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Evaluation of Document Security Procedures

Attention Researchers:

The Customer Services Division will be conducting a month-long evaluation of our document security procedures beginning on Wednesday, July 6 and continuing until August 2, 2005. During this evaluation period, researchers utilizing the second floor Textual Research Room will be asked to present for inspection any papers and/or personal equipment in their possession prior to exiting the room. Staff will check only those exiting the room with papers and equipment in hand. The standard security checks administered by security personnel will also remain in effect for everyone entering and exiting the research complex on the first floor.

While we are reluctant to add additional requirements, it is important that we periodically take measures to assess the viability of our security procedures. Please be assured that we will make every effort to check your materials as quickly as possible. We anticipate increased need for checks during closing times and have adjusted our staffing accordingly. To have your materials checked as efficiently as possible please note the following suggestions:

  • Bring into the research complex only those items needed for research that day.
  • When making copies, make sure the reproductions bear the "Reproduced at the National Archives" imprint and proper declassification authorities.
  • Before leaving, take a moment to organize your materials, check your desk area, scanners, lap top computer, etc.
  • If leaving the room for a brief period of time, you may leave your materials at your desk.

Preserving the records which document our nation's heritage is very important to us. As we look for ways to improve document preservation and security, we would appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have by submitting them at