National Archives at St. Louis

Preservation Program

Our Mission:

In 2000, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) initiated a Preservation Program at the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC). The mission of the Preservation Program is to maintain and preserve the holdings of NARA, in particular the permanent and pre-archival holdings of the NPRC. In addition, the Preservation Department is committed to safeguarding those records that are at a high risk of damage and information loss due to continued access.

The NPRC Preservation Laboratory, the physical component of this program, performs condition assessment and treatment intervention action for informational and intrinsically-valued records of the NPRC that are at-risk. The document treatment and reformatting functions of the Laboratory provide the NPRC with the necessary tools to protect against and prevent future loss to the national cultural heritage inherent in these records.

Inside the Preservation Laboratory:

The Preservation Laboratory is divided into two sections:

Additional Information:

  • Burned Records - click on the link to learn more about the Preservation Laboratory's efforts in treating the records damaged in the 1973 Fire.