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Index to the Applications Submitted for the Eastern Cherokee Roll of 1909

(Guion Miller Roll)

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This is a  free online name index to the applications submitted for the Guion Miller Roll. The Guion Miller Roll and associated records are available online at subscription-based genealogy websites:

  • (database titled Guion Miller Roll)
  • Ancestry​.com (database titled U.S., Records Related to Enrollment of Eastern Cherokee by Guion Miller, 1908-1910​).​

Prior to digitization, these records were accessible via the following microfilm publications:

  • M1104 Eastern Cherokee Applications of the U.S. Court of Claims, 1906-1909
  • M685, Records Relating to Enrollment of Eastern Cherokee by Guion Miller, 1908-1910. This publication includes the final roll, testimony of witnesses, and copies of the earlier census rolls used to make the final determinations.

Visit the National Archives Catalog for the full archival records description: National Archives Identifier 300330.

Page No. Surnames
1 Aaron, Cleo. through Adair, Mattie
2 Adair, Minnie V. through Adams, William C.
3 Adams, William F. through Alberty, Mollie
4 Alberty, Nancy through Allen, Lewis B.
5 Allen, Louis J. through Anderson, Andrew
6 Anderson, Austin through Andrews, Jane
7 Andrews, Lou through Arnold, Susan Ida
8 Arnold, Victoria through Audd, Flora Rucker
9 Augerhole, Betsy through Ayers, Wm. Edward
10 Babb, Ella Burnetta through Baird, Willie M. et al
11 Baire, Jeff F. through Baldwin, Rachel E.
12 Baldwin, Reason through Bange, Jim
13 Banister, Dedie through Barnes, Effie B.
14 Barnes, Eliza through Barron, Amanda G.
15 Barron, Asa Newton through Battle, Adaline E.
16 Battle, Bruce W. through Bean, Hulbert
17 Bean, Hulbert through Beaver, Sallie
18 Beaver, Sam through Beeson, Srildia Belle
19 Beeson, Srilda Belle through Belt, Thomas
20 Beltch, Lovie through Berd, Nancy E.
21 Berger, Carl G.F. through Bigbey, Samuel A
22 Bigbey, Samuel A. through Bird, Francis Marion
23 Bird, George through Blackbird, Nellie
24 Blackbird, Ollie through Blair, Thomas
25 Blair, Solomon E. through Blevins, Earley
26 Blevins, Miles through Blythe, William H
27 Blythe, William Henry through Bonner, Susie Eva
28 Booher, Emeline through Bowernan, Mary
29 Bowers, Andrew J. through Boydston, Charles
30 Boydstun, James H. through Bradshaw, Jesse P.
31 Bradshaw, John H. through Brazier, Alton
32 Brazier, Charles W. through Brinkley, Clarissa J.
33 Brinkley, Frank W. through Brown, B. Lee
34 Brown, Aron through Brown, James O.
35 Brown, James Odas through Brown, Morris
36 Brown, Myra through Brcyles, Mary
37 Broyles, Mary E. through Buchanan, Bertha L.
38 Buchanan, Bessie through Bunch, Ollie
39 Bunch, Ora O. through Burnett, Julia
40 Burnett, Joseph R. through Busheyhead, Jesse
41 Busheyhead, Ben through Byars, Sarah Ann
42 Byars, Linda Milem through Byrd, Jane
43 Cabb, Dosha through Cameron, Amanda
44 Cameron, Aulsa through Cannon, George L.
45 Cannon, Ira through Carlile, William
46 Carlile, William K. through Carroll, Dora
47 Carroll, Elizabeth through Carsons, Patsey
48 Carter, Alma E. through Cash, Mirchie
49 Cash, Nancy E. B. through Cearley, Tilden
50 Cearley, Huldah through Chandler, Sarah P.
