affairs N1-059-08-006
Foreign Service Institute -Executive Director for Management Office of the Registrar (FSI/EX/REG) N1-059-08-007
Near Eastern Affairs NEA - Office of Regional Affairs (NEA/RA) N1-059-08-008
South and Central Asian Affairs N1-059-08-009
Near Eastern Affairs N1-059-08-010
Near East Asia/South and Central Asian Affairs N1-059-08-011
Legal Adviser for Legislation and Foreign Assistance N1-059-08-012
Legal Adviser for Ethics and Employment Law N1-059-08-013
Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations PASS -Personnel Administration Security System Files N1-059-08-014
Overseas Buildings Operations Long Term Lease File N1-059-08-016
Diplomatic Security / Personal Security N1-059-08-018
Overseas Buildings Operations Office of Operations N1-059-09-002
Treaty Information Management System (TIMS) N1-059-09-003
Department of State Public Website N1-059-09-004
Overseas Buildings Operations Facilities Management Division N1-059-09-005
Special Envoy for Middle East Regional Security, 2007-09 N1-059-09-006
Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration Abacus Program N1-059-09-007
Bureau of East Asian & Pacific Affairs-Office of Economic Policy N1-059-09-008
Bureau of Consular Affairs - Office of Children's Issues - Adoptions Tracking Systems (ATS) N1-059-09-009
Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Front Office (EAP/FO) N1-059-09-010
Office of United States Speaker and Specialist Programs International Information Programs (IIP/S) N1-059-09-011
Office of Publications (IIP/ PUBPS) N1-059-09-012
Office of the Coordinator (IIP) N1-059-09-013
Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs N1-059-09-014
Protective Liaison Case Tracking System (POLCATS) N1-059-09-015
Office of Regional Programs Subject/Project Files N1-059-09-016
Diplomatic Security Service DS Electronic Tracking (DSET) N1-059-09-017
Overseas Protective Operations Security Incident Management Analysis System (SIMAS) N1-059-09-018
Bureau of International Information Programs N1-059-09-019
Bureau of International Information Programs (IIP/C) N1-059-09-020
Bureau of International Information Programs Subject/Project Files N1-059-09-021
Bureau of Consular Affairs Consular Notification and Access File N1-059-09-022
Bureau of Public Affairs, Rapid Response Unit N1-059-09-023
Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO) Buildings Management Integrated System (BMIS) N1-059-09-024
Consular Affairs (CA)-Visa Request System N1-059-09-025
Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO)-Information Resource Management System N1-059-09-026
Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO) - Facilities Environmental Tracking System N1-059-09-027
Consular Affairs- Waiver Review System N1-059-09-028
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) Exchanges Statistical Management System (ESMS) N1-059-09-029
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) Federal Exchanges Data System (FEDS) N1-059-09-030
Academic Exchange Information System (AEIS2) - Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) N1-059-09-031
Board of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) - EUREKA Database N1-059-09-032
Exchange Visitor Database-Enhanced (EVDBe) - Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) N1-059-09-033
Exchange Visitor Information System (EVIS) - Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) N1-059-09-034
Space Objects Registry Master Data File and Output N1-059-09-035
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Investigative Management System N1-059-09-036
International Vetting and Security Tracking System (INVEST) - DRL N1-059-09-038
Bureau of Consular Affairs Consular Workload and Statistics Systems (CWSS) N1-059-09-039
Bureau of Consular Affairs, Directorate of Overseas Citizens Services, American Citizens Services and Crisis Management(OCS/ ACS) N1-059-09-040
Classified Passport Application Files N1-059-09-041
Undersecretary for Democracy and Global Affairs (G) N1-059-09-042
Special Envoy and Special Representative Files N1-059-09-043
North and Central American Free Trade Agreements (NAFTA and CAFTA) Case Files N1-059-09-044
Office of the Chief of Protocol -CONTACTS Database N1-059-09-045
Office of Civil Service Human Resources Management, Career Development Division N1-059-09-046
Foreign Service Institute, School of Applied Information Technology N1-059-09-047
Records of the Office of the Historian N1-059-10-001
Moved to Job Number n1-084-10-001 N1-059-10-002
Conflict and Stabilization Operations - Front Office (G/CSO) Inactive N1-059-10-003
Conflict and Stabilization Operations Internal Website (G/CSO) N1-059-10-005
Conflict and Stabilization Operations External Website (G/CSO) N1-059-10-006
Office of Emergency Management (OEM) N1-059-10-009
Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Office of Public Affairs (EAP/P) N1-059-10-010
Bureau of Diplomatic Security Criminal Investigation Division N1-059-10-011
Bureau of Resource Management N1-059-10-012
Bureau of Administration, Office of Emergency Management (A/OEM)-Centralized Emergency Notification Systems (CENS) Inactive N1-059-10-013
Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Office of Regional Security and Policy (EAP/RSP) N1-059-10-014
Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Executive Office (EAP/EX) N1-059-10-015
Freedom of Information Document Management System N1-059-10-016
Bureau of Administration Office of Global Publishing Solutions N1-059-10-017
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Special Programs and Coordination N1-059-10-019
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of the Diplomatic Courier Services N1-059-10-020
BNet N1-059-10-021
Bureau of Administration Office of the Deputy Assistant Security (DAS) for Global Information Services N1-059-10-022
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Threat Investigations and Analysis Directorate (DS/DSS/TIA) N1-059-10-023
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Intelligence and Threat Analysis (DS/DSS/ITA) N1-059-10-024
Bureau of Diplomatic Security Diplomatic Security Services (DS/DSS) N1-059-10-025
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Rewards for Justice Program (DS/ DSS/ PII/ RFJ) N1-059-10-026
