News Clips - August 6, 1998

    Archives II

    1. Archives II Attracts Academics Seeking Americana (Gazette Community News, 7/9/98)

    Declassification Issues

    2. Defense Bill Provision Could Curb Declassification (The Washington Post, 7/31/98)

    3. Classified Documents on Nukes Seen at Risk (The Washington Times, 7/31/98)

    4. FBI Won Exception to Presidential Order Declassifying Secrets (The Washington Post, 7/19/98)

    Electronic Records Issues

    5. NARA Circulates Draft Records Management Plan (Federal Computer Week, 7/29/98)

    6. NARA Floats Plan for Storing Records About IT Systems (Federal Computer Week, 7/29/98)

    7. NARA Floats Record Plan (Government Computer News, 6/1/98)

    8. NARA Issues Draft E-Records Plan (Federal Computer Week, 6/22/98 )

    9. We Can’t Save Everything (The New York Times, 7/6/98)

    10. House Panel Matches $2.25B Y2K Funding (Federal Computer Week, 6/15/98)

    11. The Tax Man Will Open Up (Daily Record, 7/98)


    12. Growing Your Family Tree (Time, 7/13/98)

    Web Site

    13. National Archives Site Posts 3,000 New Items (The Patriot News, 5/26/98)

    14. Patriotism Over Picnics (Spectator, 7/1/98)

    15. The Hot Spot: Click Back Into Our History at NARA (Computer Shopper, June 1998)

    16. Women Suffrage and the 19th Amendment: A Digital Classroom Project; Major Classroom Resource Available From National Archives (Metro Herald, 7/10/98)

    Affiliate Archives

    17. The Yellowstone Archives and its Affiliation With NARA (Cultural Resource Management, No. 6, 1998)

    Zapruder Film

    18. Out of the Vault and into the Money (Oakland Tribune, 7/10/98)

    19. Exploiting a Tragic Turn in Our History (Westchester News, 7/9/98)

    20. Zapruder Film in Cold Vault (Daily Southtown, 7/8/98)

    21. From 1963 to $19.98 (Boston Globe, 7/16/98)

    22. For Sale: 26 Seconds of American History (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 7/14/98)

    23. Release of JFK Assassination on Home Video Debated (Daily News, 7/14/98)

    24. Film of JFK’s Murder is Going on Sale Today (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/13/98 )

    25. Zapruder Film Stored in Vault (Daily Record, 7/8/98)

    NARA Records

    26. Kennedy Papers (USA Today, 7/22/98)
    FBI Releases Paper on JFK Assassination (The Washington Times, 7/22/98)
    JFK Premonition (USA Today, 7/23/98)

    27. Nixon Logs Burn to Ashes (The Washington Post, 7/1/98)

    28. Long Lost Secrets (The Washington Times, 7/29/98)

    29. Dedication to Detail Helped Allies Defeat Germans (Post-Journal Weekender, 6/6/98)

    30. Thorny Issues on Trail of Nazi Gold (Christian Science Monitor, 6/16/98)


    31. Federal Records Agency Gets a New Chief (Chronicle of Higher Education, 7/12/98)

    Public Programs

    32. NARA/Pepco Advertisement (The Washington Post, 8/3/98)

    33. Age Takes Toll on U.S. Icons (Press-Enterprise, 7/8/98)

    34. Weekend’s Best (The Washington Post, 7/4/98)

    35. Words to Remember: The Declaration of Independence-Editorial (Longview News-Journal, 7/4/98)

    36. Archives Lecture (The Washington Times, 7/31/98)

    37. "Our Mothers Before Us: Women and Democracy, 1789-1920," Historic Petitions Teach Women’s Place in History (The News, 6/25/98)

    38. History is Docked Here (South Philadelphia Review-West, 7/9/98)

    Lee’s Summit Storage Facility

    39. National Archives Opens Facility in Lee’s Summit (Kansas City Star, 6/2/98)

    40. National Archives to Open New Underground Facility (Morning Sun, 5/27/98) Missouri (USA Today, 5/3/98)

    Space Planning Issues

    41. Archives Administration Schedules Public Meeting to Discuss Needs (Berkshire Eagle, 6/9/98)

    42. San Bruno Archive Site a Treasure Trove For Family Tree (San Mateo County Times, 6/22/98)

    43. San Bruno May Lose its National Archives (San Mateo County Times, 6/17/98)

    44. Archives May be Moved (Houston Chronicle, 6/13/98)

    45. Archives’ Closings Contemplated (The News-Gazette, 6/20/98)

    46. Leave Archives in San Bruno (San Francisco Examiner, 7/2/98)

    47. National Archives Center Will Stay Open (Hokubei Mainchi, 7/30/98)

    48. Historic Trove May Move From Federal ‘Ziggurat’ (Press-Enterprise, 7/4/98)

    49. Wanted: Roomy, Air-conditioned Home for Records (The Orange County Register, 7/2/98)


    50. Mabel E. Deutrich (La Crosse Tribune, 7/12/98)

    Presidential Libraries:

    Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

    51. Lecture Focuses on Hoover and Eisenhower (Iowa City Press-Citizen, 6/4/98)

    52. West Branch Museum Offers Private Peek at Our Presidents (Dispatch, 7/10/98)

    Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum

    53. Retracing FDR’s Footsteps (Vidette Times, 4/24/98)

    Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

    54. A Love Affair to Remember (Southern Living, May 1998)

    55. Colin Powell Commemorates 50th Anniversary of U.S. Armed Forces (Kansas City Globe, 7/8/98)

    56. A Patriotic Declaration (Houston Chronicle, 7/6/98)

    Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library

    57. Truman, Eisenhower are Honored at Homes (Air Force Times, 6/22/98)

    John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

    58. J.F.K.’s Boston (Panorama, 6/29/98)

    Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library

    59. Austin and the Hill Country (Louisiana Life, July-September 1998

    Gerald R. Ford Museum

    60. Doughboys: The Last of a Dying Breed Helped Fight "The War to End all Wars" (Grand Rapids Press, 7/2/98)

    61. Museum Drops Painting by Hitler (Grand Rapids Press, 7/3/98)

    Jimmy Carter Presidential Library

    62. More Hot Spots (Lake Charles American Press, 4/19/98)

    Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

    63. Quilts Gone But No One Will Say Why (Simi Valley Star, 7/10/98)

    64. Library Now Fully Staffed and Ready for Projects (Simi Valley Star, 6/29/98)

    George Bush Presidential Library

    65. "Bulletproof" Protection for the George Bush Library (SPF Roofing, February 1998)

    66. Horse Sculpture Celebrates Fall of Berlin Wall (Sunday Journal, 6/28/98)

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