National Archives at Chicago

Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, (Record Group 75) held in NARA's Great Lakes Region (Chicago, IL)

Records of the Chippewa Commission, Minnesota

Correspondence, 1889-1900
Letters Sent by the Chairman, 1893-1900
Letters Sent by the Disbursing Officer, 1891-1897
Letters Sent by the Chairman to the Secretary of the Interior, May-December 1892
Letters Sent from Leech Lake, 1894-1896
Enrollment Records, 1891-1899
Proceedings in Enrollment Cases, 1897-1899
Census Rolls, 1889-1897
Register of Arrivals of Indians, 1891-1899
Record of Issues, 1891-1899
Allotment Schedules, 1892-1899
Tract Book, 1898
Last Wills and Testaments of Indians, 1896-1900
Rosters of Employees, 1892-1899
Account Book, 1891-1900
Cashbook, 1894-1900

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