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Overseas Security Advisory Council (DS/DSS/OSAC) N1-059-10-027
Bureau of Intelligence and Research, Office of the Geographer- War Crimes and Atrocities N1-059-10-028
Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Office of Public Diplomacy (EAP/ PD) N1-059-11-001
Bureau of International Information Programs, Office of Web Management Inactive N1-059-11-002
Bureau of Diplomatic Security Office of International Programs Directorate Office of Regional Directors (DS/IP/RD) N1-059-11-003
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Protection N1-059-11-011
Office of the Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, Mission Activity Tracker (MAT - PDMA T) N1-059-11-012
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Counterintelligence Division N1-059-11-013
Bureau of Diplomatic Security Executive Directorate Office of the Chief Financial Officer N1-059-11-014
Bureau of Diplomatic Security Executive Director Chronological Files N1-059-11-015
Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement N1-059-11-016
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Defensive Equipment and Armored Vehicles Division N1-059-11-017
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Countermeasures Directorate N1-059-11-018
Foreign Service Grievance Board Records of Proceedings Inactive N1-059-86-001
Visa Office Case Files on Individual Aliens N1-059-86-002
General Subject Files of the Office of the Comptroller (Assistant Secretary) N1-059-86-003
United States National Commission for United Nations Films Inactive N1-059-86-004
Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) Registry Files N1-059-86-005
Bureau of International Organization Affairs N1-059-86-006
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Communications Subject File N1-059-86-007
Foreign Service Employees Conduct, Suitability, and Discipline Inactive N1-059-86-008
Course Presentation File of the School of Professional Studies Inactive N1-059-87-001
Comprehensive Files of the Authentication Office N1-059-87-002
Foreign Service Institute Orientation and Training Films & Speaker Card Catalogue Index Inactive N1-059-87-003
Records Relating to the Special Group (CI) Inactive N1-059-87-004
Current Economic Developments N1-059-87-005
Subject File of the Bureau of Far Eastern Affairs Viet Nam Working Group Inactive N1-059-87-006
Foreign Affairs Meetings Legal Adviser for Europe, 1959-60 Inactive N1-059-87-007
Lend-Lease and Surplus Property Files, 1941-1968 Inactive N1-059-87-008
Comprehensive Files of the Office of Foreign Missions Inactive N1-059-87-009
Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs - Data Bank of Economic Officers N1-059-87-010
Real Estate Management System (REMS) Inactive N1-059-87-011
Commissary and Recreation Financial Statements Inactive N1-059-87-012
Special Hungarian Project Records, 1956-57 Inactive N1-059-87-013
Law of the Sea & Two Hundred Mile Limit Legislation Files N1-059-87-014
Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs N1-059-87-015
A/OASIS Study (A Statistical Method for the Objective Analysis for Reporting and Staff Efficiency) Inactive N1-059-87-016
Aircraft Incidents, 1944-62, TREVI, 1945-59, and Legislation on Un-American Activities, 1939-40 Inactive N1-059-88-001
Bureau of Public Affairs, 1942-53 Inactive N1-059-88-002
International Boundary Water Commission U.S. and Mexico and General Subject Files Inactive N1-059-88-004
Name Files for Drug Traffickers and Suspect Files, 1927-42, Narcotic Subject Files, 1903-41 Inactive N1-059-88-005
Foreign Relations of the United States: Copies of Dispatches, Memos, Memos of Conversation, Correspondence, Gallery Sheets and Checklists Inactive N1-059-88-006
Public Affairs Comprehensive Files, 1944-53 N1-059-88-007
Executive Office General Subject and Country Files N1-059-88-008
Overseas Presence USg (OPUS I and OPUS II) Inactive N1-059-88-010
Position Control System (PCS) Inactive N1-059-88-011
Post Profile System N1-059-88-012
Community Liaison Office (CLO) Inactive N1-059-88-013
Background and History E.O. 10422 Files Inactive N1-059-88-014
Automated Personnel Transaction System (APTS) Inactive N1-059-88-015
Personnel From Side (PERFS) Inactive N1-059-88-016
Bureau for International Narcotic Matters N1-059-88-017
Reports on Travel Regulations 1972-1975 for Eastern European Countries Inactive N1-059-88-018
Office of Inspector General N1-059-88-019
Verbatim Transcripts of the Language Services Division Inactive N1-059-88-020
Bureau for Management: Moscow Microwave, Interagency Committee, Manpower Utilization Progress Files Inactive N1-059-88-021
Records Relating to United States Participation in the South-East Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO), 1954-1977 N1-059-88-022
Management Correspondence Files N1-059-88-023
Bilateral Agreements between countries in which the U.S. is not a participant N1-059-88-024
Miscellaneous Lot Files in the Records Service Center Inactive N1-059-88-025
Personnel Models and Inventories System N1-059-88-026
Office of Supply and Transportation Inactive N1-059-88-027
OIG Special Reports and Inquiry Files Inactive N1-059-88-028
U.S. Boundary Charts N1-059-88-029
Foreign Service National (FSN) Claims Inactive N1-059-88-030
Intelligence Files - Departmental 1942-1951 Inactive N1-059-88-031
Office of Munitions Control Inactive N1-059-88-032
War Trade Intelligence & Civilian Internee Files, 1941-1946 Inactive N1-059-88-033
Miscellaneous Office, Studies on Foreign Aid, Background Files on Legislation, 1945-1959 Inactive N1-059-88-034
Office of Micronesian Status Negotiations - Subject Files, 1960-86 N1-059-88-035
Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs N1-059-88-036
Global 2000 Study N1-059-88-037
Visa Case Files on Individual Aliens N1-059-88-038
Deputy Under Secretary of State for Administration and the Office of International Financial ans Development Affairs (OFD) Records Inactive N1-059-88-039
Philippine Rehabilitation Program, 1946-1951 Inactive N1-059-88-040
Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs Country Files Inactive N1-059-89-001
Mutual Security Program Subject Files and Transcripts of Hearings, 1952-59 Inactive N1-059-89-002
Nonproliferation Matters (S/AS) Subject Files, 1977-80 Inactive N1-059-89-003
Special Assistant for Mutual Security Coordination Program Books, 1959-60 Inactive N1-059-89-004
