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Motion Picture Archival Copy Abbreviations

Intermediate copies designated with an (I), which are used to make film or videotape copies, are identified by the National Archives using the following abbreviations.

I. Motion Picture Film (I) Copies:


DNC Duplicate Negative, Composite
DNS Duplicate Negative, Silent
INSK Internegative, Silent - Color


FGMC Fine Grain Master, Composite (35mm only)
FGMS Fine Grain Master, Silent (35mm only)
INTPSK Inter Positive, Silent - Color
INCK Internegative Composite Color
MPPC Master Projection Print, Composite (earliest generation)
MPPS Master Projection Print, Silent (earliest generation)
MPSK Master Positive, Silent - Color


(C) Indicates composite (sound on film)
(E) Indicates polyester base
(I) Indicates intermediate
(K) Indicates color

Separate Tracks

DNT 35/16mm Duplicate Negative Track
MAG 35/16mm Magnetic tracks
MPT 35/16mm Master Positive Track

Footage Conversion Formula for Film-to-Video Transfers
  • 90 feet in 35mm = 1 minute
  • 36 feet in 16mm = 1 minute
SPECIAL NOTE: For silent film originally shot at sound speed, researchers should specify if the slower silent film speed is desired.

PLEASE NOTE: If any archival abbreviation listed on your Item Approval Request Form shows any of the abbreviations listed above and an "A" at the end of the "code," the "A" means that the film exists on Acetate (plastic) stock.

II. Video Recordings (I) Copies:

DBVT Digital Betacam
VM w/number 1-in Type C videotape
3/4-in U-matic
D-2 Digital Composite, Format 3/4-in