51 Chandler, Susannah through Chavers, James C.
52 Chavers, Jessie through Choate, John C.
53 Choate, Joshua through Chuaalukee, Chewannah
54 Chualooky, Beaver through Clark, Lucinda C.
55 Clark, Lucinda C. through Climer, Bertha
56 Climer, Fronie through Coats, William
57 Coats, William T. through Cochran, Cintha
58 Cochran, Stacy through Cole, Charles F.
59 Cole, Charles N. through Collett, Clyde E.
60 Collett, Ghrady T. through Colstone, Anna G.
61 wroind side of sheet
62 Colter, James N. through Conseen, Jack
63 Conseen, Kate through Cook, Sibby M.
64 Cook, Susan through Copeland, Dollie
65 Copeland, Jamie D. through Cornett, Andrew J.
66 Cornett, Benjamin M. through Councill, Mathie
67 Counteryman, Andrew Jackson through Craig, Catherine
68 Craig, Catherine (Gdn) through Creek, Callie Templeton
69 Creekkiller, Frank through Crockett, Hannah
70 Crockett, Henry Warren through Crow, Marion
71 Crow, Martha J. through Cummins, Anna
72 Cummins, Evans through Curtis, Louis
73 Curtis, M. A. through Czarnikow, Robert
74 Darbary, Sarah L. through Dannenberg, Oby L.
75 Dannenberg, Robert C. through Davis, Alice V.
76 Davis, Allen through Davis, Jacob N.
77 Davis, James through Davis, Mary L.
78 Davis, Perrie Lee through Day, William A.
79 Day, William C. through De-ka-haa-gee-sky, An-cy
80 Delaney, Effie through Denny, William Allen
81 Denny, William Hardy through Dickson, Robt. B.
82 Dickson, Sarah H. through Dobbs, Ida
83 Dobbs, Mattie M. through Dollar, Louvina J.
84 Dollar, Sarah through Douglass, Annie
85 Douglass, Daisy D. through Downing, Joe & Willie
86 Downing, Joel et al through Driver, Perry
87 Drum, Ground Hog through Dunagan, Cicero S. Gdn.
88 Dunagan, Ezekiel, Jr. through Dunn, Jeas W
89 Dunning, Laura through Dyson, Zero
90 Eades, Carrie O. through Eddleman, Azur
91 Eddleman, Erna W. through Effler, Harriert
92 Efird, Arraner E. through Elliott, Marion C.
93 Elliot, Martha through England, John
94 England, John through Eurl, Isaac
95 Evans, A. J. through Everett, Wm. F.
96 Eversaw, Dave through Exleson, Hettie
97 Fagan, Frank & Paul through Farrar, Sallie M.
98 Farrar, Sula through Fergrill, Amos A.
99 Fender, Middleton B. through Fields, Wm. W.
100 Fikes, Minnie G. through Fitzgerald, Shepard
101 Fitzsimmons, Ida J. through Fluke, George
102 Fluke, Henry through Foreman, Mrs. Londa
103 Foreman, Lutesha through Foster, Mary & John
104 Foster, Mary J. through Fox, Lucinda
105 Fox, Mary L. through Frazier, Mary J.
106 Freebornn, Daniel D. through Frost, Odessa
107 Frost, Parlee V. through Fyfe, Zona
108 Gabriel, Devere through Gardner, Mary Jane
109 Gardner, Mattie through Gaston, Mary A.
110 Gaston, Mary J. through Gibbs, Richard
111 Gibbs, Simosa through Gillespie, Ada
112 Gillespie, Della M. through Glass, Annie
113 Glass, Elizabeth et al through Godfrey, Jesse H. (Gdn.)
114 Godfrey, John M. through Goins, William
115 Goins, William through Gordon, Mary (Watson)
116 Gordon, Robert J. through Graham, Lelia Viola
117 Graham, Lessie through Gravitt, Esther D.
118 Gravitt, Eula through Green, James M.
119 Green, John J. through Gregory, Christina
120 Gregory, Claud through Gritts, Levi
121 Gritts, Lizzie through Gunter, George
122 Gunter, George W. through Gwyn, Cornelia A.
123 Habich, Geo. through Hair, Maggie
124 Hair, Maude through Hall, Mary E.
