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For the 100-year anniversary of the United States entering WWI in April, 2017, the US National Archives launched Remembering WWI, an iPad and Android application that invites audiences to explore, collaborate, and engage with the Archives’ extensive collection of World War I moving and still images.

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Thematic collections within the app.


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Add any item to a collection within the app, or create a new collection using that item.


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Clockwise from left: Regimental mascot (165-WW-472A-061), Women’s Machine Gun Squad Police Reserves, New York City (165-WW-143B-23), The 369th Regiment Returns Home on Stockholm (165-WW-127A-8)

  • Using the archival content within the app, you can create your own collections and build and share new narratives around the people, events, and themes you’re exploring. The app provides an unprecedented collection of WWI content digitized and preserved as part of the larger Wartime Films Project, much of it never-before-seen by the public. This includes photographs and films originally shot by the US Signal Corps on behalf of various armed forces units during the 1914–1920 timeframe.
  • The National Archives and our partners are introducing new visually compelling ways of exploring this public domain material, such as creating thematic collections within app for the opportunity to better explore relevant WWI stories.
  • Local, regional, and state level organizations can also add their own curated collections into the app, highlighting their own local content together with national collections. If your organization is interested in learning more about how to do this, please contact
  • The app is the outcome of in-depth user research and targets teachers, museum professionals and digital humanities scholars. For example, teachers will be able to use the app to enhance a lesson on WWI the classroom, museums can use NARA’s WWI materials to enrich the narrative around their own local collections, and on the backend humanities scholars will be able to utilize and reuse the metadata that we are generating from this content.

The Archives is leading this national collaborative effort with participation from the following:

This collaboration will ensure our audiences are connected to an extensive collection of resources to further provide an enriched experience with the app.

If you are interested in getting this out to your teacher, museum, and coder networks, follow along on NARA’s History Hub for updates and resources aimed at engaging these audiences.

For other inquiries, contact

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Brochure about the WW1 app


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Poster for Remembering WW1 app



Visit NARA's GitHub for the app's open source code, and download and enrich metadata from WWI images included in the app.

Disclaimer: While we have provided the Remembering WWI application for your download, NARA does not endorse the Google Play or the Apple iTunes Store. Nor does the National Archives endorse other products, opinions, or services presented on those sites, or any sites linked to them. The National Archives is not responsible for the legality or accuracy of information on the Android Marketplace or Apple iTunes Store sites, their policies, or for any costs incurred while using those sites.

This project is made possible in part by an anonymous donor and the National Archives Foundation. ​