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Amending America

This is the exhibition catalog for the National Archives exhibit "Amending America." Discover the remarkably American story of how we amended, or attempted to amend, our Constitution in order to form a more perfect union.

Representing Congress: Clifford K. Berryman's Political Cartoons

Representing Congress

Representing Congress is an eBook which presents a selection of political cartoons and learning resources to engage students in a discussion of what Congress is, how it works, and what it does.


The Chinese Exclusion Act: Researching in the National Archives

Chinese Exclusion Act eBook cover

The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 was the first significant law restricting immigration into the United States. Documents and records of individual case files and Certificates of Residence housed in the National Archives detail the individual stories resulting from this and subsequent legislation. Explore these primary source materials through the National Archives' book and iTunes U course.


Spirited Republic eBook cover

This is the exhibition catalog for "Spirited Republic", the National Archives exhibit exploring the role the Federal government has played in regulating, promoting, investigating, prohibiting, and warning about alcohol. The exhibit will be on view at the National Archives in Washington, DC March 6, 2015 through January 10, 2016.*


What's Cooking,
Uncle Sam?

'What's Cooking, Uncle Sam?' eBook cover

This eBook is an adaptation of the exhibition catalog for The National Archives Museum's popular “What's Cooking, Uncle Sam?” exhibit. The records featured in “What's Cooking” were all produced in the course of Government efforts to ensure that Americans enjoy an ample, safe, and nutritious diet.

Congress Creates the
Bill of Rights

'Congress Creates the Bill of Rights' eBook cover

This eBook focuses on James Madison's leadership role in creating the Bill of Rights, effectively completing the U.S. Constitution.

Making Their Mark: Stories Through

Making Their Mark eBook cover

This exhibit guide is based on the National Archives Museum's "Making Their Mark: Stories Through Signatures" exhibit.

Baseball: The National Pastime in the National Archives

'Baseball: The National Pastime in the National Archives' eBook cover

This ebook tells the story of our national pastime through documents, photographs, audio, video, and other records preserved at the National Archives.

Exploring the United States Constitution

'Exploring the United States Constitution' eBook cover

This ebook is a compilation of articles written by our Education staff over the last three decades. It was created in celebration of the 225th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution in Philadelphia in 1787.

The Meaning and Making
of Emancipation

The Meaning and Making of Emancipation' eBook cover

This ebook presents the Emancipation Proclamation in its social and political context with documents from the National Archives' holdings.



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