News Clips - July 29, 1999

NARA Records Charters Re-encasement Project

1. USA's Charters Will Get New Frames (USA Today, 7/2/99)

2. Photo (The New York Times, 7/2/99)

3. Country's Founding Documents Getting New Homes (Sun Journal, 7/2/99)

4. Technology to Help Protect Declaration of Independence (Patriot Ledger, 7/2/99)

5. Photo (Delaware State News, 7/2/99)

6. Friendly Fire (Daily News, 7/2/99)

7. Preserving the Past (Mining Voice, 5/99-6/99)

8. Talking it Over, by Hillary Rodham Clinton (, 6/30/99)

John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection

9. Soviet JFK Files a ‘Breakthrough' (Newsday, 6/23/99)

10 Don't Expect Big Surprises from KGB's Oswald Files (USA Today, 6/23/99)

11. Affable but Ailing Yeltsin Gives JFK Files to Clinton (The Washington Post, 6/21/99)

12. Zapruder Family Argues Worth of JFK Death Film (Arizona Republic, 6/6/99)

13. Q & A on the News (Atlanta Constitution, 6/23/99)

14. Coffin Can't Bury Conspiracy Theory (Ledger, 6/8/99)

15. JFK Coffin Was Tossed at Family's Request (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/2/99)

16. Kennedy Casket Dropped Into Sea (USA Today, 6/2/99)

17. JFK's Dallas Coffin Was Dumped in Atlantic (Times, 5/31/99)

18. Kennedy File to Detail Casket Disposal (The Washington Post, 5/30/99)

19 Watery Grave for JFK Casket (Sunday New York Post, 5/30/99)

Nixon Presidential Materials

20. The Speech That Never Had to be Given (Press-Telegram, 7/13/99)

21. Poignant Words Never Delivered (Staten Island Advance, 7/10/99)

22. The Story of a Tragedy That Was Not to be (Los Angeles Times, 7/7/99) Chilean Document Release 5/30/99

23. U.S. Disclosure on Chile May Echo (Christian Science Monitor, 7/2/99)

24. Pinochet's Terrors Known Early (Indianapolis Star, 7/1/99)

25. CIA Changed Tune on Pinochet Coup, Documents Reveal (Washington Times, 7/1/99)

26. Documents Show U.S. Knew Pinochet Planned Crackdown in ‘73 (The Washington Post, 7/1/99)

27. U.S. Releases Files on Abuses in Pinochet Era (The New York Times, 7/1/99)


28. U.S. Knew Early of Nazi Killings in Asylums, Official Documents Show (The New York Times, 7/29/99)

29. Lindbergh Files Transferred (The Kansas City Star, 7/23/99)

30. Agency Automates Processes (Signal, 7/99)

31. Your Government is Hiding Something From You (St. Petersberg Times, 5/23/99)

32. Government is Taking Steps to Just Say it in Plain English (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/21/99)