125 Hall, Mary Louiza through Hammer, John
126 Hammer, Looney, Gdn. through Haney, George T.
127 Haney, Harvey through Hardy, Margrette F. , Gdn.
128 Hardy, Myrtie M. through Harper, Elsie Surrat
129 Harper, Emily through Harris, Mary L.
130 Harris, Mindo Black through Hart, Sarah
131 Hart, Sarah Ann through Hatfield, John M.
132 Hatfield, John T. through Hayes, Narcissus
133 Hayes, Eliza through Heath, Hartwell
134 Heath, J. through Henderson, Emily J.
135 Henderson, Emma through Henry, Polly
136 Henry, Robt. G. through Herrell, Charley, Gdn.
137 Herrell, Charlie through Hicks, Millard F.
138 Hicks, Nancy Blevins through Hilderbrand, Wallace
139 Hilderbrand, William through Hillhouse, Geo. W.
140 Hillhouse, Glenn through Hobgood, Lewis W., Gdn.
141 Hobgood, Nancy A. through Holcomb, Georgia
142 Holcomb, Harvey T. through Hollifiled, Arthur G. et al
143 Hollifield, Minnie. et al through Holt, Wm. S., Jr.
144 Holte, Elmira through Hopkins, John W.
145 Hopkins, Lizzie through House, Daniel M. Gdn.
146 House, George et al through Howell, Ellen
147 Howell, Emily C. through Hudler, Ira
148 Hudler, Issac through Hughes, Wm. M.
149 Hughes, Wm. P. through Hunter, Evan Edward
150 Hunter, Frances A. through Hyde, Margaret C.
151 Hyde, Mary M. Gdn. through Hysel, Thomas J.
152 Iaasic, William through Izzard, Alice
153 Jack, Dora through Jackson, Lucinda
154 Jackson, Nicholas through Jarrrell, Polly A.
155 Jarrell, William H. through Jewel, Alpha J.
156 Jewll, Nellie C. through Johnson, Frances C.
157 Johnston, Francis through Johnson, Martha Ellen
158 Johnson, Martha J. through Johnstron, Eliza
159 Johnston, Frances through Jones, Ezekiel
160 Jones, Fadina through Jones, Oo-lu-cha
161 Jones, Oscar (Gdn) through Jorden, Takey
162 Joree, Jessan through Justus, Thomas A.
163 Kah-ka-wee, Dick through Keith, Benjamin F.
164 Keith, Bertie through Kennedy, Addeline
165 Kennedy, Bertha through Ketron, Wm. M.
166 Key, Minerva A. through Kimber, Laura A.
167 Kimbro, Elizabeth Agness through Kingbury, Thomas T.
168 Kingfisher, Lizzie through Kirkland, James L.
169 Kirkland, James M. through Knox, Omer
170 Knox, Pearce K. through Kyle, Samantha
171 Lacewell, George through Lamons, James A.
172 Lamons, John M. through Lang, Zimariah W.
173 Langford, Caroline through Latta, Thomas Oliver
174 Lattay, Rhoda through Leader, Jessie J.
175 Leader, Lucinda through Ledford, Saphronia S.
176 Ledford, Sarah J. through Legg, Holace W. D. N.
177 Legg, Zames H. through Lewis, Jonah (Gdn)
178 Lewis, James A. through Linn, Arie
179 Linn, Donna through Lloyd, George A.
180 Lloyd, George C. through Lomax, Estell
181 Lomax, Flora through Louise, Catie
182 Louise, David through Lowen, John
183 Lowen, John through Lumpkin, John B.
184 Lumpkin, Thomas F. through Lytle, Wm. Fr.
185 Mabe, Agnes through McCane, Charity A.
186 McCann, Delia through McConnell, Lizzie
187 McConell, Rachel through McDaniel, Lulia E.
188 McDaniel, Lulu through McElreath, Daisy
189 McElreath, Endianna through McGinnis, Wm. M. (Gdn)
190 McGinnis, Wm. T. through McKing, Luther
191 McKinley, Aner through McMillion, Wm. H.
192 McMillen, John H. through Mainer, Ardenie J. Gdn
193 Mainer, Charles B. through Mann, Richard C.
194 Mann, Robert J/ through Marler, Wm. A.
195 Marler, William H. through Martin, Harriette C.
