Native American Heritage

American Indian and Alaska Native Records in the National Archives

A Note About Privacy Restrictions
Records that are less than 75 years old, including student records, may contain personal information about individuals who are still living. These records are restricted under Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Exemption (b)(6), and must be screened by National Archives staff before being released to researchers. Personal information may be redacted. Learn more about FOIA.


Researchers can find information relating to American Indians and Alaska Natives from as early as 1774 through the mid-1990s at National Archives locations throughout the country. 

The National Archives preserves and makes available documents created by federal agencies in the course of their daily business. Because the U.S. government’s interactions with American Indians and Alaska Natives have changed over time, knowing the geographic place and time period of your research topic will help create a more positive research experience. As you plan your research, consider this question: how does my research topic intersect with the U.S. federal government?

To help you answer this question, use the navigation options below to explore the vast resources relating to American Indian and Alaska Native research.

If you are just beginning archival research, please review guidance about getting started.


Please note: Although some records related to American Indians and Alaska Natives are digitized and available online, there are many records that are only available in paper or microfilm format at National Archives research locations.





Research by Tribe, Band, or Community

The Native Communities program provides research guides for locating records related to American Indian and Alaska Native tribes, bands, and communities.

Research by Topic

Explore records at the National Archives related to American Indians and Alaska Natives by subject area. Select topics are listed alphabetically below.


Research by Federal Agency

Explore records created and maintained by federal agencies that interact with American Indians and Alaska Natives. Select agencies are listed below by record group (RG) number.


Bureau of the Census (RG 29)             




U.S. Supreme Court (RG 267)



Department of Energy (RG 434)

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National Park Service (RG 79)

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Bureau of Reclamation (RG 115)

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Forest Service (RG 95)

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Environmental Protection Agency (RG 412)

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Additional Resources

Explore finding aids, online publications, and other National Archives resources related to American Indians and Alaska Natives.