Task Force on Latin America, 1961 Inactive N1-059-89-005
Under Secretary for Economic Affairs N1-059-89-007
Files on Korea-Gate Investigations, 1963-1979 Inactive N1-059-89-008
International Science Conferences 1949-58 Inactive N1-059-89-009
Office of International Conferences, United Nations 1943-60 Inactive N1-059-89-010
Master File of Documents of the Organization of European Economic Cooperation, 1948-1959 Inactive N1-059-89-011
Inspector General of Foreign Assistance, 1957-61 Inactive N1-059-89-012
Special Assistant for Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs, 1955-62 Inactive N1-059-89-013
Special Coordinator on Relief to Civilian Victims of the Nigerian Civil War (U/CF) Inactive N1-059-89-014
Records on Philippines Nuclear Power Plant, 1977-1980 Inactive N1-059-89-015
Migratory Species Convention Documents, 1977-1979 Inactive N1-059-89-016
Director's Correspondence File N1-059-89-017
SALT, START, CIA, Ministerial Meetings and Summits and Chronological Files, 1970-Present N1-059-89-018
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Personnel, 1967-71 N1-059-89-019
Multilateral Force (MLF) Records, 1960-65 Inactive N1-059-89-022
Subject Files of the Office of Munitions Control Inactive N1-059-89-024
Classified N1-059-89-025
Records Relating to Lee Harvey Oswald and the Warren Commission Report, 1959-1964 Inactive N1-059-89-026
Records Relating to Lee Harvey Oswald, 1961-1964 Inactive N1-059-89-027
Records Relating to the Bricker Amendment, 1952-1960 Inactive N1-059-89-028
Bureau of Public Affairs N1-059-89-029
Assistant Secretary for Economic Affairs Labor Adviser Subject Files, 1944-54 Inactive N1-059-89-030
Emergency Planning Files & Records Relating to Operation Alert, 1954-1965 Inactive N1-059-89-031
Investigation by Special Mission of Certain Pacific Islands In Connection With National Defense (primarily) and Commercial Air Bases and Routes, 1943-1944 Inactive N1-059-89-032
Historical Collection Relating to the Formulation of the European Recovery Program, 1947-1950 Inactive N1-059-89-033
Special Assistant for Fisheries and Wildlife Coordinator of Ocean Affairs, 1937-70 Inactive N1-059-89-034
Special Assistant for East-West Exchanges General Records, 1955-61 Inactive N1-059-89-035
Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs Inactive N1-059-89-036
Medical Services Records N1-059-89-037
Motion Picture Film "Campus Crossroads" N1-059-89-038
Reference Cards (Old & New Systems) for Central Foreign Policy Files, 1955-73 N1-059-89-039
Refugee Data Center (RDC) Records in New York N1-059-89-040
Assistant Secretary for Educational and Cultural Affairs, 1954-78 Inactive N1-059-90-001
Bureau of Economic Affairs Coordinator for Foreign Aid and Assistance Subject Files and Program Reviews, 1948-50 Inactive N1-059-90-002
Director General Personnel Operations Division Subject Files, 1940-63 Inactive N1-059-90-003
Performance Evaluation Records, 1924-1965 Inactive N1-059-90-004
Bureau of Economic Affairs Mutual Defense Assistance Control Staff (E/MDAC) Records, 1950-63 Inactive N1-059-90-005
Consular Conference Files,1967-72, and Prisoner of War Committee and International Red Cross Conferences, 1945-57 Inactive N1-059-90-006
Judgements in Cases of Impeachment N1-059-90-007
Incoming and Outgoing Telegrams, 1945-60 Inactive N1-059-90-008
Records Relating to United Nations and Regional Affairs, 1945-1962 Inactive N1-059-90-009
Loyalty Security Files Relating to John Paton Davies, 1942 -56 Inactive N1-059-90-010
Records Relating to the Eric Johnston Mission and Jordan River Waters, 1945-59 Inactive N1-059-90-011
Budget Allocations Records, 1941-42 Inactive N1-059-90-012
Import And Export Records N1-059-90-013
Records of the Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (CU), Subject Files, 1960-1976 N1-059-90-014
Office of Operations, 1946-62, Historical Office, 1959, African Affairs, 1960-70 Inactive N1-059-90-015
National Defense Executive Reserve Files, 1956-61, Personnel Records, 1945-61, Files of Ben H. Thibodeaux, 1949-57, Files of William T. Nunley, 1951-63 Inactive N1-059-90-016
Protective Security Files for the President, Vice President, Secretary of State and other VIPs, 1949-60, and Security Records, 1955-66 Inactive N1-059-90-017
International Exchange of Persons, 1941-59 Inactive N1-059-90-018
Bureau of Far Eastern Affairs, 1946-56 Inactive N1-059-90-019
Office of Cultural Presentations, 1960-68 Inactive N1-059-90-020
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, 1947-66 Inactive N1-059-90-021
Under Secretary for Security Assistance, Science and Technology, and U.S. Coordinator for the UN Conference on Science and Technology for Development, 1977-79 N1-059-90-022
Passport Case Files, 1971- N1-059-90-023
Under Secretary of State, 1961-72 N1-059-90-024
Survey Reports, Architectural Drawings and Specifications-Turnkey Program N1-059-90-025
Appraisals and Program Analysis, 1946-73 Inactive N1-059-90-026
Organization Files, 1945-1960 Inactive N1-059-90-027
Central Treaty Organization (CTO), 1956-64, Paris Conference on Tangier, August 1945 Inactive N1-059-90-028
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, 1949-68 Inactive N1-059-90-029
Language Training Textbooks N1-059-90-030
Legal Adviser, 1939-73 Inactive N1-059-91-001
Bureau of International Scientific and Technological Affairs, 1947-69 Inactive N1-059-91-002
U.S.-USSR Joint Commission on Korea 1946-48; Afro-Asian Bandung Conference, 1955-56; Italian Colonies, 1947-49 Inactive N1-059-91-003
Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs (P) N1-059-91-004
Subject Files of the Counselor (C) N1-059-91-005
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (IR, PRS, and SP), 1952-68 Inactive N1-059-91-006
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (FE, EX and FS), 1950-70 Inactive N1-059-91-007
Bureau of Intelligence & Research Reports, Briefing Materials, and INR Magazine N1-059-91-008
Bureau of Intelligence & Research Subject Files, 1945-1960 Inactive N1-059-91-009
Intelligence and Research Reports N1-059-91-010
Office of Active Measures Analysis and Responses N1-059-91-011
Policy Planning Staff of the National Security Council. 1947-61; Carlton Savage Files, 1937-62 Inactive N1-059-91-012
