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This microform publication consists of select letters and related documents from the files of the Department of Justice relating to Judge Isaac C. Parker. Parker, a Federal judge for 21 years, passed the sentence of death on 168 individuals, of who 88 were hanged, and was known as the "hanging judge."

The records reproduced in this publication are from two series of Department of Justice (DOJ) records. They include many letters, telegrams, and notes exchanged between Judge Parker and the DOJ during his service on the Federal bench. Also incorporated are a few documents concerning Parker that come from other government officials. Parker's letters reflect his work as a judge in a jurisdiction that comprised not only the Western District of Arkansas, but also the Indian Territory at a time when that portion of Oklahoma was a haven for many of the country's most desperate outlaws.


This microfilm publication reproduces the compiled service records of volunteer soldiers who served in Capt. Lot (Lott) Smith's Company, Utah Cavalry. This company is the only organization of Union volunteer soldiers from the Territory of Utah for which the National Archives and Records Administration has separate compiled service records.

The compiled service records reproduced in this microfilm publication are indexed on M556.

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