Student Visits

Students can participate in hands-on document-based programs and visit our exhibitions.

National Archives Locations

Washington, DC

Declaration of Independence

The Consitution-in-Action learning lab by reservation, exhibitions, and hands-on activities for the public in our museum learning center

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Atlanta, GA

Fortifications in front of Atlanta in 1864

Document-based activity labs and study activities, as well as narrative presentations

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Boston, MA

Old State House in Boston

Hands-on field trips and research experiences for students K-college at our Waltham, MA, location

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Chicago, IL

Chicago Harbor

Assistance available for students conducting research for National History Day and other projects Contact Us
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Kansas City, MO

Aerial View of Kansas City

Hands-on primary-source research activities based on your current unit of study, including popular topics such as the Civil War, the Homestead Act, World War I, and World War II Contact Us (816) 268-8013
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New York, NY

World Globe

"Hands-On Archives" activities about diversity, National History Day, immigration, archival research, and National Archives primary sources

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Philadelphia, PA

Independence Hall

Hands-on investigation of topics such as immigration, the Civil War, Reconstruction, slavery, family history, and National History Day

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Seattle, WA

Forest Management Crew in Washington State

Guidance for college students in all disciplines conducting primary source research, and assistance for younger students conducting research for National History Day and other projects Contact Us (206) 336-5115
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Presidential Libraries Locations

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum (West Branch, IA)

Herbert Hoover

Guided tours

Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum (Hyde Park, NY)

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Interactive programs and hands-on activities

Harry S. Truman Library and Museum (Independence, MO)

Harry Truman

Guided and non-guided tours

Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum (Abilene, KS)

Dwight Eisenhower

Non-guided tours and scavenger hunts

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum (Boston, MA)

John F. Kennedy

Guided Programs for Elementary, Middle, and High School Groups

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum (Austin, TX)

Lyndon B. Johnson

Hands-on activities and programs

Richard Nixon Library and Museum (Yorba Linda, CA)

Richard Nixon

School tours

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum (Grand Rapids, MI)

Gerald Ford

School visits

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum (Atlanta, GA)

Jimmy Carter

School Tours and Programs

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum (Simi Valley, CA)

Ronald Reagan

Class visits

George Bush Presidential Library and Museum (College Station, TX)

George Bush

Interactive, guided tours

William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum (Little Rock, AR)

Bill Clinton

Tours for elementary, middle, and high school groups

George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum (Dallas, TX)

George W. Bush

Field trips and museum programs

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