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These requests for disposition authority documents are agency requests to NARA submitted since 1973.  Older items may have subsequently been superseded by more recent submissions.  Please see the FAQ for more information. Questions about active disposition authorities should be directed to the agency records officer.

NOTE: NARA’s process for determining which records schedules in the RCS are currently valid is an ongoing work in progress. Records schedules will be marked inactive when all items on the schedule have been superseded. Before implementing disposition using these records schedules, always verify that you are using the most recent and current disposition authority (or item).

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RG-0015: Department of Veterans Affairs

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Title Number/Filename
Request for a change to disposition of OIG Records DAA-0015-2013-0004
VHA Office of Research Oversight Research Case Files DAA-0015-2014-0001
Environment of Care (EOC) Master File/Database EOC Assessment and Compliance Tool DAA-0015-2014-0002
Government Accountability Office (GAO) (formerly the Government Accounting Office) Audit/Performance Review Files DAA-0015-2014-0003
Office of Research Oversight DAA-0015-2015-0002
Office of Research and Development DAA-0015-2015-0004
Mental Health Services DAA-0015-2015-0005
Patient Generated Data (PGD) DAA-0015-2016-0001
Sleep Study (Polysomnogram) Records DAA-0015-2016-0002
Veterans Health Administration, Public Affairs Office DAA-0015-2016-0003
Academic Affiliations Case File Record DAA-0015-2016-0004
VA Enrollee Health Care Projection Model DAA-0015-2016-0005
National Surgical Records DAA-0015-2016-0006
Police Uniformed Law Enforcement Service DAA-0015-2016-0007
Homeless Shelter Program (HSP) Records DAA-0015-2016-0008
Veterans Health Administration Call Centers DAA-0015-2017-0001
VHA Privacy Compliance Assurance (PCA) DAA-0015-2017-0002
The Office of Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development (JRRD) Inactive DAA-0015-2017-0003
Health Eligibility Center (HEC) DAA-0015-2018-0001
Veterans Affairs Integrated Enterprise Workflow Solution (VIEWS) DAA-0015-2018-0002
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) DAA-0015-2018-0003
VA Sponsored Health Professionals Training Programs: Trainee Certificate of Completion Documentation DAA-0015-2018-0004
Laboratory Services -Pathology and Laboratory Medicine DAA-0015-2018-0005
Care Giver DAA-0015-2020-0001
Disruptive Behavior Reporting System (DBRS) DAA-0015-2020-0002
Contracting Officer Appointment File (Warrant) DAA-0015-2021-0001
Privacy Compliance Assurance (PCA) Performance Audit Case File for Business Associate Audits DAA-0015-2021-0002
NCA Geographic Information System (GIS) National Cemetery Boundary Information DAA-0015-2021-0009
Department of Veterans Affairs, National Cemetery Administration [Capstone Form] GRS-6-1-0015-2017-0001
Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Benefits Administration [Capstone Form] GRS-6-1-0015-2017-0002
Department of Veterans Affairs , Veterans Health Administration [Capstone Form] GRS-6-1-0015-2017-0003
Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Affairs Central Staff Offices [Capstone Form] GRS-6-1-0015-2017-0004
National Survey of Veterans Data Files and Documentation N1-015-00-001
Ionizing Radiation Registry and Gulf War Registry Records N1-015-00-002
Veterans Health Administration (VHA)/Voluntary Service Records Inactive N1-015-00-003
Disaster Emergency Medical Personnel System (DEMPS) Inactive N1-015-00-004
Civilian Health and Medical Program (CHAMPVA) Records Inactive N1-015-01-001
Web Application System Development Records Inactive N1-015-01-002
Agent Orange Registry (AOR) Records N1-015-01-003
The National Prosthetic Patient Database (NPPD) N1-015-01-004
Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Investigative Case Files N1-015-01-006
