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Nonpopulation Census Records: Puerto Rico

Updated March 29, 2005

NARA Microfilm Publications

Nonpopulation census schedules for Puerto Rico are reproduced in three NARA microfilm publications listed below.


M1896. Nonpopulation Census Schedules for Puerto Rico, 1930: Nonfarm Livestock. 2 rolls. 35mm.
  • Roll 1: Adjuntas - Las Piedras
  • Roll 2: Loiza - Yauca

These records consist of Forma 15-60, Tabla Para Ganado Fuera de Fincas-Puerto Rico, which measures about 8.25 by 11 inches, with space for 28 proprietors of livestock on each side. This schedule was used to report all livestock kept in "establos, ranchos, corrales, caballerizas, patios," (translation: "stables, ranches, corrals, horse stables, courtyards,") and other "lugares" (translation: "places") near cities and towns too small to be considered farms. (For census purposes, a "farm" was a tract of land larger than three acres or, if less than three acres, a place that either produced more than $100 worth of agricultural products in 1929 or required the continuous services of at least one person.)

The schedules are arranged alphabetically by municipality, then by a mechanically stamped number. Within each municipality, the schedules are usually, but not always, arranged in numerical order by enumeration district.

The questions asked on this schedule are shown below. Each person was to report the number of livestock in his possession on April 1, 1930.

Summary of Questions asked on Forma 15-60, Tabla Para Ganado Fuera de Fincas--Puerto Rico

Nombre del dueño o administrador (Name of possessor or owner)
Número [de]- (Number of)
  • Ganado (Cattle)
  • Caballos (Horses)
  • Mulas (Mules)
  • Asnos y burros (Asses and donkeys)
  • Cerdos (Swine)
  • Carneros (Sheep)
  • Cabras (Goats)
  • Abejas colmenas (bee colonies)
Note: "Carneros" translates either as "sheep" or "rams." On English-language versions of this form used in other territories, the Bureau asked for "sheep" (see Form 15-44, Schedule for Livestock Not on Farms or Ranges--Virgin Islands, and Form 15-72, Livestock not on Farms or Ranges--Hawaii) or "sheep and lambs" (see Form 15-8, Livestock not Farms or Ranges--Alaska, and Form 15-72, Livestock not on Farms or Ranges--Hawaii).
M1881. Schedules of the 1935 Special Census of Puerto Rico: the Social and Population Schedules, 1935-1936. 88 rolls. 35mm.
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M1882. Schedules of the 1935 Special Censuses of Puerto Rico: the Agricultural Schedules, 1935. 136 rolls. 35mm.
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