Participation in the Operations Coordinating Board, 1953-61; Participation in the National Security Council, 1947-63 Inactive N1-059-91-013
Under Secretary for Political Affairs, 1953-61 Inactive N1-059-91-014
Educational and Cultural Affairs (EUR and IVF), 1957-68 Inactive N1-059-91-015
Kuwaiti Task Force N1-059-91-016
Visa Case Files on Individual Aliens N1-059-91-017
Classified N1-059-91-018
The Daily Economic Summary, Jan 1961-Mar 1970, and E Staff Meeting Minutes, Jan 1960-June 1969 Inactive N1-059-91-020
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (NFSP, PRS,and UCS), 1945-68 Inactive N1-059-91-021
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (MPP, OCE, PDE PDS), 1930-67 Inactive N1-059-91-022
Office of Authentications Apostilles and Record of Fees N1-059-91-023
Files of Loy W. Henderson & Elbridge Durbrow Inactive N1-059-91-024
Mexican Affairs Subject Files, 1978-81 Inactive N1-059-91-025
Public Affairs Office of Press Relations N1-059-91-026
Office of Central European Affairs Relating to Berlin, 1951-77 N1-059-91-027
Visa Case Files on Individual Aliens N1-059-91-028
Files of John Foster Dulles, 1946-49, and Karl L. Rankin, 1932-60 Inactive N1-059-91-029
Files of the Deputy Secretary of State N1-059-91-030
Policy Planning Staff (S/P) Files, 1963-1981 N1-059-91-032
Secretary of State Files N1-059-91-033
Bureau of Intelligence and Research, 1920-65 Inactive N1-059-91-034
Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and Research Chronological File N1-059-91-035
Office of Foreign Missions N1-059-92-001
Policy Planning Staff Open Forum N1-059-92-002
Bureau of International Communication and Information Policy N1-059-92-003
Refugee Program: Cooperative Agreements on Overseas Programs, Contributions to International Organizations N1-059-92-004
Visa Case Files on Individual Aliens N1-059-92-005
Gift Fund and Capital Program Fund Files Inactive N1-059-92-006
Bureau of European Affairs, 1930-76 Inactive N1-059-92-007
Economic and Business Affairs Teletype Messages Inactive N1-059-92-008
Classified N1-059-92-009
Office of Freedom of Information, Privacy, and Classification Review (IS/FPC) Special Collections N1-059-92-010
Publications Prepared by the Bureau of Public Affiars, Office of Public Communications Inactive N1-059-92-011
Official Personnel Folders of Foreign National Employees N1-059-92-012
Office of Foreign Missions, Travel Division N1-059-92-013
Bureau of Public Affairs, Office of the Historian (PA/HO), 1944-83 Inactive N1-059-92-015
Bureau of Diplomatic Security Oversized Enclosures to Airgrams, 1973- N1-059-92-016
The Ambassador at Large and Special Adviser on Arms Control Matters (S/ARN) Paul Nitze N1-059-92-017
Bureau of Administration Foreign Affairs Photograph Collection N1-059-92-018
Bureau of Diplomatic Security Security Awareness Program N1-059-92-019
General Records -Ambassador Graham A. Martin 1975-1977 Inactive N1-059-92-020
User Services Program File; Information Technology Program File; Information Technology Reference File N1-059-92-021
Bureau of International Organization Affairs Subject, Country and Program Files Inactive N1-059-92-022
Office of the Legal Adviser: Subject, Country, and Program Files Dating Through 1963 Inactive N1-059-92-023
Office of the Secretary: Subject, Country, and Program Files Dating Through 1963 Inactive N1-059-92-024
Office Of The Deputy Under Secretary For Political Affairs: Subject, Country, and Program Files Dating Through 1963 N1-059-92-025
Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs: Subject, Country, and Program Files Dating Through 1961; Bureau of Public Affairs Dating Through 1962 Inactive N1-059-92-026
Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs: Files Dating Through 1963 N1-059-92-027
Bureau of Intelligence and Research Subject, Country, and Program Files Dating Through 1963 Inactive N1-059-92-028
Atomic Energy Affairs, Political Affairs, Congressional Relations: Country and Subject Files, 1950-63 Inactive N1-059-92-029
Asbestos Survey Records N1-059-92-030
Office of Defense Relations and Security Assistance Program Files N1-059-92-031
Arms Export Files N1-059-92-032
Politico-Military Office of Defense Trade Policy Files N1-059-92-033
Politico-Military Office of International Security Operations (PM/ISO) N1-059-92-034
Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs Office of Policy Analysis N1-059-92-035
Bureau of Political-Military Affairs: Office of Arms Control Policy for Compliance and Implementation (PM/PCI) Files N1-059-92-036
Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs, Office of Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (PM/PNW) N1-059-92-037
Bureau of Political-Military Affairs: Office of Weapons Proliferation Policy (PM/PRO) Files N1-059-92-038
Politico-Military Office of Strategic and Theater Policy (PM/STP) Program Files N1-059-92-039
Assistant Secretary for Politico-Military Affairs Records N1-059-92-040
Bureau of Inter-American Affairs Dating Through 1963 Inactive N1-059-92-041
Bureau of Far Eastern Affairs: Subject, Country, and Program Files dating through 1963 N1-059-93-002
Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs Office of Special Coordinator (PM/SC) Proposals Inactive N1-059-93-003
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs/Office of Cultural Presentations (CU/CP), 1955-72 Inactive N1-059-93-004
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs/International Educational Exchange Service (CU/IES), 1955-69 Inactive N1-059-93-005
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Politico-Military Affairs (G/PMl), 1940-64 Inactive N1-059-93-006
U.S. Advisory Commission on Educational Exchange, 1948-61; Advisory Committee on the Arts 1951-61; East-West Exchange Files, 1957-60 Inactive N1-059-93-007
Office of Public Diplomacy for Latin America and the Caribbean, 1983-87 N1-059-93-008
Bureau of European and Canadian Affairs Subject, Country, and Program Files Dating Through 1965 N1-059-93-009
Bureau of Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs: Subject, Country, and Program Files Dating Through 1967 N1-059-93-010
Bureau of African Affairs: Subject, Country, and Program Files Dating Through 1963 Inactive N1-059-93-011
Records Relating to Cabinet Meetings, 1953-65 Inactive N1-059-93-012
Research Review Files N1-059-93-013
Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) Record File N1-059-93-014
