News Clips - April 3, 1998

Washington D.C./General Interest

1. At Secret Factory, CIA Edits Files for Public Consumption (The Wall Street Journal, 3/19/98)

2. Kennedy Items Turned Over to Archives (The New York Times, 3/18/98)

3. JFK Auction to Proceed Minus Seven Disputed Lots (The Washington Post, 3/18/98)

4. The Value of History (The New York Times, 3/16/98)

5. Collector Says He Won't Sell Sensitive JFK Memorabilia (Sunday Press-Telegram, Long Beach, CA, 3/15/98)

6. Memorabilia Withdrawn from JFK Auction (Spectrum, Cedar Rapids, UT, 3/15/98)

7. U.S. Disputes Ownership of Kennedy Memorabilia (The Washington Post, 3/14/98)

8. Not So Fast, Auctioneers, Say the National Archives (The New York Times, 3/13/98)

9. U.S. Weighs Claim to JFK Artifacts (Boston Globe, 3/13/98)

10. National Archives Eyes Kennedy Auction (United Press Internation/Reuter Financial Report, 3/13/98)

11. U.S. May Stop JFK Auction (The Sun (Baltimore), 3/13/98)

12. Auction of JFK Artifacts Under Scrutiny by Feds (Boston Herald, 3/12/98)

13. White House Log Keeper Goes Before Grand Jury (The New York Times, 3/18/98)

14. Nixon to Get Day in Court on Tapes Compensation (The Washington Post, 3/30/98)

15. Nixon Papers Portray Fear of News Plot (The Washington Post, 3/19/98)

16. No Detail Too Small for Nixon (The Washington Post, 3/20/98)

17. Ex-Nixon Aide Says Historian Distorts Late President's Words (Press-Enterprise, Riverside, CA, 2/19/98)

18. Kissinger Had Doubts About Vietnam (The Washington Post, 3/19/98)

19. Letter to the Editor (From Peter Jeffrey) ( to The American Spectator)

20. Congressional Aide Made it Possible for Historians to Study Nixon's Tapes, Papers (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/20/98)

21. Ruining Nixon Tapes (Lubbock Avalance-Journal, 2/28/98)

22. News in Brief (Appealing a Court Ruling) (Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/24/98)

23. Court Deals Blow to National Archives (International Herald Tribune, 2/25/98)

24. Judges Back Giving Tapes to Nixon Estate (News and Observer, Raleigh, NC, 2/24/98)

25. Space at Premium at National Archives (Kansas City Star, 3/25/98)

26. Archives Rule Allowing Agencies to Delete Electronic Records Voided (The News Media and the Law, Winter 1998)

27. Websites and "British" Names (Irish America Magazine, Mar-Apr, 1998)

28. Prez: Cybertaxes Would Be Net Loss (Daily News, New York, 2/2798)

29. Is DOD the Archiving Savior? (Government Computer News, 3/23/98)

30. Softer Side of Lincoln Comes to Light in a Trove of Papers (The New York Times, 3/15/98)

31. Compassionate Man (Evansville Courier, Indiana, 3/6/98)

32. Historians Discover 570 War Documents Signed by Lincoln (International Herald Tribune, Paris, 3/3/98)

33. Big Stash of Lincoln Documents Unearthed at National Archives (San Francisco Chronicle, 3/5/98)

34. Huge Cache of Lincoln Documents Discovered (Delaware State News, 3/2/98)

35. Revolutionary War Had its Black Heroes (Yakima Herald-Republic, Washington, 3/2/98)

36. Coin Aids Black Patriots Memorial (Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/26/98)

37. Coin Sales to Pay for Memorial (Fresno Bee, California, 2/26/98)

38. Archives Celebrates Black History All Year (Prince George's Journal, Maryland, 2/27/98)

39. The Spanish-American War and the Philippine Insurrection (Social Education, Washington D.C., Feb. 1998)

40. Memories of a Blood-Stained Dress (New York Post, 2/23/98)

41. 20 Tons of Iraqi Secret Documents On Chemical Weapons Shipped to Colorado (Jewish Press, Brooklyn, 2/13/98)

