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RACO 2011

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NARA's 23rd Annual Records Administration Conference

RACO 2011
Forging Ahead: Meeting the Challenges of Electronic Records in an Open Government

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

National Archives and Records Administration
700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC

RACO 2011 Exhibitor Information

Elizabeth Philpott (301) 837-0603
Angela Dorsey (301) 837-1754
Shannon Olsen (301) 837-3486
National Archives and Records Administration
NWM, Room 2100
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, MD 20740-6001

National Archives and Records Administration
700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20408-0001
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2011 Exhibitor Policy:

1. How do I sign up to Exhibit at RACO 2011?

Fill out the Exhibitor Registration Form with the names of your company representatives and your payment information.

2. What is the fee to exhibit at NARA's Records Administration Conference (RACO)?

The 2011 exhibition fee is $1000.00.

3. How many representatives are included in the exhibit space fee?

The exhibit space has seating for two company/agency representatives to attend RACO 2011. Additional representatives are welcome, as there is no fee for RACO attendees this year, but please keep in mind your exhibit space dimensions.

4. What is the size of an exhibit area?

Each exhibit is allocated one five foot table, and two chairs. Exhibits must fit on a table top or within a 6x6 foot space. Exhibits may not exceed seven feet in height. NARA reserves the right to require exhibitors to adjust exhibited materials to ensure display specifications.

5. What if the size of my exhibit exceeds the specified dimensions of the exhibit area?

If your exhibit will exceed the specified dimensions of the exhibit area, you must purchase the adjacent exhibit area(s) to accommodate the size of your exhibit. Both exhibit spaces must be vacant at the time that you select your exhibit space. Your exhibit may not exceed the dimensions of the exhibit area(s) that you purchased.

6. How are the exhibit spaces assigned?

Exhibit spaces are assigned by the RACO Exhibits Coordinator on a First Come First Served basis. Exhibitors will be placed in the exhibit hall in the best locations based on the order in which applications are received. In order to reserve a space, payment must be received within three business days from the date you select the exhibit space. PLEASE NOTE: NARA reserves the right to move exhibit spaces.

7. Who may occupy my assigned/allocated exhibit space?

Only the registered representatives of the exhibitor may occupy an exhibit space. Subleasing, reassignment or assignment of part of an exhibit space is strictly prohibited.

8. Who may visit my assigned/allocated exhibit space?

Exhibits will be open to registered RACO attendees without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, physical disability, gender, sexual preference or age. Additionally, every effort will be made by exhibitors to provide full access to the exhibition for disabled individuals, as stipulated in Section 504 of Public Law 93 112, as amended.

9. What is provided to the exhibitors?

Exhibitors are provided with a five foot table, two chairs, and one waste basket. Electricity is available, however exhibitors must bring their own power strips, surge protectors and extension cords. WiFi connections will also be available at no additional cost.

10. What is the cancellation/refund policy for Exhibitors?

Fees are non-refundable if the Exhibitor cancels within 30-days of the conference. NARA reserves the right to cancel any exhibit space rental for misrepresentation of products to be displayed or nonpayment of exhibit space rental.

11. What payment methods are accepted?

Exhibitors may pay by MasterCard, Visa, American Express or by check. Exhibitors must send the Registration Form with payment information to the attention of