Military Records

World War I Draft Registration Cards: Virginia

Roll Description Surname
VA1 Accomack County A-George E. Showard
VA2 Accomack County George E. Showard-Z
Albemarle County A-Herbert Martin
VA3 Albemarle County Herbert Martin- Z
Alexandria County A-G
VA4 Alexandria County H-Z
Alleghany County A-E
VA5 Alleghany County F-Z
Amelia County A-Z
Amherst County A-Charles Lee Cole
VA6 Amherst County Charles Lee Cole-Z
Appomattox County A-Z
Augusta County A-B
VA7 Augusta County A-S
VA8 Augusta County T-Z
Bath County A-Z
Bedford County A-H
VA9 Bedford County I-Z
Bland County A-Z
Botetourt County A-L (See Correction on the film.)
VA10 Botetourt County M-Z
Brunswick County A-Z
VA11 Buchanan County A-Z
Buckingham County A-Z
Campbell County A-James M. Clay
VA12 Campbell County James M. Clay-Z
Caroline County A-M
VA13 Caroline County N-Z
Carroll County A-Z
Charles City County A-O
VA14 Charles City County P-Z
Charlotte County A-Z
Chesterfield County A-J
VA15 Chesterfield County K-Z
Clarke County A-Z
Craig County A-Z
Culpeper County A-I
VA16 Culpeper County J-Z
Cumberland County A-Z
Dickenson County A-Z
Dinwiddie County A-Moses Belle
VA17 Dinwiddie County Moses Belle-Warner Lewis
VA18 Dinwiddie County William Lewis-Z
VA19 Elizabeth City A-Z
Essex County A-F
VA20 Essex County G-Z
Fairfax County A-Z
Fauquier County A-D
VA21 Fauquier County E-Z
Floyd County A-Z
Fluvanna County A-C
VA22 Fluvanna County D-Z
Franklin County A-Z
VA23 Giles County #1 A-Z
Giles County #2 A-R
VA24 Giles County #2 S-Z
Gloucester County A-Z
Goochland County A-Z
Grayson County A-H
VA25 Grayson County I-Z
Greene County A-Z
Greenville County A-Z
Halifax County A
VA26 Halifax County B-S
VA27 Halifax County T-Z
Hanover County A-Z
Henrico County A-D
VA28 Henrico County E-Z
Henry County A-Z
VA29 Highland County A-Z
Isle of Wight County A-Z
James City A-Z
King George County A-Newton
VA30 King George County Newton-Z
King and Queen County A-Z
King William County A-Z
Lancaster County A-Z
Lee County A-B
VA31 Lee County C-Z
Loudoun County A-G
VA32 Loudoun County H-Z
Louisa County A-Z
VA33 Lunenburg County A-Z
Lynchburg County A-I
VA34 Lynchburg County J-Z
Madison County A-Z
Mathews County #1 A-Z
VA35 Mathews County #2 A-Z
Mecklenburg County A-V
VA36 Mecklenburg County W-Z
Middlesex County A-Z
Montgomery County A-R
VA37 Montgomery County S-Z
Nansemond County A-R
VA38 Nansemond County S-Z
Nelson County A-Z
New Kent County A-Z
Norfolk City #1 A-Robert David Barnes
VA39 Norfolk City #1 Robert Barnes-Mc
VA40 Norfolk City #1 M-Z
Norfolk City #2 A-William Carter Blake
VA41 Norfolk City #2 George Blankenship-L
VA42 Norfolk City #2 M-Z
Norfolk City #3 A
VA43 Norfolk City #3 B-Samuel Watson
VA44 Norfolk City #3 Urban Watson-Z
Norfolk County A-George Hopkins
VA45 Norfolk County John Hopson-V
VA46 Norfolk County W-Z
Northampton County A-Z
Northumberland County A-D
VA47 Northumberland County E-Z
Nottoway County A-Z
Orange County A-L
VA48 Orange County M-Z
Page County A-Z
Patrick County A-M
VA49 Patrick County N-Z
Pittsylvania County #1 A-I
VA50 Pittsylvania County #1 J-Z
Pittsylvania County #2 A-Robert Bray
VA51 Pittsylvania County #2 Robert Bray-Z
Portsmouth County A-James Carter
VA52   Portsmouth County James Carter-Joseph Rosen (Feeder erratic; lots of overlaps & corrections; new feeder here.)
VA53 Portsmouth County Joseph Rosen-Z
Powhatan County A-Z (2 Separate registrations each one A-Z)
Prince Edward County A-V
VA54 Prince Edward County W-Z
Prince George County A-I
VA55 Prince George County J-V
VA56 Prince George County W-Z
Prince William County A-Z
Princess Anne County A-Z
VA57 Pulaski County A-Z (2 separate registrations 1917 A-Z, 1918 A-Z)
Rappahannock County A-Z
Richmond City #1 A-B
VA58 Richmond City #1 C-James Stallings
VA59 Richmond City #1 James Stallings-Z
Richmond City #2 A-K
VA60 Richmond City #2 L-Z
Richmond City #3 A-D
VA61 Richmond City #3 E-Z
Richmond City #4 A-B
VA62 Richmond City #4 C-U
VA63 Richmond City #4 V-Z
Richmond City # 5 A-O
VA64 Richmond City #5 P-Z
Richmond County A-Z
Roanoke City #1 A-G
VA65 Roanoke City #1 H-Z
Roanoke City #2 A-I
VA66 Roanoke City #2 J-Z
Roanoke County A-K
VA67 Roanoke County L-Z
Rockbridge County A-R
VA68 Rockbridge County S-Z
Rockingham County A-David F. Rice
VA69 Rockingham County David F. Rice-Z
Russell County A-Q
VA70 Russell County R-Z
Scott County A-V
VA71 Scott County W-Z
Smyth County A-G
VA72 Smyth County H-Z
Southampton County A-O
VA73 Southampton County P-Z
Spotsylvania County A-Z
Stafford County A-J
VA74 Stafford County K-Z
Surrey County A-Z
Sussex County A-Z
VA75 Tazewell County A-S
VA76 Tazewell County T-Z
Warren County A-Z
Warwick County #1 A-C
VA77 Warwick County #1 D-R
VA78 Warwick County #1 S-Z
Warwick County #2 A-I
VA79 Warwick County #2 J-Z
Washington County A-E
VA80 Washington County F-Z
Westmoreland County A-C
VA81 Westmoreland County D-Z
Wise County A-Chambers Holloway
VA82 Wise County Chambers Holloway-Z
VA83 Wythe County A-Z
York County A-Q
VA84 York County R-Z
Note: Fluvanna, Highland, Powhatan and Pulaski counties were filmed on rolls 21-22, 29, 53 and 57 respectively. However, at that time they were arranged by years of registration; ie., 1917, A -Z and 1918, A - Z. At the request of the regional archives director these cards were re-arranged and filed together like all the other draft cards and then filmed again. These counties follow on rolls 85 and 86.
VA85 Fluvanna County A-Z
Highland County A-Z
Powhatan County A-Z
Pulaski County A-L
VA86 Pulaski County Mc-Z

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