Offense File Records Inactive N1-015-02-002
Electronic Patient Medical Records Inactive N1-015-02-003
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Service Records N1-015-02-004
Nuclear Medicine Records N1-015-02-005
Employment Incentive Scholarship Program and Education Debt Reduction Program Records N1-015-02-006
Health Administration Center Civilian Health and Medical Care Records N1-015-03-001
Veterans Health Administration Spinal Cord Dysfunction Registry Inactive N1-015-05-001
Veterans Health Administration Patient Representation Program N1-015-05-002
Automated Safety Incident Surveillance and Tracking System Inactive N1-015-05-003
Office of Research Oversight Investigation Case Files Inactive N1-015-06-001
Office of General Counsel N1-015-06-002
Echocardiogram Video Cassette Recording Tapes N1-015-07-001
Emergency Room Register (Logs) N1-015-07-002
Office of Research Oversight (OR) Records N1-015-07-003
Privacy Complaint Files and Tracking N1-015-08-001
Request for Determination of Eligibility and Available Loan Guaranty Entitlement Records N1-015-09-001
Income Verification Match Records N1-015-09-002
Claimant Not Found Eligible Files N1-015-10-001
Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VR & E) Corporate WINRS Electronic Records N1-015-10-003
Prosthetics and Sensory Aids Services Files N1-015-10-004
Loan Guaranty Service (LGS) Electronic Business System Records N1-015-10-005
Deceased Veterans Claims (XC Files), 1918- N1-015-10-006
Health Care Provider Credentialing and Privileging Records on VA Employees N1-015-10-007
Accreditation of Veterans' Representatives and Service Organizations, Fee Agreements N1-015-11-001
Beneficiary Identification and Records Locator System (BIRLS) N1-015-11-002
Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Educational Activity Records N1-015-11-004
Republic of the Philippines/United States Veterans Commission, 1966 N1-015-11-005
Tissue Banking Records for Transplantation Inactive N1-015-12-001
Systematic Analyses of Operations Reports N1-015-86-001
Subdivision and Condominium Analysis Folders N1-015-86-002
Medical School and Health Manpower Training Act Grant Records N1-015-86-003
Guaranteed and Insured Loan (GIL) System Records N1-015-86-004
Insurance Death Claim Account Card File N1-015-86-005
Specially Adapted Housing Grant Record Cards N1-015-86-007
Voluntary Service Program Records Inactive N1-015-86-008
Lenders Identification File Cards N1-015-86-009
Loan Guaranty Property Management System Reports N1-015-86-010
Special Evaluation Pension (SEP) Folders Inactive N1-015-86-011
Counseling/Evaluation/Rehabilitation (CER) Folders N1-015-86-012
Property Management System (PMS) Reports N1-015-86-013
Mortgage Loan Information Card, Veterans Administration Form 26-8982 N1-015-87-001
Loan Guaranty Property Status Control Card File, Veterans Administration Form 26-6716 N1-015-87-002
Claims Paid Loan Guaranty Folders Inactive N1-015-87-003
Veterans Administration Medical Records of Patients N1-015-87-004
Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Veterans Administration (CHAMPVA) Sponsor Record Folders Inactive N1-015-87-005
Loan Guaranty Folders N1-015-87-007
Field Station Administrative Issue History N1-015-87-008
Health Professional Scholarship Program Records N1-015-88-001
History Files, Administrative Issue History Files (Formal Directives, Procedural, and Operating Manuals) N1-015-88-002
Claims Paid Loan Guaranty Folders N1-015-89-001
Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Maintenance Application Forms N1-015-89-002
Federal Register Submission Files, 1936-52, and Original Manuscripts of Regulations and Procedures, 1931-78 Inactive N1-015-89-003
Individual Deceased Personnel N1-015-89-004
Miscellaneous Central Office Records N1-015-90-001
Records of Loans Sold without Recourse N1-015-90-002
Fee Basis Employees' Folders and Fee Personnel Performance Folders N1-015-90-003
Veterans Job Training Folders N1-015-90-004