Foreign Service Officers Performance Evaluation Subject Files and Selection Board Promotion Panel Records Inactive N1-059-93-015
Records Retired by Assistant Secretary/Ambassador Sheldon J. Krys N1-059-93-016
Moscow Embassy Building Control Office Inactive N1-059-93-017
Bureau of African Affairs Assistant Secretary's Files N1-059-93-018
Bureau of African Affairs Office of Regional Affairs N1-059-93-019
Bureau of African Affairs Public Affairs Staff N1-059-93-020
Bureau of African Affairs Economic Policy Staff N1-059-93-021
Bureau of African Affairs Office of the Executive Director N1-059-93-022
Bureau of African Affairs Regional Desks N1-059-93-023
Middle East Peace Process Files (Project Attica Files) and Related Maps, 1956- N1-059-93-024
White House Liaison Records N1-059-93-025
United States Ship Pueblo and Crew Incident N1-059-93-026
Assistant Secretary of Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs (OES) N1-059-93-027
Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs Executive Director's Office N1-059-93-028
Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, Coordinator for Population Affairs (OES/CP) N1-059-93-029
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Environment, Health, and Natural Resources (OES/E) N1-059-93-030
Nuclear Energy and Energy Technology Affairs N1-059-93-031
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Oceans and Fisheries Affairs N1-059-93-032
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Science and Technology Affairs N1-059-93-033
Assistant Chief of Protocol for Accreditation N1-059-93-034
Berlin Publication Files, 1940-73 Inactive N1-059-93-035
Emergency Action Plan File N1-059-93-036
Office of Legislative Management N1-059-93-037
Office of Legislative Operations N1-059-93-038
Office of Budget and Appropriations N1-059-93-039
Bureau of Legislative Affairs N1-059-93-040
Bureau of Inter-American Affairs (ARA), 1925-68 Inactive N1-059-93-041
Classified N1-059-93-042
Bureau of European and Canadian Affairs, 1945-89 N1-059-93-043
Office of European Affairs (EUR/RPE), 1942-89 N1-059-93-044
Office of the Procurement Executive N1-059-93-045
European and Canadian Affairs Deputy Assistant Secretary Thomas W. Simmions Files, 1987 N1-059-93-046
Secretary of State's Panel on El Salvador N1-059-93-047
Personnel Management Files and Monthly Status Reports N1-059-93-048
Program Files of a Classified Program: Microfilm, 1982-90, and Paper, 1990-93 N1-059-93-049
Legislative Tracking System N1-059-94-001
Office of Defense Controls Compliance Tracking Inactive N1-059-94-002
Bureau of Inter-American Affairs Assistant Secretary's Files N1-059-94-003
Bureau of Inter-American Affairs Office of the Executive Director N1-059-94-004
Bureau of Inter-American Affairs, Office of Press and Public Affairs (ARA/P) N1-059-94-005
Bureau of Inter-American Affairs Office of Policy Planning Coordination N1-059-94-006
Bureau of Inter-American Affairs Office of Economic Policy: Subject/Country Files N1-059-94-007
Bureau of Inter-American Affairs Geographic Office Files N1-059-94-008
Foreign Building Operations Real Estate Management Division N1-059-94-009
Bureau of Consular Affairs Director and Deputy Director's Files N1-059-94-010
Miscellaneous Lot Files, 1939-63 Inactive N1-059-94-011
Office of Foreign Missions Motor Vehicle Correspondence Files Inactive N1-059-94-012
Bureau of Intelligence and Research Information Support System (INRISS) N1-059-94-013
Office of the Historian N1-059-94-015
Bureau of Intelligence and Research Chronological Files N1-059-94-016
Property Management Report of Excess Equipment Returned Inactive N1-059-94-017
Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs Assistant Secretary's Files N1-059-94-019
Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs Business Organization Files and Foreign Commercial Service (FCS) Files N1-059-94-020
Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs International Finance and Development Office of Development Finance (EB/IFD/ODF) N1-059-94-022
Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs International Finance and Development and Office of Monetary Affairs (EB/IFD/OMA) N1-059-94-023
Office of Investment Affairs N1-059-94-024
Office of Bilateral Trade Affairs Developing Country Trade Division N1-059-94-025
Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs Office of Multilateral Trade Affairs N1-059-94-027
Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs Agricultural Trade Policy Files N1-059-94-028
Office of Economic Sanctions Policy Export Control Case Files Inactive N1-059-94-029
International Aviation Negotiation Files N1-059-94-030
Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs Office of Aviation Negotiations (EB/TRA/AN) N1-059-94-031
Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs Office of Aviation Programs and Policy N1-059-94-032
Office of Maritime and Land Transport N1-059-94-033
Office of International Energy Policy N1-059-94-034
Office of International Commodities N1-059-94-035
Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs N1-059-94-036
Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, 1932-74 Inactive N1-059-94-037
Teletype Conferences, 1945-1956 Inactive N1-059-94-038
Photographs of Iranian Hostages Inactive N1-059-94-039
Assistant Chief of Protocol for Accreditation Circular Diplomatic Notes N1-059-94-041
Assistant Chief of Protocol for Accreditation Accreditation Review Panel N1-059-94-042
Bureau of Diplomatic Security N1-059-94-043
Bureau of Inter-American Affairs, Nicaragua, 1984-90 N1-059-94-044
Office of UNESCO and Scientific Programs Education and Scientific Grant and Contribution Case Files Inactive N1-059-95-001
Bureau of Economic Affairs Transportation Records, 1926-72 Inactive N1-059-95-002
Office of Technology and Development N1-059-95-003
Bureau of Administration Information Management N1-059-95-004
Overseas School Country Files Inactive N1-059-95-005
Office of Passport Policy and Advisory Services N1-059-95-006
Chief of Protocol Agreement Country Files N1-059-95-007
Bureau of Legislative Affairs Briefing Materials and Special Collections N1-059-95-008
Program Files Bureau of Intelligence and Research N1-059-95-009
Publications: Foreign Relations of the United States, American Foreign Policy, Principal Officers of the Department of State and U.S. Chiefs of Mission N1-059-95-010