196 Martin, Harvey C. through Martin, Thomas W.
197 Martin, Thursday M. L. through Matherley, Daney J.
198 Matherly, James J. through May, Mary Emaline
199 May, Myrtle through Means, Amanda
200 Means, Attie through Metcalf, Absalom Jr.
201 Metcalf, Amandy C. through Meyers, Sallie
202 Michael, Abraham L. through Miller, Claude E.
203 Miller, Clara M. through Miller, Martha
204 Miller, Martin E. through Milligan, Saphronia
205 Millikan, Arza H. through Mitchel, Nancie
206 Mitchel, Walker through Mitchell, Puss
207 Moases, Jane through Moore, Bettey
208 Moore, C. F. Gdn through Moran, Rhoda
209 More, J. E. through Morris, Edna
210 Morris, Eliza through Morton, David
211 Morton, Drew through Mosteller, Mary Ann
212 Mosteller, Nancy L. through Mullins, Rebecca J.
213 Mullins, Seborn J. through Murray, Walter R.
214 Murray, Wesley through Myres, Commodore
215 Nabors, Flora E. through Neff, Easter E.
216 Neff, Sarah F. through Newman, Mrs. Sophia
217 Newman, Thomas through Nidy, Ophelia
218 Niehans, Cordelia J. through Nofire, John
219 Norman, Wesley W. through Nutter, Oather A
220 Oakball, Betsy, through Oliver, James M.
221 Oliver, John through Osborn, Lester & Mary A.
222 Osborn, Lester through Owen, Isabel McDonald
223 Owen, James M. through Ozment, John H.
224 Pace, Martian B. through Palmer, John R.
225 Palmer, Wm. H. through Parker, John
226 Parker, Havells through Parnell, Celia
227 Parnell, Laura through Pathkiller, William
228 Patillo, Willie E. through Payne, Angus
229 Payne, Anice through Peak, Joseph M.
230 Peak, Leander throughPennington, Claborn
231 Pennington, David E. through Peters, Lessie
232 Peters, Sarah E. through Phillips, Annie
233 Phillips, Arthur through Pickup, Jennie
234 Pickup, Jim through Pitner, Jennie
235 Pitner, Jessie through Poindexter, Robert H.
236 Poindexter, Robt. L. through Poplin, Samuel A.
237 Poplin, A Wm. H. through Powell, Virginia
238 Powell, Wm. B. through Price, James S
239 Price, Jasper P. through Proctor, Mike & Adam
240 Proctor, Nancy through Puryear, Henry S.
241 Puryear, Richard C. through Pyle, Clara
242 Quain, Wadessutta through Quintrell, Amanda
243 Rabbit, Arch through Rambo, Lillie M.
244 Rambo, Perry C. through Ratley, Wallace
245 Ratliff, Allen through Ray, Mary
246 Ray, Mary A. through Reece, Bessie
247 Reece, Callie L. through Reed, Lee P.
248 Reed, Lizzie through Reinhardt, John Gdn.
249 Reinhardt, Sarrah O. through Rice, Ira A.
250 Rice, J. C. Gdn through Richardson, Mary L.
251 Richardson, Maud L. through Ridge, Robert
252 Ridge, Susan through Robbins, Cessie Darthula
253 Robbons, Demrith through Roberts, Lulia J.
254 Roberts, Luther E. through Robinson, James Elmer
255 Robinson, James R. through Rogers, Charles H.
256 Rogers, Charles H. through Rogers, Susie
257 Rogers, Theodore through Rose, Lavicie Emeline
258 Rose, Lewise E. through Ross, Nancy
259 Ross, Lizzie, N. through Roy, George
260 Royston, Dave through Russell, Paul
261 Russell, Perry G. through Rymer, Ruben A.
262 Saalidin, Hallie through Sand, John
263 Sand, Maria through Sanders, Mariah
264 Sanders, Martha A. through Satterfield, Mattie S.
265 Satterfield, Octavia through Schaffer, Annie
266 Scharble, Joseph O. through Scott, Mary
267 Scott, John G. through Scruggs, Charley
268 Scruggs, Cora through Seitz, Robert S.
269 Seitz, William M. through Shade, Major
