The National Archives Catalog

Format Authority List

The Format Authority List provides data values for the Format element.

Dictation Belt: Amertape

Dictation Belt: Dictabelt

Dictation Belt: Dictalog Belt

Dictation Belt: Dictaphone DictaBelt

Dictation Belt: Magnabelt

Dictation Belt: Sonobelt

Film: 1/4" MAG
scope note: 1/4-inch Sync Reel-to-Reel

Film: 1/4" MAGW
scope note: 1/4-inch Wild Sound Reel-to-Reel

Film: CRI
scope note: Color Reversal Internegative

Film: DNC
scope note: Duplicate Negative, Composite

Film: DNS
scope note: Duplicate Negative, Silent

Film: DNT
scope note: Duplicate Negative Track

Film: DRS
scope note: Duplicate Reversal, Silent

Film: FGMC
scope note: Fine Grain Master Composite

Film: FGMS
scope note: Fine Grain Master Silent

Film: INCK
scope note: Internegative, Composite, Color

Film: INSK
scope note: Internegative, Silent, Color

scope note: Interpositive, Composite, Color

scope note: Interpositive, Silent, Color

Film: MAG
scope note: Full Coat Magnetic Sound Track

Film: MAGS
scope note: Magnetic Tape Stripe Sound Track

scope note: Magnetic Tape Stripe, Composite

Film: MPC
scope note: Master Positive, Composite

Film: MPCK
scope note: Master Positive, Composite, Color

Film: MPPC
scope note: Master Projection Print, Composite

scope note: Master Projection Print, Composite, Color

Film: MPPS
scope note: Master Projection Print, Silent

scope note: Master Projection Print, Silent, Color

Film: MPS
scope note: Master Positive, Silent

Film: MPSK
scope note: Master Positive, Silent, Color

Film: MPT
scope note: 35/16mm Master Positive Track

Film: MRCK
scope note: Master Reversal, Composite Color

Film: MRSK
scope note: Master Reversal, Silent, Color

Film: RCK
scope note: Reversal, Composite, Color

Film: RSK
scope note: Reversal, Silent, Color

Film: ONC
scope note: Original Negative, Composite

Film: ONCK
scope note: Original Negative, Composite, Color

Film: ONS
scope note: Original Negative, Silent

Film: ONSK
scope note: Original Negative, Silent, Color

Film: ONT
scope note: Original Negative Track

Film: ORC
scope note: Original Reversal, Composite

Film: ORCK
scope note: Original Reversal, Composite, Color

Film: ORS
scope note: Original Reversal, Silent

Film: ORSK
scope note: Original Reversal, Silent, Color

Film: PPC
scope note: Projection Print, Composite

Film: PPCK
scope note: Projection Print, Composite, Color

Film: PPS
scope note: Projection Print, Silent

Film: PPSK
scope note: Projection Print, Silent, Color

Sound: 2 Tracks

Sound: 4 Tracks

Sound: 8 Tracks

Sound: Audograph Disc

Sound: Broadcast Transcription Test Pressing

Sound: Dubbing Instantaneous
scope note: Dubbing Instantaneous Type

Sound: Flexi Disc

Sound: Mass Produced Pressing

Sound: Master Matrix

Sound: Master Pressing

Sound: Microcassette

Sound: Mother Matrix

Sound: Quadraplex

Sound: Stamper Matrix

Sound: Soundscriber

Video: ½" EIAJ Type 1

Video: 1" Open reel-Type A

Video: 1" Open reel-Type C

Video: 2" Helical Ampex - 1500

Video: 2" Helical IVC - 900

Video: 2" Quad

Video: Betacam

Video: BetacamSP

Video: Betacam SX

Video: Betacam/Super/HB

Video: Betamax

Video: D1

Video: D2

Video: D3

Video: D5

Video: D6

Video: D9-HD

Video: DCT

Video: Digital-8

Video: Digital Betacam

Video: DVCAM

Video: DVCPRO50/P

Video: DVCPRO/D7


Video: HD D5

Video: HDCAM


Video: HDV
scope note: HD Video Mini Cassette

Video: Hi-8

Video: M

Video: M2

Video: MiniDV


Video: S-VHS

Video: U-matic

Video: U-maticSP

Video: VHS

Video: Video8