Office of the Legal Adviser N1-059-95-011
Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DHL) N1-059-95-012
Office of Export Control Policy N1-059-95-013
Miscellaneous Lot Files, 1923-68 Inactive N1-059-95-014
International Communications and Information Policy, 1927-76 N1-059-95-015
Front Office Records N1-059-95-017
Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs Executive Office N1-059-95-018
Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs Office of Public Affairs N1-059-95-019
Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs Regional Offices Program Files N1-059-95-020
United States Ship (U.S.S.) Liberty Claims Files, 1967-69 Inactive N1-059-95-021
United Nations Truth Commission, El Salvador Inactive N1-059-95-022
Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) N1-059-95-023
Bureau of Public Affairs, Office of Press Relations (PA/PRESS) N1-059-95-024
Bureau of Public Affairs, Public Information Division N1-059-95-025
Bureau of Public Affairs, Office of Public and Intergovernmental Liaison N1-059-95-026
Bureau of Public Affairs, Office of the Assistant Secretary N1-059-95-027
Secretary of State's Advisory Panel on Overseas Security (Inman Panel), 1984-85 N1-059-95-028
Bureau of Consular Affairs Office of Public Affairs and Policy Coordination N1-059-96-001
Bureau of Administration Information Management Training Program N1-059-96-002
Bureau of Administration Guidelines for Systematic Review of Records N1-059-96-003
Private Enterprise Cooperation Staff Subject Files, 1941-1953 Inactive N1-059-96-004
Passport Services N1-059-96-005
United States Information Agency, 1945-53 Inactive N1-059-96-006
Bureau of Inter-American Affairs Assistant Secretary's Daily Activity Reports N1-059-96-007
Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs Daily Activity Reports Inactive N1-059-96-008
United States Information Agency Amerika Magazine, 1941-42 Inactive N1-059-96-009
Consular Affairs Visa Services Historical Files N1-059-96-010
Coordinator for Counterterrorism N1-059-96-011
Bureau of African Affairs, 1945-66 Inactive N1-059-96-012
Bureau of Security and Consular Affairs Passport Office, 1958-67 Inactive N1-059-96-013
Photographic Prints File (1900-Present) N1-059-96-014
Under Secretary for Political Affairs Coordinator for Foreign Information Policy Program Files N1-059-96-015
Bureau of Administration Property Management Inactive N1-059-96-016
Post Reports Office of Information Management N1-059-96-017
Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs Nuclear Risk Reduction Center Inactive N1-059-96-018
Materials Created and Maintained by Individuals During Their Careers N1-059-96-019
Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, 1966-85 N1-059-96-020
Bureau of Public Affairs Office of Opinion Analysis and Plans Subject Files, 1979-89 N1-059-96-021
Conference on Confidence and Security Building Measures and Disarmament in Europe (CDE) Records, 1984-86 N1-059-96-022
Delegation to the Negotiations on Nuclear and Space Arms (S/DEL) N1-059-96-023
Non-Proliferation Policy and Nuclear Energy Affairs Program Files, 1982-92 N1-059-96-024
Secretary of State Lot Files, 1973-86 N1-059-96-025
Property Negotiation Records, 1985-92 N1-059-96-026
Bureau of Consular Affairs War Crimes Files, 1979-90 N1-059-96-027
Records Relating to the Secretary's Personnel Improvement Program of 1954, 1949-1963 N1-059-96-028
International Merchant Purchase Authorization Card (I.M.P.A.C.) Files Inactive N1-059-96-029
Overseas Citizen Services Automated Retrieval (OSCAR) Inactive N1-059-96-030
Participation in the Interagency Committee on Internal Security (ICIS) Records, 1949-79 N1-059-97-001
Under Secretary for Management Office of Management, Policy and Planning Mission and Bureau Program Plans Inactive N1-059-97-002
Department of State Records Transferred to U.S. Information Agency (USIA), 1949-54 Inactive N1-059-97-003
Passport and Visa Fraud Investigation Cases Inactive N1-059-97-004
Immigrant Control and Reporting System (ICARS) N1-059-97-010
United States Foreign Policy on CD-ROM (USFAC) N1-059-97-011
United States Participation in the United Nations Annual Report N1-059-97-012
Overseas Citizens Services Abduction and Adoption Policy and Case Files N1-059-97-014
Annual Report to Congress on Peacekeeping N1-059-97-015
Miscellaneous Lots, 1949-67 Inactive N1-059-97-016
Records of the Moscow Assessment Review Panel (MARP) N1-059-97-017
Summit of the Americas Files N1-059-97-018
Medical X-Ray Films Inactive N1-059-97-019
Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Asylum Files N1-059-97-027
Classified Passport Applications, 1910-1969 N1-059-97-028
International Information Administration Records, 1947-53 Inactive N1-059-98-001
Secretary of State's Event Invitations N1-059-98-002
Routine Passport Application Status Check and Expedite Fee Upgrades E-mail N1-059-98-003
Chief of Protocol N1-059-98-004
International Information Program (IIA) International Broadcasting Service (IBS), 1946-53 Inactive N1-059-99-001
Office of the Assistant Secretary, Bureau of European and Canadian Affairs N1-059-99-002
Office of the Executive Director, Bureau of European and Canadian Affairs N1-059-99-003
Bureau of European and Canadian Affairs Office of Policy and Public Affairs N1-059-99-004
Office of European Security and Political Affairs N1-059-99-006
Bureau of European (EUR) and Canadian Affairs Office of East European Assistance N1-059-99-007
Bureau of European and Canadian Affairs (EUR) Geographic Offices N1-059-99-009
Financial Policy and Management Control Staff N1-059-99-011
Records of the Office of the Assistant Secretary Bureau of South Asian Affairs N1-059-99-012
Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh (PAB) Bureau of South Asian Affairs N1-059-99-013
India, Nepal, Sri Lanka (INS) Bureau of South Asian Affairs N1-059-99-014
Regional Affairs Bureau of South Asian Affairs N1-059-99-015
Office of Management, Policy and Planning N1-059-99-016
Foreign Service Institute Records N1-059-99-017
Bureau of Finance and Management Policy (FMP) Chief Financial Officer N1-059-99-018
Designated Exchange Visitor Case Files, 1950-1973 Inactive N1-059-99-019
Washington Conference on Holocaust-Era Assets N1-059-99-020
Credit Card Files Foreign Service Institute (FSI) Inactive N1-059-99-022
