Military Records

Classified, Withdrawn, and Missing Deck Logs

Classified Deck Logs

A small number of deck logs, including some submitted by submarines while on patrol, were segregated by the Navy prior to the transfer of the rest of the deck logs to NARA. As of July 2010, classified logs transferred to the NARA remain classified.

Withdrawn Deck Logs

Some deck logs formerly available for general use have been withdrawn for additional review for particular kinds of sensitive information. Many of these have been returned to general use, sometimes with some information redacted. Other withdrawn logs remain unavailable pending future review. If a researcher is interested in viewing a log that has been withdrawn, a request to review that log may be submitted to NARA declassification staff.

Missing Deck Logs

In a few rare cases, deck logs known to have been produced by Navy ships were not among those transferred to NARA. The whereabouts of those logs is unknown.