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New Books: Winter 2012

Winter 2012

The following list represents titles newly acquired by ALIC.

  1. Gedenkbuch fur die Toten des Konzentrationslagers Dachau. Dachau: KZ-Gedenkstatte Dachau, 2011. 1312 p.
    D805.5 D33 G43 2011

  2. Lyndon B. Johnson. New York: Norton, c2005-<c2007 v. <1-6> ; 1 computer laser optical disk (4 3/4 in.).
    E 846 L945 2005

  3. One hundred years of U.S. Navy air power. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, c2010. xv, 373 p.
    VG 93 O54 2010

  4. Tapping Hitler’s generals: transcripts of secret conversations, 1942-45. Barnsley: Frontline, 2007. 416 p.
    D 810 S7 N3713 2007

  5. Alexander, Larry. Shadows in the jungle: the Alamo Scouts behind Japanese lines in World War II. New York: NAL Caliber, c2009. 336 p., [16] p. of plates.
    D 767 A66 2009

  6. Arnold, James R. The Moro War: how America battled a Muslim insurgency in the Philippine jungle, 1902-1913. New York: Bloomsbury Press, 2011. 306 p.
    DS 685 A76 2011

  7. Bascomb, Neal. Hunting Eichmann: how a band of survivors and a young spy agency chased down the world’s most notorious Nazi. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2009. ix, 390 p., [8] p. of plates.
    DD 247 E5 B37 2009

  8. Blair, Bobby C. Victory at Peleliu: the 81st Infantry Division’s Pacific Campaign. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, c2011. xvi, 310 p.
    D 767.99 P4 B55 2011

  9. Blaker, Gordon A. Iron Knights: the United States 66th Armored Regiment, 1918-1945. Shippensburg, PA: Burd Street Press, 1999. xxii, 411 p.
    D 769.3055 66th B58 1999

  10. Brown, Adrian. Archiving websites: a practical guide for information management professionals. London: Facet, 2006. xiv, 238 p.
    Z 701.3 W43 B76 2006

  11. Crawford, Steve. The U.S. Army in World War II: the stories behind the photos. Washington, DC: Potomac Books, 2007. 128 p.
    D 769.26 C73 2007

  12. Cross, Robert F. Shepherds of the sea: destroyer escorts in World War II. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, c2010. xxi, 294 p.
    D 773 C76 2010

  13. Feuer, A. B. Packs on!: memoirs of the 10th Mountain Division. Westport, CT: Praeger, 2004. xxv, 155, [16] p. of plates.
    D 769.3 10th F48 2004

  14. Geniesse, Jane Fletcher. American priestess: the extraordinary story of Anna Spafford and the American Colony in Jerusalem. New York: Nan A. Talese/Doubleday, c2008. xv, 378 p., [16] p. of plates.
    BV 4406.9 G46 2008

  15. Hale, Christopher. Himmler’s crusade: the Nazi expedition to find the origins of the Aryan race. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2003. x, 422 p., [26] p. of plates.
    DS 15 H354 2003

  16. Hiltzik, Michael A. Colossus: the turbulent, thrilling saga of the building of Hoover Dam. New York: Free Press, c2010. xiv, 496 p.
    TC 557.5 H6 H55 2010b

  17. Hoyt, Edwin Palmer. Backwater war: the Allied campaign in Italy, 1943-1945. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 2007. ix, 247 p.
    D 763 I8 H66 2007

  18. Jampoler, Andrew C. A. Sailors in the Holy Land: the 1848 American expedition to the Dead Sea and the search for Sodom and Gomorrah. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, c2005. xvii, 312 p.
    DS 110 D38 J36 2005

  19. Kirkpatrick, Sidney. Hitler’s holy relics: a true story of Nazi plunder and the race to recover the crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2010. x, 316 p., [24] p. of plates.
    D 810 A7 K57 2010

  20. Kurson, Robert. Shadow divers: the true adventure of two Americans who risked everything to solve one of the last mysteries of World War II. New York: Random House Trade Paperback, 2005. xi, 390 p., [24] p. of plates.
    VA 515 U158 K87 2005

  21. Lang, Hans-Joachim. Die frauen von Block 10: medizinische versuche in Auschwitz. Hamburg: Hoffmann und Campe, 2011. 319, [1] p.
    D805.5 A96 L3612 2011

  22. Leeman, William P. The long road to Annapolis: the founding of the Naval Academy and the emerging American republic. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, c2010. xiii, 292 p.
    V 415 L1 L44 2010

  23. Linker, Beth. War’s waste: rehabilitation in World War I America. Chicago; London: University of Chicago Press, 2011. 291 p.
    UB 363 L56 2011

  24. Matheny, Michael R. Carrying the war to the enemy: American operational art to 1945. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, c2011. xx, 334 p.
    U 153 M38 2011

  25. Muth, Jorg. Command culture: officer education in the U.S. Army and the German Armed Forces, 1901-1940, and the consequences for World War II. Denton, TX: University of North Texas Press, c2011. x, 366 p.
    U 408 M87 2011

  26. Nourse, Victoria F. In reckless hands: Skinner v. Oklahoma and the near triumph of American eugenics. New York: W.W. Norton & Co., c2008. 240 p., [8] p. of plates.
    KF 224 S486 N68 2008

  27. Pringle, Heather Anne. The master plan: Himmler’s scholars and the Holocaust. New York: Hyperion, c2006. xii, 463 p.
    DD 247 H46 P75 2006

  28. Rossano, Geoffrey Louis. Stalking the U-boat: U.S. naval aviation in Europe during World War I. Gainesville: University Press of Florida, c2010. xviii, 429 p.
    D 589 U6 R66 2010

  29. Rusiecki, Stephen M. In final defense of the Reich: the destruction of the 6th SS Mountain Division "Nord." Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press [In cooperation with the Association of the United States Army], c2010. xviii, 439 p., [16] p. of plates.
    D 757.85 R87 2010

  30. Tyler, Patrick. A world of trouble: the White House and the Middle East - from the Cold War to the War on Terror. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, c2009. 628 p.
    DS 63.2 U5 T95 2009

  31. United States. Central Intelligence Agency. Central Intelligence Agency: the work of a nation: the center of intelligence. Washington, DC: Central Intelligence Agency, 2009. 58 p.
    JK 468 I6 U53 2009

  32. Wildenberg, Thomas. Ship killer: a history of the American torpedo. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, c2010. xvi, 268 p.
    V 850 W55 2010