33. Views on Veterans: The National Anthem (Times Leader, 6/20/99)

34. Alleged Massacre Probed (Army Times, 6/14/99)

35. Two Search for Evidence of Massacre (Akron Beacon Journal, 6/4/99)

Electronic Records Issues

36. SDSC Offers Archiving Tips (Federal Computer Week, 6/19/99)

37. History: We're Losing it (Newsweek, 6/12/99)

38. Data-Archive Standards Developed (Space News, 6/28/99)

39. NARA Records Draft Plan on its way to OMB (Federal Computer Week, 6/28/99)

40. NARA is Coping (Federal Computer Week, 6/21/99)

41. Making History (Wall Street Journal, 6/21/99)

42. NARA Must Learn to Cope Electronically (Federal Computer Week, 5/31/99)

NARA Web Site

43. Hotlist: Fourth of July (Houston Chronicle, 7/2/99)

44. A few Sparkling Sites for the Fourth (Abilene Reporter-News, 6/30/99)

45. Quick-Bytes: Our History (Sunday Morning Sentinel, 6/27/99)

46. Information Technology Resources (Chronicle of Higher Education, 5/28/99)

47. District 87 Students Help Untangle Web (Pantagraph, 5/24/99)


48. Ask Ancestry (Daily Herald, 7/3/99)

49. Trace the Branches of Your Family Tree (Times Herald, 6/18/99)

50. Cultivate a Family Tree on the Web (Oakland Tribune, 6/13/99)

51. Researching Family Tree Gets Easier (Daily Southtown, 6/1/99)

52. Headstone List is Useful Resource (Evansville Courier & Press, 5/30/99)

Exhibits and Events

53. Revelers Let Freedom Ring (The Washington Post, 7/5/99)

54. Hot Weather Bakes East on U.S. Birthday (San Francisco Chronicle, 7/5/99)

55. Snapshots of America (Denver Rocky Mountain News, 7/4/99)

56. Weekend's Best (The Washington Post, 7/2/99)

57. The Arts (Kliatt, 7/99)

58. Brassey's Air Combat Reader (Aopa Pilot, 7/99)

59. The Quiet One (City Paper, 6/25/99)

60. Edifying Books to Calm the Fevered Brain (The Courier-Gazette, 6/1/99)

61. A Dozen Photography Exhibits that Click (America West, 6/99)

62. National Archives Displays First Digitally Produced B/W Murals (Photographic Processing, 6/99)

Regional Archives

63. National Archives Records Administration Retains Archives (Houston Chronicle, 6/19/99)

Presidential Libraries

64. Nobody's Being Quiet in Clinton's Library (U.S. News & World Report, 8/2/99)

65. Unusual Help (U.S. News & World Report, 7/12/99)

66. The Clinton Library (The New York Times, 6/29/99)

67. Dinner for a Presidential Library, Contributions Welcome (The New York Times, 6/28/99)

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

68. The Past Will Last (Des Moines Register, 7/1/99)

69. Calling all Bakers (Gazette, 6/15/99)

70. West Branch Workshop Looks at Preservation (Gazette, 6/17/99)

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum

71. Politics Holding up FDR Visitors Center Work (Poughkeepsie Journal, 7/23/99)

72. Bills Benefiting Two Area Historic Sites Tied up (Daily Freeman, 7/22/99)

73. N.J. Woman to Head Historical FDR Library in New York (Times, 7/4/99)

74. New Director of FDR Library Will Come on Board in August (Daily Freeman, 6/20/99)

75. Roosevelt Site Hires Librarian (Poughkeepsie Journal, 6/25/99)

76. Screening of Early Films Opens 5-day Festival (Poughkeepsie Journal, 6/2/99)

Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

77. Truman Library Quieter (Kansas City Star, 7/3/99)

78. Truman Library to Salute July 4 But No Fireworks Display this Year (Call, 7/2/99)

79. Independence's Core Retains Feel of Truman Era (St. Louis Post Dispatch, 7/6/99)

Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library

80. Eisenhower Library Opens Exhibit on Washington (Wichita Eagle, 6/19/99)

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

81. Presidential Leaks Do No Damage Yet (Washington Post, 6/8/99)

82. Repairs Eyed at Kennedy Library (Boston Globe, 6/7/99)

83. Leaky Library Needs Repair (Boston Herald, 6/7/99)

Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library

84. LBJ Hill Country: Land Behind the Man (San Diego Union-Tribune, 7/4/99)

85. Arts: Grandma Moses (Austin American-Statesman, 6/17/99)

86. A 30-Year Reunion and Review of President Lyndon B. Johnson (Omaha Star, 6/3/99)

Gerald R. Ford Museum

87. Grand Rapids, Michigan Home of ‘American Century' Show (Star Tribune, 6/6/99)

88. From the Titanic (Plain Dealer, 5/23/99)

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library

89. Marking "Time" (Where Atlanta, 6/99)

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

90. A New View of History (Los Angeles Times, 6/29/99)

91. Landmark Looks Toward Drawing More Out-of-towners (Ventura County Sunday Star, 6/27/99)

92. Reagan Library Boss Leaving After 3 Years (Los Angeles Times, 6/18/99)

93. Taking a Ride With Reagan (San Francisco Chronicle, 5/28/99)

George Bush Presidential Library

94. Librarians Field Questions About Both Bushes (Austin American-Stateman, 7/3/99)

95. Former President Bush Pops Chute For a 3rd Time (Los Angeles Times, 6/10/99)

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