Perpetual Medical Records and Patient Locator Files N1-015-90-005
Veterans Job Training Act Payment Folders -- Houston Office Inactive N1-015-90-006
Omnibus Diplomatic Security and Antiterrorism Act of 1986 and Executive Order Education Folders N1-015-91-001
Montgomery GI Bill Active Duty Educational Assistance Program Records Inactive N1-015-91-002
Fiscal Records - Centralized Accounts Receivable System (CARS) N1-015-91-004
State Home Construction Grant Program Files N1-015-91-005
Patient Medical and Administrative Records Folders N1-015-91-006
Perpetual Medical Files N1-015-91-007
Privacy Act and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Report Files Inactive N1-015-92-001
History Files/Administrative Issuance History Files N1-015-92-002
Health Care Provider Credentialing and Privileging Records on VA Employees Inactive N1-015-92-003
Medical Inspector Investigation Records Inactive N1-015-92-004
Microfiche File Copies of Letters Generated by Hines Data Processing Center N1-015-93-002
Chapter 36 Counseling Folders N1-015-93-004
The Medical Inspector's Investigation Records N1-015-94-001
Operation Log File N1-015-94-002
Telegraphic Messages Inactive N1-015-94-003
Chapter 106 Counseling Folders N1-015-94-004
Income Verification Match (IVM) Folders N1-015-94-005
Outreach Counseling Folder File N1-015-94-006
National Chaplain Management Information System (NCMIS) N1-015-95-001
Monthly Report of Restraint and Seclusion File N1-015-95-003
Inpatient Discharge Data System (IDDS), 1963-69 Inactive N1-015-95-004
Loan Guaranty Folders - Claims Paid N1-015-95-005
History Files for Special Salary Rates Inactive N1-015-96-001
Mammography X-Rays N1-015-96-002
Cardiac Catheterization Films (Motion Picture) N1-015-96-003
Electroencephalograph (EEG) Records N1-015-97-001
Political Appointee Files Inactive N1-015-97-002
National Vietnam Veterans Readjustment Study (NVVRS) Records Inactive N1-015-97-003
Quality Management Records Inactive N1-015-97-004
Chapter 30 Montgomery GI Bill Active Duty Educational Assistance Program, and Chapter 34 N1-015-97-005
Data Integrity Board and Computer Matching Agreements Files Inactive N1-015-97-006
Electroencephalographic Request and Report (Interpretation) N1-015-98-001
1983 Survey of Aging Veterans Data File and Documentation Inactive N1-015-98-002
Health Eligibility Center (HEC) Records Inactive N1-015-98-003
Homeless Providers and Per Diem Program N1-015-98-004
Government Information Locator Service - Electronic System Inactive N1-015-99-001
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Service Records N1-015-99-002
Audit/Investigative Case Files N1-015-99-003
Burial Operations Support System (BOSS), Automated Monument System (AMAS) N1-015-99-004
Automated Clinical Laboratory System Computerized and Magnetic Tape Files Inactive NC-015-75-001
Gravesite Reservation System Computerized and Magnetic Tape Files Inactive NC-015-75-002
Fiscal Records Inactive NC-015-75-003
Geographic Card File Inactive NC-015-75-004
Payment History File - Microfilm Inactive NC-015-75-005
Fiscal Records NC-015-76-001
Insurance Service NC-015-76-002
Automated Management Information System (AMIS) Magnetic Tape and Disk Pack Data Inactive NC-015-76-003
Autopsy Protocol and Tissue Examination Records NC-015-76-004
Education and Insurance Services NC-015-76-005
Loan Guaranty Records NC-015-76-006
Philippine Loyalty Files and Guerrilla Rosters; Veterans Mortgage Life Insurace Folder; Committee Appraisal Folder NC-015-76-007
Administator's Files; General Administration Records, 1917-59 NC-015-76-008
Federal Occupational Injuries and Illness Files; Accident, Injury, Occupational Illness and Fire Reports Inactive NC-015-76-009
Miscellaneous Medical Records NC-015-76-010
Miscellaneous Records NC-015-76-011
Summary Hospital Information Patient System Magnetic Tape Files Inactive NC-174-000100
Counseling Folders Inactive NC-174-000123
Chief Attorney Automated Diary and Index Tape / Disk System Magnetic Tape Files Inactive NC-174-000204