270 Shade, Peggy through Shaw, Marget F. J.
271 Shaw, Martin L. through Shely, Nina
272 Shepard, Ben through Shoemake, Elias M.
273 Shoemake, Georgia S. through Silver, Emma
274 Silver, Emma through Sisco, Nora
275 Sisemore, Effie V. through Sizemore, George W.
276 Sizemore, George W. through Sizemore, William
277 Sizemore, William through Sluder, William C. (Adm)
278 Slusher, Ida M. through Smith, Dennis
279 Smith, Dennis (Gdn) through Smith, Jack
280 Smith, Jacob through Smith, Lucy
281 Smith, Lucy through Smith, Robert
282 Smith, Robert (Gdn) through Smith, Zillah
283 Smitherman, Abner P. through Soap, Mary
284 Soap, Mose through Spainhour, Clarence
285 Spainhower, Ernest through Spencer, Mattie
286 Spencer, Nancy through Stallings, John E.
287 Stallings, Kasiah through Starlin, Rebeckey
288 Starlin, Rosa through Stealer, Sallie
289 Stedams, Susie through Stevens, Amelia A.
290 Stevens, Amy Viannia through Stiles, (Gdn) Charlotte E.
291 Stiles, Dorcas through Stone, Ida
292 Stone, Jennie R. through Strickland, Martha A.
293 Strickland, Brantley through Sugar, Sallie
294 Sugg, Jesse Sr. through Sunday, Susie
295 Sunday, Thomas through Sweatt, Elmer R.
296 Sweatt, George T. through Sylvester, M. M. (Est)
297 Tabb, Artaway J. through Tarapin, Charley
298 Tarapin, Jennie through Taylor, Isom
299 Taylor, Jack through Taylor, Thomas W.
300 Taylor, Timothy W. through Tenkiller, Nancy
301 Tennison, Elizabeth through Thomas, Johnanna est of
302 Thomas, Julia B. through Thompson, Franklin Desha
303 Thompson, Squire through Tidwell, James M.
304 Tidwell, James P. through Tinsley, Julia S.
305 Tinsley, Mary through Tottten, James F.
306 Touart, Annette (Mrs R.) through Triplet, James
307 Trplet, Ollie through Trusley, W. H.
308 Trusty, Sherman through Turner, James M.
309 Turner, David through Tyree, Samuel Frankling
310 Ueckar, Marthie through Uto, Maggie
311 Valentine, Fannie through Vann, John
312 Vann, John G. through Vaughn, William
313 Vaughn, William through Voyles, Mary Lou
314 Wadasutte, Annie through Waldron, Elizabeth
315 Waldron, Flora through Walker, Ollie
316 Walker, Opie through Wallas, Margaret
317 Wallen, Rosanna through Ward, John E.
318 Ward, John E. through Warsham, William M.
319 War-tee-too-ker, Ned through Waters, Susie (Gdn)
320 Waters, Sylvester through Watts, Crayton G.
321 Watts, Elizabeth through Weaver, Jessie Anna
322 Weaver, Joe through Wedrop, Isabell
323 Weekes, Ed through Welch, Sam
324 Welch, Sampson through Westenhaver, Flora
325 Wester, George M. through White, Darcus
326 White, Dora through Whitley, Amanda J.
327 Whitely, Calpernia C. through Whitmire, Willie
328 Whitmore, Catherine through Wildcat, Jar-wa-y-gar
329 Wildcat, Joseph through Williams, Clarence
330 Williams, Claud through Williams, Malise
331 Williams, Mallory A. through Willis, Roberta D.
332 Willis, Rogina through Wilson, Kate
333 Wilson, Katie through Wink, Nannie E.
334 Winningham, Martha through Wolfe, Ben
335 Wolfe, Betsey through Wood, Minnie B.
336 Wood, Minnie E. through Woodruff, Amy O.
337 Woods, Adaline through Wren, Ollie
338 Wright, A. A. through Wright, William R.
339 Wright, William T. through Wyse, John H.
340 Yah-ho-lah, Heavy through Young, Hattie
341 Young, Henry N. through Yount, Verda A. Gdn
342 Zachary, Cora M. through Zumstein, Ina