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Selected Journals for National Archives Staff

Updated Spring 2003


American Heritage:2003, vol. 54 no. 2

Baker, K.
What Trent Meant... and the real secret in Strom Thurmond's past
Page: 26-34

Gordon, J.S.
Forgotten Fury: A long-ago calamity may shed light on a current impasse
Page: 35-36

Allen, L.
Comparing Notes With Lewis and Clark: A present-day adventurer canoes the Upper Missouri to find that time and fortune have crased signs of its later history, restoring the wilderness the Corps of Discovery penetrated nearly 200 years ago
Page: 42-51

Smoler, F.
Where Berlin and America Meet: Our common history isn't all pleasant, but seeing it firsthand is deeply moving
Page: 52-59

Murphy, C.; Haggerty, R.
Reinventing a River: Its waters drove our first Industrial Revolution-and were poisoned by it. Thoreau believed the Merrimack might not run pure again for thousands of years, but today it is a welcoming pathway through a hundred-mile-long red-brick museum of America's rise to power
Page: 60-68

Banks, S.
Empire of the Winds: In the Aleutian Islands you can explore a landscape of violent beauty
Page: 69-77

Watching the Outlaw. The Coolest Guy. The Loudmouth. Approaching Lakehurst
Page: 81-88

American Historical Review:2002, vol. 107 no. 5

Sluhovsky, M.
The Devil in the Convent
Page: 1379-1411

Scheer, M.
From Majesty to Mystery: Change in the Meanings of Black Madonnas from the Sixteenth to Nineteenth Centuries
Page: 1412-1440

Edelman, R.
A Small Way of Saying "No": Moscow Working Men, Spartak Soccer, and the Communist Party, 1900-1945
Page: 1441-1474

Suny, R.G.
Back and Beyond: Reversing the Cultural Turn?
Page: 1476-1499

Brantlinger, P.
A Response to Beyond the Cultural Turn
Page: 1500-1512

Handler, R.
Cultural Theory in History Today
Page: 1513-1520

Archivaria:2002, no. 53

Millar, L.
The Death of the Fonds and the Resurrection of Provenance: Archival Context in Space and Time
Page: 1-15

Dodge, B.
Across the Great Divide: Archival Discourse and the (Re)presentations of the Past in Late-Modern Society
Page: 16-30

Suderman, J.
Defining Electronic Series: A Study
Page: 31-46

Warkentin, G.
Who Was the Scribe of the Radisson Manuscript?
Page: 47-63

RobertsMoore, J.
Establishing Recognition of Past Injustices: Uses of Archival Records in Documenting the Experience of Japanese Canadians During the Second World War
Page: 64-75

Bastian, J. A.
Taking Custody, Giving Access: A Postcustodial Role for a New Century
Page: 76-93

Cook, T.
Archives and Privacy in a Wired World: The Impact of the Personal Information Act (Bill C-6) on Archives
Page: 94-114

Cook, T.
The "English Report" and Archives: A Critical Appreciation
Page: 115-121

Leslie, J. F.
The Importance of Oral and Extrinsic Historical Evidence in Understanding Indian Treaties
Page: 122-129

Archives and Manuscripts:2002, vol. 30 no. 2

Hurley, C.
Recordkeeping, Document Destruction, and the Law (Heiner, Enron and McCabe)
Page: 6-25

Mutch, S.
Public Policy Revolt: Saving the 2001 Australian Census
Page: 26-45

Ventress, A.
Archives and the Centenary of Federation - Did They Rate?
Page: 46-59

Dack, D.
Encoded Archival Description in the National Library of Australia
Page: 60-71

McInerny, C.
Implementation of Encoded Archival Description at the Australian War Memorial: A Case Study
Page: 72-81

Burrows, T.
Using Encoded Archival Description with Manuscript Collections: The Guide to Australian Literary Manuscripts
Page: 82-95

Nicholls, C.; Williams, J.P.
Identifying Roadkill on the Information Superhighway: A Web site Appraisal Case Study
Page: 96-111

Brothman, B.
Making Up People: The State, Records and Bureaucracy in Jose Saramago's All the Names
Page: 112-129

