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World War I Draft Registration Cards: West Virginia

Roll Description Surname
WV1 Barbour County A-Z
Berkeley County A-G
WV2 Berkeley County H-Z
Boone County A-L
WV3 Boone County Mc-Z
Braxton County A-V
WV4 Braxton County W-Z
Brooke County A-Z
Cabell County A-G
WV5 Cabell County H-Z
Calhoun County A-Z
Charleston City A-C
WV6 Charleston City D-Clarence Stone
WV7 Charleston City Clarence Stone-Z
Clay County A-Z
WV8 Doddridge County A-Z
Fayette County #1 A-Jasper Hood
WV9 Fayette County #1 Jasper Hood-Z
Fayette County #2 A-B
WV10 Fayette County #2 C-Z
WV11 Gilmer County A-Z (Target said Fayette # 2.)
Grant County A-Z (Target said Gilmer Co.)
Greenbrier County A-G (Some H?s filmed but all H?s refilmed on next roll.)
WV12 Greenbrier County H-Z
Hampshire County A-Z
WV13 Hancock County A-Z (Some cards had to be filmed upside downdue to thickness at top of cards; many browns refilmed also.)
Hardy County A-G
WV14 Hardy County H-Z
Harrison County #1 A-I
WV15 Harrison County #1 J-Z
WV16 Harrison County #2 A-R
WV17 Harrison County #2 S-Z
Huntington City #1 A-S
WV18 Huntington City #1 T-Z
WV19 Huntington City #2 T-Z ( Some Jackson Co. cards filmed herebut all were refilmed on next item.)
Jackson County A-Z
Jefferson County A-D
WV20 Jefferson County E-Z
Kanawha County #1 A-Elmer Johnson
WV21 Kanawha County #1 Elmer Johnson-Z
Kanawha County #2 A-Edd Childress
WV22 Kanawha County #2 Edd Childress-Anthony Rogers
WV23 Kanawha County #2 Anthony Rogers-Z
Lewis County A-R
WV24 Lewis County S-Z
Lincoln County A-Z
Logan County A-Conley Blankenship (Lots of brown cards refilmed.)
WV25 Logan County C. Blankenship-Ed. Lawson
WV26 Logan County Ed. Lawson-Wm. Howard Woods
WV27 Logan County Wm. H. Woods-Z
McDowell County #1 A-K (Some L?s filmed but all refilmed on next roll.)
WV28 McDowell County #1 L-Z
McDowell County # 2 A (Lots of brown cards - too many to use target always.)
WV29 McDowell County # 2 B-M
WV30 McDowell County # 2 N-Z
Marion County #1 A-L
WV31 Marion County #1 M-Z
Marion County # 2 A-J
WV32 Marion County # 2 K-Z (Camera malfunctioned on first 3200 exps, light setting changed from 83 down to 8lv.)
Marshall County A-Walter Berry (Started filming item 2 with one side of card only but refilmed all on both sides.)
WV33 Marshall County Walter Berry-R
WV34 Marshall County S-Z
Mason County A-R
WV35 Mason County S-Z
Mercer County A-William F. Brown
WV36 Mercer County William F. Brown-Y
WV37 Mercer County W-Z
Mineral County A-Z
Mingo County (Lots of browns - no target used each time due to volume & got best possible exposure.)  
WV38 Mingo County B-R
WV39 Mingo County S-Z
Monongalia County A-L
WV40 Monongalia County M-Z
Monroe County A-V
WV41 Monroe County W-Z (Item 1 & 2 mistakenly said roll40 instead of 41.)
Morgan County A-Z
Nicholas County A-R
WV42 Nicholas County S-Z
Ohio County A-Z
WV43 Pendleton County A-Z
Pleasants County A-Z
Pocahontas County A-O
WV44 Pocahontas County P-Z
Preston County A-S
WV45 Preston County T-S
Putnam County A-Z
Raleigh County A-B (Lots brown cards refilmed but not always targeted & acquired best possible exposure.)
WV46 Raleigh County C-M
WV47 Raleigh County N-Z
Randolph County A-F
WV48 Randolph County G-Z
Roane County A-K
WV49 Roane County L-Z
Ritchie County A-Z
Summers County A-B
WV50 Summers County C-Z
Taylor County A-M
WV51 Taylor County N-Z
Tucker County A-Z
Tyler County A-C
WV52 Tyler County D-Z
Upshur County A-Z
WV53 Upshur County A-Z
Wayne County A-Z
WV54 Webster County A-Z
Wetzel County A-Q
WV55 Wetzel County R-Z
Wheeling County A-H
WV56 Wheeling County I-T
WV57 Wheeling County U-Z
Wirt County A-Z
(No end target for item 2 or begin target for item 3 filmed by mistake.)
Wood County A-H
WV58 Wood County I-Z
Wyoming County A-E ( Lots brown cards not always targeted when refilmed.)
WV59 Wyoming County F-Z

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