Guardianship Folders NC-174-000206
Nonconverted Lapsed War Risk Term Insurance Folders, 1917-21 Inactive NC-174-000213
Inactive Disability Insurance Claims Folders, 1918-58 Inactive NC-174-000232
Inactive United States Government Life Insurance Folders, 1919-55 Inactive NC-174-000233
Beneficiary Identification And Records Locator Subsystem Magnetic Tape Files Inactive NC-174-000238
Central Office Finance Data Records Magnetic Tape Files Inactive NC-174-000242
Loan Guaranty Records Inactive NC1-015-76-12
Fiscal Records NC1-015-76-13
Navy and Marine Corps Diagnostic X-Rays, 1953-70 Inactive NC1-015-76-14
Administrator's Congressional Name, Veteran's Names, and Weekly Reports Files NC1-015-76-15
Audio-Visual Records NC1-015-76-16
Information Service - Informal Presentations NC1-015-76-17
Fiscal Records Inactive NC1-015-76-18
Structures and Lands Files NC1-015-76-19
Education and Rehabilitation Service and Loan Guaranty Service Records NC1-015-76-20
Geographic Card File and Loan Management Folders Inactive NC1-015-76-21
Fiscal Records: Insurance Awards and Daily Transaction Records NC1-015-76-22
Nuclear Medicine Service Records NC1-015-76-23
Office Operations Service - Emergency Officer, Retirement Claims History Files NC1-015-76-24
Fiscal Records Inactive NC1-015-76-25
Loan Guaranty Service and Widow's Education Folders NC1-015-76-26
Insurance ADP System Magnetic Tape Files - Actuarial Magnetic Tape Files and Insurance Awards (AWDS) NC1-015-77-02
Critical Path Method (CPM) Records Files NC1-015-77-03
Prisoner of War (POW) and Missing in Action (MIA) Survivor Status Cards NC1-015-77-04
Fiscal Records - Centralized Accounting for Local Management (CALM) Paid Voucher Cards and Microfilm Copies of PAID Voucher Files Inactive NC1-015-77-05
Loan Guaranty Service Records NC1-015-77-06
Loan Guaranty Index and County Analysis Reports Inactive NC1-015-77-07
Fiscal Records NC1-015-77-08
Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) - Alphabetical Folder File Inactive NC1-015-77-09
Transmittal Lists of Award Actions - Receipted Copies Inactive NC1-015-77-10
Summary Hospital Information Patient System (SHIPS) Computer Tapes Inactive NC1-015-77-11
Fiscal Records - Microfiche Files of Centralized Accounts Receivable System (CARS) Inactive NC1-015-77-12
Data Dictionary System Computerized and Magnetic Tape Files Inactive NC1-015-77-13
Machine Utilization and Cost Report Files Inactive NC1-015-77-15
Wage Automated Generated Evaluation (WAGE) System Rescinded NC1-015-77-16
Patient Care Subsystem Inpatient Data Systems Tape Files Inactive NC1-015-77-17
Fiscal Records - Centralized Accounting System for Construction Appropriations (CASCA) Paid Voucher Files and Microfilm Copies Inactive NC1-015-78-01
Transaction Registers Inactive NC1-015-78-02
Social Work Service Workload Reporting System Inactive NC1-015-78-03
Veterans Appeals Records Management System Magnetic Tape Files Data Inactive NC1-015-78-04
Drug Dependence Clinical Support System Inactive NC1-015-78-05
Wage Automated Generated Evaluation System Computerized and Magnetic Tape Files Data Inactive NC1-015-78-06
Pacific Branch, National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, Sawtelle, California: Miscellaneous Records, 1889-1954 Inactive NC1-015-78-07
Insurance In-Force State of Residence Report Magnetic Tape File Inactive NC1-015-78-08
Books and Periodicals ADP System Inactive NC1-015-78-09
Constuction Managenent Information System (CMIS) Inactive NC1-015-78-10
Liquidation and Claims System Tape Files Inactive NC1-015-78-11
Education Inactive System Inactive NC1-015-79-01
Architect-Engineer Check Prints, Specifications and Calculations Inactive NC1-015-79-02
Loan Guaranty Service Inactive NC1-015-79-03
Resources System Inactive NC1-015-79-04
Construction History Information System Inactive NC1-015-79-06
Negotiated Contracts and Schedules Inactive NC1-015-79-07
Centralized Accounts Receivable System Inactive NC1-015-79-08
