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Military History Publications

We offer a selection of guides, finding aids, microfilm catalogs, and special archival publications useful to anyone, especially scholars, archivists, historians, and researchers, interested in military history.

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A Guide to Civil War Maps in the National Archives

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Civil War Maps in the National Archives lists the approximately 8,000 Civil War maps, charts, and plans in the Cartographic and Architectural Branch of the National Archives, the largest single body of cartographic records pertaining to the American Civil War. The records described in this guide are maps, plans, and charts containing information relating directly to Civil War operations and installations. Most of the material described dates from the war and was produced for use by the military forces or to accompany official reports. Many of the maps that are contemporary with the war do not deal specifically with military operations, but do provide information concerning the areas directly affected by the conflict. A number of postwar maps contain military information, usually prepared for historical purposes or in connection with official investigations of Civil War operations.

American Women and the U.S. Armed Forces: A Guide to the Records of Military Agencies in the National Archives Relating to American Women

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Covering the last two centuries, the records highlighted in this volume discuss women as participants in and victims of war, suppliers of military goods and services, and wives and mothers of soldiers. 1992.

Confederacy: A Guide to the Archives of the Government of the Confederate States of America

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This companion volume to The Union is a guide to the official archives of the government of the Confederate States of America. 1986.

Discovering the Civil War

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Discovering the Civil War peels back 150 years of accumulated analysis, interpretation, and opinion to reveal a Civil War that is little-known. Featuring over 250 letters, diaries, photos, maps, petitions, receipts, patents, amendments and proclamations from the incomparable holdings of the National Archives, it takes a fresh look at the Civil War through little-known stories, seldom-seen documents, and unusual perspectives. Grouped into themes such as "Spies and Conspiracies," "Prisoners and Casualties," "Global War," and "Raising Armies," this new book looks beyond the battlefield to the experiences of ordinary people. Famous documents, such as the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, are juxtaposed with innovative wartime patents, including a multipurpose device that could serve as a tent, knapsack, or blanket, and a message in Chinese script asking for Confederate ships to be barred from Chinese ports - proving that the Civil War became a truly international struggle.

Guide to Records Relating to US Military Participation in World War II (Part 1) Superseded

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This series of guides identifies and describes the activities of the many military agencies that had a role in World War II. 1996.

Guide to Records Relating to US Military Participation in World War II (Part 2) Superseded

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This second volume identifies and describes records in the National Archives that document the activities of the many military agencies involved in armaments production and procurement, lend-lease, stockpiling and consumption of strategic and conventional industrial materials, shipbuilding, military construction, protection of the Western Hemisphere, logistical support, services furnished to personnel, surveys of soldier attitudes, and detention of POWs and civilian internees. 1998.

Holocaust-Era Assets: A Finding Aid to Records at the National Archives at College Park, Maryland

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This aid to locating records in the National Archives focuses primarily on efforts to identify, recover, and restitute assets hidden or stolen by Nazi Germany during World War II. 1999.

Records of Our National Life

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Published in honor of the Archives' 75th anniversary, Records of Our National Life is an extensively illustrated volume that takes the reader on a journey through American history, from the struggle for independence to the 2009 tally of electoral votes. Featuring more than 800 documents, maps, photographs, and drawings, as well as essays by some of Americas leading journalists, political commentators, and broadcasters, the book provides readers with a glimpse into the extensive holdings of the Archives.

Union: A Guide to Federal Archives Relating to the Civil War

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This guide provides an opportunity to study the vast collection of US Government documents in the National Archives that relate to the Civil War. 1962/1986.

Woman's War Too: U.S. Women in the Military in World War II

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More than 350,000 women volunteered to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces in World War II. This volume, comprising the proceedings of a conference held at the National Archives at College Park, is a compelling account of these volunteers' groundbreaking efforts to establish women's units within the traditional military service branches. 1996.

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