Bettington, J.
Australian National Audit Office, Audit Report No. 45 Assurance and Control Assessment Audit: Recordkeeping
Page: 130-134

College and Research Libraries:2003, vol. 64 no. 2

Billings, H.
The Wild-Card Academic Library in 2013
Page: 105-110

Colaric, S.M.
Instruction for Web Searching: An Empirical Study
Page: 111-123

Shoaf, E.C.
Using a Professional Moderator in Library Focus Group Research
Page: 124-133

Curran, W.M.
Succession: The Next Ones at Bat
Page: 134-140

Swanepoel, A.J.; Smit, I.P.J.
Towards an Understanding of Annual Reports of University and Technikon Libraries in South Africa
Page: 141-150

McIlvaine, E.
Selected Reference Books of 2001/2002
Page: 151-162

Diplomatic History:2003, vol. 27 no. 2

Pfannestiel, T.
The Soviet Bureau: A Bolshevik Strategy to Secure U.S. Diplomatic Recognition through Economic Trade
Page: 171-192

GouldDavies, N.
The Logic of Soviet Cultural Diplomacy
Page: 193-214

Johnson, R.D.
The Unintended Consequences of Congressional Reform: The Clark and Tunney Amendments and U.S. Policy toward Angola
Page: 215-244

Clymer, K.
Jimmy Carter, Human Rights, and Cambodia
Page: 245-278

Schrecker, E.
Soviet Espionage on American TV: The VENONA Story
Page: 279-282

Stoler, M.A.
Avoiding Entry into World War II
Page: 283-286

Anderson, C.
Looking for Heroes in All the Wrong Places: African Americans' Search for a Champion in the Far East
Page: 287-290

Marling, K.A.
Politics and Cocktail Bars
Page: 291-294

Schwartz, T.A.
Devils and Detente
Page: 295-299

Foreign Affairs:2003, vol. 82 no. 2

Perkovich, G.
Bush's Nuclear Revolution
Page: 2-8

Sperling, G.; Hart, T.
A Better Way to Fight Global Poverty
Page: 9-15

Laney, J.T.; Shaplen, J.T.
How to Deal With North Korea
Page: 16-30

Biddle, S.
Afghanistan and the Future of Warfare
Page: 31-46

Victor, D.G.; Victor, N.M.
Axis of Oil?
Page: 47-61

Lambert, R.
Misunderstanding Each Other
Page: 62-74

Stevenson, J.
How Europe and America Defend Themselves
Page: 75-90

Raymond, S.
Foreign Assistance in an Aging World
Page: 91-105

Elizur, Y.
Israel Banks on a Fence
Page: 106-119

Maynes, C.W.
America Discovers Central Asia
Page: 120-133

King, C.
Crisis in the Caucasus
Page: 134-138

Mead, W.R.
Why Do They Hate Us?
Page: 139-142

Government Information Quarterly:2003, vol. 20 no. 1

Strickland, L.S.
Civil liberties vs. intelligence collection: the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court speaks in public
Page: 1-12

Salem, J.A.
Public and private sector interests in e-government: a look at the DOE's PubSCIENCE
Page: 13-27

Marcella, R.; Baxter, G.; Moore, N.
The effectiveness of parliamentary information services in the United Kingdom
Page: 29-46

Koga, T.
Access to government information in Japan: a long way toward electronic government?
Page: 47-62

Ault, J.T.; Gleason, J.M.
U.S. government decision makers' expectations and patterns of use of emerging and existing information technologies
Page: 63-76

Malone, C.
The dissemination of spatial data: a North American-European comparative study on the impact of government information policy
Page: 79-84

Information Management Journal:2003, vol. 37 no. 2

Swartz, N.
What Every Business Needs to Know About HIPAA
Page: 26-36

Dearstyne, B.W.
Tragedies, Controversies, and Opportunities: Redefining RIM's Role in a Turbulent Time
Page: 37-43

Bruno, D.; Richmond, H.
The Truth About Taxonomies
Page: 44-53

Cain, P.
SettingStandards MoReq: The Standard of the Future?
Page: 54-59

Lubbes, R.K.
TechTrends: So You Want to Implement Automatic Categorization?
Page: 60-69

