Teaching With Documents Lesson Plan:
Beyond the Playing Field -
Jackie Robinson, Civil Rights Advocate

Student Worksheet Key: Civil Rights History

Directions: Complete the following with information presented by your classmates.

Document # 1
Date: 8/13/57
From: Jackie Robinson
To: Fred Morrow (White House)
Event: 1957 Civil Rights Bill
Issue: equality

Document # 2
Date: 5/13/58
From: Jackie Robinson
To: President Eisenhower
Event: Summit Meeting of Negro Leaders
Issue: patience, segregation

Document # 3
Date: 11/4/60
From: Richard Nixon
To: Jackie Robinson
Event: 1960 election, arrest of Dr. King
Issue: politics, election issue

Document # 4
Date: 2/9/61
From: Jackie Robinson
To: President Kennedy
Event: Kennedy inauguration, emerging African nations
Issue: future, assertiveness, social awakening

Document # 5
Date: 7/15/63
From: Jackie Robinson
To: President Kennedy
Event: Medgar Evers's assassination
Issue: violence

Document # 6
Date: 8/28/63
Photo of Jackie Robinson and son
Event: March on Washington
Issue: future

Document # 7
Date: 3/9/63
From: Jackie Robinson
To: President Johnson
Event: 1965 violence in Alabama
Issue: violence

Document # 8
Date: 4/18/67
From: Jackie Robinson
To: President Johnson
Event: Vietnam War, riots in Tennessee and Ohio
Issue: firmer stand on civil rights

Document # 9
Date: 4/20/72
From: Jackie Robinson
To: Roland Elliott (White House)
Event: (Warning)
Issue: generational differences

Please note that the answers given for issues are suggestions and that students may add others.

Jackie Robinson Teaching Activities: Civil Rights History

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