42. Obituary: Emerson Laird Fraser, retired NARA employee (Washington Post, 3/1/98)


43. Family History Workshops Set (Times Herald, Norristown, PA, 2/25/98)

44. Ways to Trace Your Family Tree (Atlanta News Leader, 2/5/98)

45. Death Records Can Offer a Clue to Person's Whereabouts in Life (Orange County Register, California, 2/12/98)

46. Genealogical Workshop (Morning Call, Allentown, PA, 2/23/98)

Exhibits and Programs

47. Women and Politics (Tampa Tribune and Times, 3/1/98)

48. Newsnote (ref: Digital Classroom) (Multi Media Schools, Washington D.C., Mar. 1998)

49. Newsnote (ref: Digital Classroom) (Chronicle of Higher Education, 2/20/98)

50. Newsnote (ref: National Archives) (Lake City Reporter, Florida, 2/12/98)

51. Newsnote (ref: NARA Website on GPO Access) (Airport Press, Jamaica, NY, March 1998)

Office of Regional Records Services

52. U.S. Archivist to Address Group (ref: NARA staff member Bill Doty) (Californian, Temecula Edition, 3/4/98)

53. Recapping 4th Quarter of 1997 in KC area (ref: move to Space Center Summit) (Kansas City Business Journal, 2/27/98)

54. Hickey to Lecture on Conte Archives (Berkshire Eagle, Pittsfield, MA, 2/25/98)

55. Old Fort Still Has Many Tales to Tell (News Journal, Wilmington, DE, 2/18/98)

Presidential Libraries

56. Presidential Timber (Kansas City Star, 2/15/98)

Hoover Presidential Library

57. Charming Exhibits to Stretch Imagination of Eastern Iowans (The Gazette, Cedar Rapids, IW, 3/15/98)

58. Feed Your Mind, Expand Your Stomach (Des Moins Register, 3/5/98)

59. Think Small (The Gazette, Cedar Rapids, IW, 3/4/98)

60. Hoover Library Offers Glimpse of Something Small (Iowa City Press-Citizen, 2/19/98)

Truman Presidential Library

61. Ford to Get Truman Award (Detroit Free Press, 2/25/98)

62. Gerald Ford to be Truman Award Owner (Examiner, Independence, MO, 2/21/98)

63. Israel at 50: Truman Library Web Site Details 1948 Birth of Jewish State (The Kansas City Jewish Chronicle, 2/27/98)

Kennedy Presidential Library

64. JFK Library to Commemorate 1963 Struggle for Civil Rights (Prince Georges' Post, Maryland, 2/12/98)

65. Travel Log (ref: Kennedy Library) (Post and Courier, Charleston, SC, 2/15/98)

66. Kennedy Library Civil Rights Series (Daily Times Chronicle, Woburn, MA, 2/18/98)

Ford Museum

67. Photo with caption (ref: Ford Museum) (Grand Rapids Press, 2/12/98)

Carter Presidential Library

68. Photo with caption (ref: Carter Library) (Atlanta Journal/Constitution, 3/19/98)

69. Hungarian Rhapsodizing: At the Capitol, A Crowning Moment (The Washington Post, 3/19/98)

70. Photo with caption (ref: Carter Library) (Creative Loafing, 2/14/98)

71. Newsnote (ref: Carter Library) (Dallas Morning News, 3/15/98)

Reagan Presidential Library

72. Hail to the Chiefs: Presidents Get Their Day at Reagan Library (Daily News, Los Angeles, 2/17/98)

73. Past Presidents Honored at Library (Los Angeles Times, 3/17/98)

74. Exhibit Explores ‘President's Garden' (Simi Valley, 3/3/98)

75. Local Artist's Work is Selected for Viewing in Reagan Library (Palos Verdes Peninsula News, California, 3/7/98)

78. Museum Visit Sheds Light on Art, Bygon Political Era in Capital (Sacramento Bee, Feb. 1998)

Bush Presidential Library

79. A Lifetime of Leadership (Air Force, Army and Navy Times, 2/23/98)

79. Two New Presidential Museums Welcome Visitors (Trailer Life, Ventura, CA, March 1998)

80. 1997 Distinguished Odessans (ref: NARA employee Patricia Burchfield) (Odessa American, Texas, 2/20/98)

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