Jones, V.A.
Protecting Records - What the Standards Tell Us
Page: 70-75

Journal of American History:2002, vol. 89 no. 4

Hine, D.C.
Black Professionals and Race Consciousness: Origins of the Civil Rights Movement, 1890-1950
Page: 1279-1294

Furstenberg, F.
Beyond Freedom and Slavery: Autonomy, Virtue, and Resistance in Early American Political Discourse
Page: 1295-1330

Chang, G.H.
Whose "Barbarism"? Whose "Treachery"? Race and Civilization in the Unknown United States-Korea War of 1871
Page: 1331-1365

Meyerowitz, J.
Subaltern History Makers and Alternative Constructions of the Past: An Introduction
Page: 1366-1367

Brundage, W.F.
Meta Warrick's 1907 "Negro Tableaux" and (Re)Presenting African American Historical Memory
Page: 1368-1400

Azuma, E.
The Politics of Transnational History Making: Japanese Immigrants on the Western "Frontier," 1927-1941
Page: 1401-1430

Chaplin, J.E.
Expansion and Exceptionalism in Early American History
Page: 1431-1455

Kornblith, G.J.; Lasser, C.
Editors' Introduction: More than Bells and Whistles? Using Digital Technology to Teach American History
Page: 1456-1457

Guasco, M.J.
Building the Better Textbook: The Promises and Perils of E-Publication
Page: 1458-1462

Jaffee, D.
"Scholars will soon be instructed through the eye": E-Supplements and the Teaching of U.S. History
Page: 1463-1482

Lindenmeyer, K.
Using Online Resources to Re-center the U.S. History Survey: Women's History as a Case Study
Page: 1483-1488

Tebeau, M.
Pursuing E-Opportunities in the History Classroom
Page: 1489-1494

Journal of Interdisciplinary History:2003, vol. 33 no. 4

Murray, J.E.
Fates of Orphans: Poor Children in Antebellum Charleston
Page: 519-546

McQuillan, K.
Family Composition and Remarriage in Alsace, 1750-1850
Page: 547-568

Rabb, T.K.
How Italian Was the Renaissance?
Page: 569-576

Henige, D.
Rich in the Wisdom of Hindsight
Page: 577-586

Rotberg, R.I.
Gorillas in Our Midst: Rulers in the Twentieth Century
Page: 587-592

Journal of Military History:2003, vol. 67 no. 1

Boesche, R.
Kautilya's Arthasastra on War and Diplomacy in Ancient India
Page: 9-38

Leggiere, M.V.
From Berlin to Leipzig: Napoleon's Gamble in North Germany, 1813
Page: 39-84

Sumida, J.T.
A Matter of Timing: The Royal Navy and the Tactics of Decisive Battle, 1912-1916
Page: 85-136

Perrun, J.
Best-Laid Plans: Guy Simonds and Operation Totalize, 7-10 August 1944
Page: 137-174

Pribbenow, M.L.
The 'Ology War: Technology and Ideology in the Vietnamese Defense of Hanoi, 1967
Page: 175-200

Cogan, C.G.
Desert One and Its Disorders
Page: 201-216

Journal of Modern History:2002, vol. 74 no. 4

Gorlizki, Y.
Ordinary Stalinism: The Council of Ministers and the Soviet Neopatrimonial State, 1946-1953
Page: 699-736

Pittaway, M.
The Reproduction of Hierarchy: Skill, Working-Class Culture, and the State in Early Socialist Hungary
Page: 737-769

Siegel, M.
"History Is the Opposite of Forgetting": The Limits of Memory and the Lessons of History in Interwar France
Page: 770-800

Popkin, J.D.
Not Over After All: The French Revolution's Third Century
Page: 801-821

Journal of Social History:2002, vol. 36 no. 3

Adler, J.S.
"On the Border of Snakeland": Evolutionary Psychology and Plebian Violence in Industrial Chicago, 1875-1920
Page: 541-560

