News Clips - March 2000

NARA Records

1. National Archives Fire 'Intentional'? (Associated Press, 3/24/00)

2. Slaves' Pay Stubs Found (Associated Press, 3/16/00)

3. Archivists Salvage Damaged Records (Washington Times, 3/3/00)

4. History Buffs Find New Treasures At Maritime Museum (Coastal Journal, 3/2/00)

5. Wood Middle School Students Build New Skills (Wheaton Gazette, 3/1/00)

6. More on Nixon (Poughkeepsie Journal, 2/27/00)

7. New Voice On Nixon Tapes-Astrologer Jeane Dixon (Orlando Sentinel, 2/27/00)

8. The 2001 Budget (Federal Computer Week, 2/21/00)

9. Local Documents Are Being Stolen, Destroyed (Norwich Bulletin, 2/16/00)

10. Nixon Online (Union-News, 2/14/00)

11. National Archives Building In Washington To Undergo Renovations (Albany Herald, 2/12/00)

Electronic Records Issues

12. Archives Reconsidering Records Policies, Formats (Federal Computer Week, 3/23/00)

13. Research Engines (Salt Lake City Tribune, 3/18/00)

14. Agency Policies On Electronic Records Still In Limbo (Government Executive Magazine, 3/15/00)

15. E-Mail Management At Last (Business Solutions, 3/00)

16. Speedy Computer Stores Two Million E-Mail Files In Two Days (Federal Times, 2/14/00)

NARA Web Site/Genealogy

17. Substitute 1890 Census Slowly Emerging In 2000 (Deseret News, 3/22/00)

18. Genealogical Research At The National Archives (Forbes, 2/28/00)

19. Family Connections Can Be Made Using Census Records (Whittier Daily News, 2/28/00)

20. Information Pertaining To 1930 Population Census On Internet (Commercial-News, 2/27/00)

21. Genealogy (Post-Tribune, 2/10/00)

Exhibits and Events

22. Treasures Of Congress (Unum, 3/00-4/00)

23. Weekend's Best: Picturing The Century (Washington Post, 3/24/00)

24. Another Count For Revere: The Census (Washington Post, 3/19/00)

25. A Treasured History (Potomac News & Manassas Journal Messenger, 2/12/00)

26. All Month (Metro Herald, 2/11/00)

27. Brushing Back Jim Crow (Washington Sun, 2/10/00)

28. "Picturing The Century: Part II" To Open At National Archives (Bus Tours Magazine, 2/00)

Regional Archives

29. Immigration Files To Stay In Bay Area (San Jose Mercury News, 3/17/00)

30. Archives Offers Workshops On Genealogy (Berkshire Eagle, 2/23/00)

31. Co-Hosts Of "The Southwest: A Region In Transition" (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 2/18/00)

33. Genealogy Enthusiasts Can Find Help At WCC (Kendall County Record, 2/17/00)

34. NARA Offers Workshops In 2000 (Albany Herald, 2/12/00)

Presidential Libraries

35. Getting To Know Past Presidents By Visiting Their Libraries (Main Line Times, 3/2/00)

36. Foot Notes (Los Angeles Times, 2/18/00)

37. 10 Great Places For Presidents Day (USA Today, 2/18/00)

38. Eisenhower, Clinton Alike Says Ike's Kin (Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 2/12/00)

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

39. The White House Loves It When Kids Paint The Presidents (Gazette, 2/27/00)

40. Hoover Site Seeks Artist In Residence (Iowa City Press-Citizen, 2/21/00)

41. Hoover Award Open To Juniors (Iowa City Press-Citizen, 2/6/00)

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum

42. Festival Probes History Of Classic Cartoons (Poughkeepsie Journal, 3/16/00)

Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

43. Presidential Documents To Be Transferred To UMKC (Examiner, 2/24/00)

44. Document Bounty (Kansas City Star, 2/19/00)

45. City Sites Drew More Visitors In '99 (Examiner, 2/17/00)

46. Retiree At Home Among Victorian Miniatures (Kansas City Star, 2/16/00)

47. Historians Shed Light On LBJ: Beschloss Appears At Truman Library (Kansas City Star, 2/14/00)

Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library

48. Secret Eisenhower Tapes Released (San Juan Star, 3/2/00)

49. Eisenhower Recorded In White House (Dayton Daily News, 3/2/00)

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

50. Family Datebook (Boston Globe, 2/26/00)

51. With Official OK, Hasbro To Make JFK Action Figure (Boston Globe, 2/23/00)

52. Kennedy Library Looks Within For Anniversary Exhibit (Sunday World-Herald, 2/20/00)

53. Kennedy Library Offers Free Children's Programs During School Vacation Week (Daily Times Chronicle, 2/17/00)

Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library

54. Our New Day Begun: African American Artists Entering The Millennium (Museum Store, Spring 2000)

55. African-American Art Exhibit Showcased At LBJ Museum (Daily News, 2/20/00)

Gerald R. Ford Museum

56. Around Town At The Grand Rapids Meeting (Ensign, 3/00)

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

57. Meet The Prez (Los Angeles Times, 2/22/00)

58. Reagan Library Plans Special Activities For President's Day (Valley View, 2/9/00)

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