International Conference Administration Files, Program and Administrative Officers Working Files NC-059-75-001
Office of Security Files NC-059-75-002
Bureau of International 0rganization Affairs NC-059-75-003
Congressional Travel Documents Inactive NC-059-75-004
Office of Personnel, Personnel Services Division NC-059-75-005
Personnel Data Services Division General Subject Files Inactive NC-059-75-006
Office of Personnel, Personnel Statistics and Employee Reports Inactive NC-059-75-007
Department of State Employee Campaigns and Incentives Branch Inactive NC-059-75-008
Foreign Service Mustang Program Files and Grievance Files Inactive NC-059-75-009
Threshold Review and Interview Files NC-059-75-010
Personnel and Applicant Security Clearance Case Files Inactive NC-059-75-011
Inspector General of Foreign Assistance Inspection Report and Back-Up File NC-059-75-012
Statements and Related Documents Covering Reimbursable Logistical Support 1950-1962 Inactive NC-059-75-013
Foreign Affairs Document and Reference Center Publications, Issuances and Regulations, and Organizational Charts Inactive NC-059-75-014
Texts/Background Information on Treaties and International Agreements of United States: 1778- Inactive NC-059-75-015
Service Record Cards Covering Separated Departmental Personnel: Civil and Foreign Service Inactive NC-059-75-016
Foreign Affairs Document and Reference Center Inactive NC-059-75-017
Foreign Affairs Document and Reference Center Authentications and Copies of Standard Form 219, Certificate of Deposit Inactive NC-059-75-018
Office of Security Intelligence Reports, Post Security Files, Name Check Files, Investigations, Crank Letters NC-059-75-019
International Organizations Employee Loyalty Notification Inactive NC-059-75-020
Chief of Protocol Personnel who Entered United States in Correct Status NC-059-76-001
Foreign Service Institute: Seminar Session Books, Language Record Card, Overseas Schools News, and Master Language Tapes NC-059-76-002
Foreign Dignitaries Visit Files Inactive NC-059-76-003
Card Index to Central Foreign Policy Files, 1960-73 Inactive NC-059-76-004
Inspector General, Foreign Service Inspection Reports Departmental and Foreign Service Inactive NC-059-76-005
Medical X-Rays Inactive NC-174-000122
Special Assistant to the Secretary for Refugee and Migration Affairs NC-174-000198
Office of Protocol Customs Clearance Requests Inactive NC-174-000247
Congressional Travel Documents Inactive NC-174-000265
Gift Acknowledgement File NC1-059-76-07
Communications Security (COMSEC) Records NC1-059-76-08
Non-Diplomatic Embassy Personnel - Card File NC1-059-76-09
Bureau of Administration Office of Foreign Buildings NC1-059-76-10
Popular Comment Mail NC1-059-76-11
Medical Case Files; Records of Retired Case Files Inactive NC1-059-76-12
Office of the Inspector General; Conduct of Relations (COR): Inspection, Domestic Inspection and Audit Working Papers Inactive NC1-059-76-13
Office of Munitions Control Inactive NC1-059-76-14
Official and State Functions Files Inactive NC1-059-76-15
Foreign Service Institute Language Laboratory Inactive NC1-059-76-16
Special Communications Support for Secretary's Trips and Visits Inactive NC1-059-76-17
Passport and Visa Investigative Case Files Inactive NC1-059-76-18
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Security: Investigative Case Files for Other Agencies, Intelligence Reports, Personnel Security Files Inactive NC1-059-77-01
Office of the Inspector General, Foreign Service: Conduct of Relations (COR) Inspection, Domestic Inspection, and Domestic Audit Working Papers Inactive NC1-059-77-02
State Department Board of Foreign Service NC1-059-77-03
Preprint Material for Recruiting Films Inactive NC1-059-77-04
Investigative Case Files of Investigations Conducted for Other Agencies Inactive NC1-059-77-05
Hearings / Proceedings of Advisory Committee on the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, 1971-72 Inactive NC1-059-77-06
Soviet and Eastern European Exchange Files NC1-059-77-07
International Visitors Program Inactive NC1-059-77-08
Cuban Refugee Airlift Files, 1966-72 Inactive NC1-059-77-09
Project Files for Publications NC1-059-77-10
Presidential Appointments Organization/Working File NC1-059-77-12
Presidential Appointments Case and Subject Files Inactive NC1-059-77-13
Development Appraisal Reports for Foreign Service Officers, 1964-70 Inactive NC1-059-77-14
Bureau Work/Study Employee Files Inactive NC1-059-77-15
Freedom of Information Case Files Inactive NC1-059-77-16
Requests for Authorization to Issue or Extend Passports NC1-059-77-17
Grievance and Suitability Files for Civil and Foreign Service Employees; Foreign Service Performance Evaluation Files; Administrative Clearances for Separation Inactive NC1-059-77-18
Presidential and Foreign Service Appointments Inactive NC1-059-77-19
Privacy Act Requests Files Inactive NC1-059-77-21
Protection of Foreign Dignitaries and Other Official Personnel NC1-059-77-22
Bill of Lading Files, Subject Files on Contracts, Transportation Subject Files and Staff Studies NC1-059-77-23
Freedom of Information Act Request and Appeal Files Inactive NC1-059-77-24
Media Dated 1964-1968 Recommended for Disposal Due to Poor Quality Inactive NC1-059-77-25
Post Organization and Administration Records NC1-059-77-26
Office of Special Consular Services NC1-059-77-28
Passport Case Files NC1-059-78-01
Weekly Status Reports (Bureau Information Copies) NC1-059-78-03
Personnel Security Cases Inactive NC1-059-78-04
Consular Services Reports Dated 1956-1971 Inactive NC1-059-78-05
Immigrant Visa Case Files, Form FS-510 with Related and Supporting Documents NC1-059-78-06
Office of Security Domestic Field Office Records Inactive NC1-059-78-07
Binational Foundations and Commissions - Country File and Reports File NC1-059-78-08
Bureau of Intelligence and Research Clearance of Research and Travel NC1-059-78-09
Office of Security Incidents and Protective Assistance Cases NC1-059-78-11
Munitions Control Records Inactive NC1-059-78-12
Merit Promotion Announcement and Applicant Files Inactive NC1-059-78-13
Congressional Committee Travel Abroad Inactive NC1-059-78-14
Financial Management Systems Development NC1-059-79-01
Passport Office Passport Subject File NC1-059-79-02
National Intelligence Estimates: Published Reports from the CIA NC1-059-79-03