Adjudication End Products Inactive NC1-015-79-10
World War I Bonus Finance Cards, 1924-40 Inactive NC1-015-79-12
Loan Guaranty Folders Inactive NC1-015-79-13
Transition File of the President Inactive NC1-015-79-14
Bicentennial Tree Planting Files NC1-015-79-15
Administrative Service Security Violations and Data Log Inactive NC1-015-79-16
Data Processing Center (DPC) Staffing/Address List Magnetic Tape Files Inactive NC1-015-80-01
Construction Management Information System Magnetic Tape Files Inactive NC1-015-80-02
Engineering Management Information System Inactive NC1-015-80-04
Annual Income Questionnaire Magnetic Tape File Data Inactive NC1-015-80-05
Insurance Subsystem Reconciliation Magnetic Tape Files Inactive NC1-015-80-06
Insurance Subsystem Rates Magnetic Tape Files Inactive NC1-015-80-07
Insurance Subsystem (V Premium Waiver Study) Magnetic Tape Files Inactive NC1-015-80-08
Recruitment Bulletin System Magnetic Tape Files Inactive NC1-015-80-10
Rehabilitation and Education Folders NC1-015-80-11
Detailed Payment Listings Inactive NC1-015-80-13
Register of Applications for Release from Liability Under Sections 1817 and 1820 NC1-015-80-15
General Accounting Office Liaison Staff Files Inactive NC1-015-80-16
XC Folders Inactive NC1-015-80-17
Master Index File Microfilm NC1-015-80-18
Annual Report of Training Inactive NC1-015-80-19
Annual Report of Training Expenses Inactive NC1-015-80-20
Housing Discrimination Complaint File NC1-015-80-21
Domiciliary Payroll Records Inactive NC1-015-80-22
Housing Discrimination Complaint Files NC1-015-80-23
Outpatient Clinic System (OPC) NC1-015-81-01
Employee Backpay and Overpayment Records NC1-015-81-02
Veterans Architectural Records NC1-015-81-03
Partial Claim Cases with Continuation of Liability (38 USC 1820) NC1-015-81-04
Paraplegic Housing Grant Folders NC1-015-81-05
Personnel and Accounting Integrated Data (PAID) History File NC1-015-81-06
Sterilization of Laboratory Cultures Records NC1-015-81-07
Vocational Rehabilitation and Education Statistical System Inactive NC1-015-81-08
Books and Periodicals Subsystems Inactive NC1-015-81-09
Social Work Service Workload Reporting System (SWS) Inactive NC1-015-81-10
Foreign Treatment Program (FTP) NC1-015-81-11
Radiology Service Reporting System (RADS) 01G9 Inactive NC1-015-81-12
Guaranteed and Insured Loans System Reports NC1-015-81-13
Insurance Award Output Tape 25026-1 Inactive NC1-015-81-14
Insurance Premium Billing Tapes (14032) Inactive NC1-015-81-15
Centralized Accounting for Local Management (CALM) Inactive NC1-015-81-16
Merit Review Board Library File NC1-015-81-17
Title Papers, 1950-70 Inactive NC1-015-81-19
Supply Fund Profit and Loss System Inactive NC1-015-81-20
Supply Fund Quarterly Inventory Management Analysis Report Inactive NC1-015-81-21
Procurement Storage and Distribution Log Inactive NC1-015-81-22
System Workload Statistics Magnetic Tape and Auxiliary Records Inactive NC1-015-81-23
Agent Orange Registry System (AGO) (Formerly Herbicides Exposure Examination Registry System (HEX)) Inactive NC1-015-81-24
Nuclear Scan Files Inactive NC1-015-81-25
Non-Veteran Claim Folders, Philippines Regional Office NC1-015-81-26
Loyalty Files of Filipino Nationals During the Japanese Occupation of the Philippine Island during World War II NC1-015-82-01
Veterans Administration Change of Address Request or Notices Inactive NC1-015-82-02
Construction Project Specifications NC1-015-82-03
Entrance and Separation X-Rays NC1-015-82-04
Loan Management Folders NC1-015-82-05
Dependents' Educational Assistance Folders Inactive NC1-015-82-06
Research and Development Activities Folder File NC1-015-82-07
Centralized Accounting System for Construction Appropriations (CASCA) Inactive NC1-015-82-08
Counseling Folders Inactive NC1-015-82-09
Consolidated Security File Listing, Sensitive File Update Informational Log NC1-015-82-10
Veterans Appeals Records Management System (VARMS) Magnetic Tape Files Inactive NC1-015-82-12
