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The National Archives on Historypin

The National Archives on Historypin

The National Archives invites you to "pin your history to the world" at Historypin. This new media/map mashup site allows users to overlay photographs, videos and audio recordings on Google maps. Come help us put NARA on the map! Upload your digital files, add descriptive information and personal narratives to these items, and experience how familiar environments have changed over time in front of you. You are also encouraged to share your own memories and stories related to the records as well.

We launched with the following collections:

  • Mathew Brady Civil War photographs
  • Images from the Environmental Protection Agency’ Documerica photographic documentation project of the 1970s
  • Photographs of streets, buildings, and historic events in Washington, DC
  • Images used in the recent History Happens Here augmented reality contest.

Putting NARA on the Map: Historypin and the National Archives