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Microform Publication Title

Mandatory Repeatable Data Type Authority Level Available A/V Only Public Element
No Yes Variable Character Length (700) Microform Publication Title List Series
File Unit
No Yes



The unique title associated with a microform publication.

Microform publications are reproductions of archival materials, which are made available in research rooms for consultation and sometimes marketed and sold.


Purpose: Provides identifying information for microform publications. Alerts users when microform copies of some or all of the archival materials are available.


Relationship: This element and Microform Publication Identifier are dependent on each other. For each microform publication, Microform Publication Title and Microform Publication Identifier must both be included. To have Microform Publication Note, both Microform Publication Title and Microform Publication Identifier must be created.



Choose the appropriate publication title from the Microform Publication Title List.




Dunn Rolls of 1867 and 1869, Citizens and Freedmen of the Creek Nation, 1867-1869


Captured North Vietnamese Documents of the Combined Document Exploitation Center, 1950-1975


Microfilm Copies of Japanese Intercepts and Other Intelligence Related Records Maintained by the Naval Security Detachment at Crane, Indiana, 1941-1960


Records of Appointment of Postmasters, Oct. 1789-1832

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