Warner, J.; Griller, R.
"My Pappa is out, and my Mamma is asleep." Minors, their Routine Activities, and Interpersonal Violence in an Early Modern Town, 1653-1781
Page: 561-584

Gienowhecht, J.C.E.
Trumpeting Down the Walls of Jericho: The Politics of Art, Music and Emotion in German-American Relations, 1870-1920
Page: 585-614

Gras, H.; Franses, P.H.; Ooms, M.
Did Men of Taste and Civilization Save the Stage? Theater-Going in Rotterdam, 1860-1916. A Statistical Analysis of Ticket Sales
Page: 615-656

Breslaw, E.G.
Marriage, Money, and Sex: Dr Hamilton Finds a Wife
Page: 657-674

Garton, S.
Managing Mercy: African Americans, Parole and Paternalism in the Georgia Prison System 1919-1945
Page: 675-700

Magnusson, S.G.
The Singularization of History: Social History and Microhistory within the Postmodern State of Knowledge
Page: 701-736

Darby, R.
Review Essay: The Masturbation Taboo and the Rise of Routine Male Circumcision: A Review of the Historiography
Page: 737-758

Crais, C.
Review Essay: Past the Pax
Page: 759-766

Political Science Quarterly:2002, vol. 117 no. 4

Nye, J.S.
Limits of American Power
Page: 545-560

Kaye, D.D.
The Israeli Decision to Withdraw from Southern Lebanon: Political Leadership and Security Policy
Page: 561-586

Tichenor, D.J.; Harris, R.A.
Organized Interests and American Political Development
Page: 587-612

Peng, D.
Subregional Economic Zones and Integration in East Asia
Page: 613-642

Chambers, S.
Urban Education Reform and Minority Political Empowerment
Page: 643-666

Public Historian: 2002, vol. 24 no. 4

Plane, A.M.
From Nationalist Paradigms to International Audiences-Rethinking World War II
Page: 7-10

McNaughton, J.C.; Edwards, K.E.; Price, J.M.
"Incontestable Proof Will Be Exacted": Historians, Asian Americans, and the Medal of Honor
Page: 11-34

Smith, K.
The Showa Hall: Memorializing Japan's War at Home
Page: 35-64

Young, J.E.
Germany's Holocaust Memorial Problem-and Mine
Page: 65-80

Blatt, M.H.
Holocaust Remembrance and Heidelberg
Page: 81-96

White, G.M.
Disney's Pearl Harbor: National Memory at the Movies
Page: 97-116

William & Mary Quarterly:2002, vol. 60 no. 1

Block, S.; Brown, K.M.
Clio in search of Eros: Redefining Sexualities in Early America
Page: 5-12

Bloch, R.H.
Changing Conceptions of Sexuality and Romance in Eighteenth-Century America
Page: 13-42

Fissell, M.E.
Hairy Women and Naked Truths: Gender and the Politics of Knowledge in Aristotle's Masterpiece
Page: 43-74

Spear, J.M.
Colonial Intimacies: Legislating Sex in French Louisiana
Page: 75-98

Rust, M.
What's Wrong with Charlotte Temple?
Page: 99-118

Lyons, C.A.
Mapping an Atlantic Sexual Culture: Homoeroticism in Eighteenth-Century Philadelphia
Page: 119-154

Carroll, B.D.
"I indulged my desire too freely": Sexuality, Spirituality, and the Sin of Self-Pollution in the Diary of Joseph Moody, 1720-1724
Page: 155-170

Foster, T.A.
Antimasonic Satire, Sodomy, and Eighteenth-Century Masculinity in the Boston Evening-Post
Page: 171-184

Burgett, B.
In the Name of Sex
Page: 185-188

Shapiro, S.
Sexuality: An Early American Mystery
Page: 189-192

Wilson, M.L.
Thoughts on the History of Sexuality
Page: 193-196

Fischer, K.; Morgan, J.
Sex, Race, and the Colonial Project
Page: 197-198

Myles, A.G.
Queering the Study of Early American Sexuality
Page: 199-202

Juster, S.
Eros and Desire in Early Modern Spirituality
Page: 203-206