Administrative Files for Presidential Visits NC1-059-79-04
Extradition Case Files NC1-059-79-05
European Affairs Bureau EUR Checklist NC1-059-79-06
FSRU Applicants Ineligible for Conversion Files, 1971-73 Inactive NC1-059-79-07
FSRU Conversion Applicant Files, 1971-73 NC1-059-79-08
Director General of Foreign Service Messages to Posts Inactive NC1-059-79-09
International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (INTELSAT) Files NC1-059-79-10
Office of Soviet Union Affairs Subject Files of Bilateral Political Relations, 1921-73 Inactive NC1-059-79-11
Vital Records and Passport Cases 1971- ; Passport and Citizenship Cases 1925-70 NC1-059-79-12
Visa Subject Files NC1-059-79-13
Records of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R) Section, 1917-1946 Inactive NC1-059-79-14
Office of Budget Allotment and Apportionment Controls Inactive NC1-059-79-15
Interdepartmental Radio Advisory Committee - Telecommunications Records, 1943-1959 Inactive NC1-059-79-16
Combined Food Board Records, 1942-43 Inactive NC1-059-79-17
Miscellaneous Lot Files, 1933-49 Inactive NC1-059-80-01
Civilian Employees Overseas Allowances NC1-059-80-02
Security Surveys of U.S. Government-Owned Facilities Abroad Inactive NC1-059-80-03
Bureau of International Organization Affairs Budget Working Files NC1-059-80-04
Bureau of Personnel, Office of Recruitment, Examination and Employment Inactive NC1-059-80-05
Claims for Employee Compensation from Injuries Inactive NC1-059-80-06
Place Survey Files and Secretary of State Protective Security Files Inactive NC1-059-80-07
Office of Foreign Buildings Working Papers on Accounts and Advices of Allotment NC1-059-80-08
Publishing and Reproduction Division Equipment Reports and Production Reports NC1-059-80-09
Vietnam War Prisoner of War (POW)/Missing in Action (MIA), 1966-76 Inactive NC1-059-80-10
Records of the Adverse Action Proceedings Relating to Otto F. Otekpa NC1-059-80-11
Examination Card Record for Economist, Consular, and Diplomatic Examinations, 1924 and prior Inactive NC1-059-80-12
Accountable Officers Records NC1-059-80-14
Merit Promotion Announcement Files Inactive NC1-059-80-15
Service Record Cards, 1948- Inactive NC1-059-80-16
Central Foreign Policy Files and Card Indexes, 1950-73 Inactive NC1-059-80-17
Speech and Article Clearance Files NC1-059-80-18
Correspondence Files- Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Inactive NC1-059-80-19
Department of State, Office of Recruitment, Examination and Employment Inactive NC1-059-80-20
Library of the Department of State Inactive NC1-059-80-21
Office of Security General Investigative Case Files Inactive NC1-059-80-22
Visa Case Files on Individual Aliens NC1-059-81-01
Office of Communications, Foreign Operations: Post, Subject, and Action Files NC1-059-81-02
Office of Inspector General Case Files on Waste, Fraud and Mismanagement Allegations Inactive NC1-059-81-03
Office of the Comptroller NC1-059-81-04
General Subject Files of the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Operations NC1-059-81-05
Secretariat Master File of Briefing Books, Fact Sheets, Visit and Conference Books NC1-059-81-06
Miscellaneous Records of the Office of Foreign Liquidation Commission Inactive NC1-059-82-01
Background Press Conferences of Senior Officers of the Department Inactive NC1-059-82-02
Verbatim Transcripts of Proceedings of Departmental, Inter-Departmental, and National Meetings and Conferences, 1952-62 Inactive NC1-059-82-03
Development Finance Subject and Country File NC1-059-82-04
International Maritime Satellite Organization (INMARSAT) General Correspondence File NC1-059-82-05
Human Rights & Humanitarian Affairs Central Subject File NC1-059-82-06
Bureau of Human Rights & Humanitarian Affairs Inactive NC1-059-82-07
Department of State record set of National Intelligence Estimates, Special Estimates and Special National Intelligence Estimates, 1950-1954 Inactive NC1-059-82-08
Office of Aviation Country/Subject Files Inactive NC1-059-82-09
International Civil Aviation Organization and Conference File Inactive NC1-059-82-10
Press Relations, Policy and Program Files of the Kampuchean Working Group NC1-059-82-12
Office of the Inspector General Case Files on Waste, Fraud and Mismanagement Allegations Inactive NC1-059-82-13
Department of State record of position papers for U.S. Delegations to the United Nations NC1-059-82-14
U.S. Presidential Delegation Visit Files NC1-059-83-01
Press Guidance used for daily briefings Inactive NC1-059-83-03
Information Systems Office NC1-059-83-04
Foreign Service Officer Personnel Records Inactive NC1-059-83-06
GATT Trade Negotiations Files, 1960-67 Inactive NC1-059-83-07
Civil Service Upward Mobility Program Files Inactive NC1-059-84-02
Family Liaison Office Files Inactive NC1-059-84-03
General Subject Files of the Office of Management Operations Inactive NC1-059-84-04
Sinai Support Mission Files Inactive NC1-059-84-05
Bureau of Public Affairs, Office of Public Programs (PA/PP), Washington Programs Division NC1-059-84-06
National Communications Systems (NCS) Liaison Files & General Subject Files Inactive NC1-059-84-07
Bureau of International Organization Affairs (IO) General Subject, Action Program and Briefing Book Files NC1-059-85-01
Ardelia Hall Historical Collection, 1945-60 Inactive NC1-059-85-02
Asylum Applications Inactive NC1-059-85-03
Consular Issues, Resolved and Inactive Emigration & Binational Marriage Case Files NC1-059-85-04
Director General of the Foreign Service Presidential Appointments Staff Inactive NN-173-000225
Budget and Finance Employee Fiscal Folder and Pay Cards Inactive NN-173-000226
Medical Case Files Inactive NN-173-000236
Visa Case Files NN-173-000241
Refugee Relief Case Files Inactive NN-173-000303
Central Foreign Policy File Inactive NN-173-000304
Office of Budget and Finance International Travel File Inactive NN-173-000335
Temporary Records in Foreign Service Performance Folders Inactive NN-174-000024
Foreign Service Grievance Files Inactive NN-174-000025
Retirement File - Foreign Service Inactive NN-174-000026
Performance Evaluation Case Files Inactive NN-174-000027
Suitability and Other Sensitive Data Personnel Files NN-174-000028
Official Performance Folders on Separated Foreign Service Employees NN-174-000029
Foreign Service Conversion Processing Files Inactive NN-174-000033