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National Home for Disabled Soldiers and the National Homes Service of the Veteran Administration

Records of the Marion Branch, Marion, IN. Sample Case Files of Veterans Temporarily at the Branch, 1890-1930

Box 1

Anderson, John 5th Indiana Cavalry
Arney, George 100th Indiana Infantry
Bacon, William H. Smith’s Independent Maryland Cavalry
Baldwin, Addison M. 12th Battery, Indiana Light Artillery
Boyer, Joshua 12th Indiana Infantry
Bulger, James 69th Ohio Infantry
Burton, Joseph B. 72nd Indiana Infantry
Caldwell, William 84th Indiana Infantry
Chase, John R. 12th Indiana Infantry; 59th Indiana Infantry
Collins, William 5th New Hampshire Infantry
Compton, Charles 34th Indiana Infantry
Devorons, William H. 13th Ohio Infantry; 180th Ohio Infantry
Dorgan, Timothy (Michael Burke) 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery
Earl, Lewis 145th Indiana Infantry
Ellis, Bartholomew 47th Indiana Infantry
Ellis, Isaac 94th New York Infantry; 10th New York Heavy Artillery
Ferguson, William H. 4th Indiana Cavalry
Hall, Henry 11th Michigan Infantry
Hays, Patrick 86th Indiana Infantry
Howe, Willis 33rd Indiana Infantry
Hupert, Wilton M. 15th U.S. Infantry
Kidd, John R. Quartermaster Depot
Lower, Conrad 35th Indiana Infantry
Lamm, Ledrew R. 193rd Ohio Infantry; 45th Veteran Reserve Corps; 14th U.S. Infantry
McMechen, Albert U.S. Navy
Petty, Alexander M. 3rd Missouri Cavalry
Phelps, William D. 1st Michigan Cavalry
Potts, Andrew P. 162nd Ohio Infantry
Pruitt, Moses 67th Indiana Infantry
Schuler, Francis 91st Indiana Infantry
Vincent, R.W. 35th Pennsylvania Infantry
Lynn, George 3rd U.S.C.T.
Perkins, Sherman S. 6th Ohio Infantry
Smith, John 40th Indiana Infantry
Terhune, Abraham H. 7th New York Heavy Artillery
Wilbur, Alfred 4th Iowa Cavalry
Wiltshire, John H. 53rd Ohio Infantry
Wood, John 61st Pennsylvania Infantry

Box 2

Bangle, Fred L. 23rd Recruit Company
Benz, Henry 1st Battalion, Missouri State Militia (Cavalry)
Brady, Henry W. 102nd Ohio Infantry
Burns, William J. 93rd Illinois Infantry
Dalby, William H. 123rd Indiana Infantry
Davis, Alpheus M. 36th Indiana Infantry
Dougherty, Hugh 7th Battery, Indiana Light Artillery
Ennis, Christopher 11th Indiana Infantry
Gorman, Timothy 7th Ohio Infantry; 3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery
Harrington, Moses 26th New York Infantry
Hossler, William G. 19th Ohio Infantry
Howard, Phineas 54th Indiana Infantry
Israel, James 67th Indiana Infantry; 93rd Indiana Infantry
Johnson, George W. 145th Indiana Infantry
Kiston, Allen 118th Indiana Infantry
Lang, Harry 12th U.S. Cavalry
Lewis, William H.H. 7th Pennsylvania Infantry; 46th Pennsylvania Infantry; 187th Pennsylvania Infantry
McGrath, John T. 10th U.S. Signal Corps
Mullin, John 34th Ohio Infantry; 36th Ohio Infantry
Need, John 22nd Indiana Infantry
Nicholson, James M. 49th Indiana Infantry
Owens, Isaac S. 9th Missouri State Militia (Cavalry)
Peter, Henry C. 24th Indiana Infantry
Porter, Eli 53rd Indiana Infantry
Pote, Simon U.S. Navy
Pruitt, Isaiah 19th Indiana Infantry
Richardson, John W. 5th Indiana Cavalry; 12th Veteran Reserve Corps
Saylor, Thomas 1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery
Schroyer, John T. 34th Ohio Infantry
Simmons, Joseph C. 33rd Indiana Infantry
Slaybaugh, Benjamin 152nd Indiana Infantry
Staats, Frederick 2nd Missouri Infantry
Stroup, William H. 160th Indiana Infantry
Stewart, Joseph 32nd U.S.C.T.
Taylor, Robert 116th U.S.C.T.
Thelender, Oscar T. 4th U.S. Cavalry
Tucker, George 156th Indiana Infantry
Webster, Harry 12th Minnesota Infantry
Wilson, James 84th Indiana Infantry
Vanolsen, Albert 130th Indiana Infantry
Wickerd, Erwin 57th Ohio Infantry

Box 3

Bowers, Ray 81st U.S. Field Artillery
Brodt, Clyde I. 130th U.S. Infantry
Eichelberger, William 187th Ohio Infantry
Guttersohn, George 22nd Ohio Infantry
Hueston, William H. 7th Kentucky Cavalry
Hunt, Francis M. 57th Indiana Infantry
Jacobs, Samuel Recruit and Education Center, U.S. Army
Jensen, Martin C. Camp Hospital #27
Jones, George W. 13th Ohio Infantry
Marshall, Charles L. (Lothard) 47th Pennsylvania Infantry
McKitrick, Henry 125th U.S. Colored Infantry
Nicholson, Fred W. Aviation Section, Signal
Ouk, John 142nd Indiana Infantry
Parker, James C. 1st Indiana Heavy Artillery
Perry, Nathan 118th Indiana Infantry
Pyle, Jonathan M. 89th Indiana Infantry
Robertson, Hyder 2nd Receiving Battalion
Smith, Joel 29th Indiana Infantry
Strong, Charles L. 5th Michigan Infantry
Young, William U. (Oscar White) Demobilization Detachment
Zakrzewski, Leo Leopold U.S. Navy
Benham, John Robert 146th M.G. Battalion
Fulton, William E. 5th Supply Train
Goen, Glen V. 10th U.S. Infantry
Kenley, Thomas Battery B, Casual Detachment
Koeneke, Clifford J. 13th U.S. Cavalry
Manning, John J. Convalescent Center, Demobilization Group
Pietezel, Horton M. 113th Ammunition Train
Robertson, Clarence E. Quartermaster Corps
Scheidler, Albert G. 314th Ammunition Train
Welsh, John M. 112th Field Signal Battalion
Cook, Fred Unassigned Regiment of Infantry
Sebastian, Mrs. Mary Civilian Employee, Trained Nurse
Rockel, John 1st Ohio Cavalry
Robinson, James N. 24th U.S. Infantry
Hume, Miss Carrie V. Civilian Employee, Graduate Nurse
McCurley, John 1st Tennessee Cavalry
Ertell, Charles William 4th Illinois Infantry

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