Veterans Appeals Records Management System (VARMS) Program Conversion and Output Documents NC1-015-82-13
Departments of Veterans Benefits, Powers of Attorney and Declarations of Representation NC1-015-82-14
Government Life Insurance Programs Correspondence NC1-015-82-15
Unpurged Claims Folders NC1-015-83-01
Claims Folders Relating to PL 346/550; Claims Folders Relating to Relocation of Active Records (ROAR) NC1-015-83-02
Vocational Rehabilitation and Counseling Systematic Analyses of Operations Inactive NC1-015-83-03
Target System Transaction Reports (Printouts) Inactive NC1-015-83-04
Dependents' Educational Assistance Folders NC1-015-83-05
Approved Institution and Establishment Reports NC1-015-83-06
Recruitment Bulletin System Inactive NC1-015-83-07
Counseling Folders NC1-015-83-08
United States Government Life Insurance Folders and National Service Life Insurance Folders NC1-015-83-09
Vocational Rehabilitation Board and Vocational Rehabilitation Panel Records NC1-015-83-10
Low-Reference Claims Folders at St. Louis Records Processing Center NC1-015-83-12
Veteran Educational Assistance Folders NC1-015-83-13
Claims Folders Relating to PL 346/550; Claims Folders Relating to Relocation of Active Records (ROAR) NC1-015-83-14
Compliance Survey Files and Compliance Records and Reports NC1-015-83-15
Electrocardiograph Tracing File (EKG) Inactive NC1-015-83-16
Premium Record Card Files NC1-015-84-01
Title Changes Removing the Reference to "Target" NC1-015-84-02
Educational Institutional File NC1-015-84-03
Training Establishment File NC1-015-84-04
College of Police Science, Eastern Career School, and the National Training College Investigation Records Inactive NC1-015-84-05
Narative and Summary Reports to Higher Echelons NC1-015-84-06
Disability Insurance Control Files NC1-015-84-07
Sensitive Files Microfiche and Reports NC1-015-84-08
Minority Homebuyers Counseling Name Files NC1-015-84-09
Counseling/Evaluation/Rehabilitation (CER) Folders Inactive NC1-015-84-10
Electroencephalograph Records Inactive NC1-015-84-11
Loan Guaranty Property Management System (PMS) Monthly Listings NC1-015-84-12
Guaranteed and Insured Loan (GIL) System Listings NC1-015-84-13
Audiology and Speech Pathology Records NC1-015-84-14
Reinstated Entitlement Program for Survivors (REPS) Claims Folders NC1-015-84-15
Listing of Veterans Denied Delimiting Date Extensions Inactive NC1-015-84-16
United States Postal Service Forms Inactive NC1-015-84-17
Outreach Counseling Folder File Inactive NC1-015-84-18
Veterans' Work Study Records NC1-015-84-19
Emergency Veterans' Job Training Act of 1983 Records NC1-015-84-20
Report of Education Overpayments by Facility Code Inactive NC1-015-84-21
Reemployment Priority Listing NC1-015-84-22
Property Management System (PMS) Records NC1-015-85-01
Loan Management Folders NC1-015-85-02
Spinal Cord Injury Service Records Inactive NC1-015-85-03
Contract Files (In Residence Education and Training) NC1-015-85-04
Loan Management Folders NC1-015-85-05
Actuarial Computer Printouts NC1-015-85-06
Centralized Accounts Microfiche NC1-015-85-07
Educational Institution and Training Establishment Records NC1-015-85-08
Memorial Affairs Records NC1-015-85-09
District Counsel Records NC1-015-85-10
Off-Tape (Manual) Insurance Policy Loan Records NC1-015-85-11
Low-Reference Claims Folders at St. Louis Records Processing Center NC1-015-85-12
Plans and Specifications Relating to Direct, Guaranteed or Insured Loans NC1-015-85-13
National Cemetery Records NC1-015-85-14
Department of Memorial Affairs, National Cemeteries Records Control Schedule NC1-015-85-15
Record Folders on Presidents of the United States NC1-015-85-16
Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act Index Control Cards NC1-015-85-17
Property Management Folders Inactive NC1-015-85-18
Committee On Waivers and Compromises Report Inactive NN-173-000336
Computer Console Change Documentation Files Inactive NN-174-000018
Portfolio Loan Collections Records NN-174-000054