Federal Records Management

Records Management Oversight

Records Management Oversight under the Records Management Oversight and Reporting Division of the Office of the Chief Records Officer for the U.S. Government is responsible for monitoring compliance with records management regulations and implementation of NARA policies, guidance and other records management best practices by federal agencies.  We do this by a combination of inspections, records management program reviews, surveys and assessments, including the annual Records Management Self Assessment (RMSA).

Under 44 U.S.C. 2904(c)(7) and 2906, NARA has the authority to conduct inspections or surveys of the records and  records management practices of Federal agencies for the purpose of providing recommendations for improvements. The criteria for selecting agencies for inspection or records management program review include, but are not limited to, the results of an agency's annual records management self-assessment, the significance of certain records and the related business processes, the risk of improper management of records, and the presence of important issues that are relevant to management of Federal records in general.

Each inspection or review focuses on one or more specific elements of an agency's records management program.

Below is the report for each inspection or review conducted:

Fiscal Year 2016

Fiscal Year 2015

Fiscal Year 2014

Fiscal Year 2013

Fiscal Year 2012

Fiscal Year 2011