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Appendix I: List of Units and Subunits

Updated February 7, 2005

Appendix I: List of Units and Subunits

These are listed by Regiment (or major unit) then by subunit.
Legions and Sublegions
Legion of the United States
Capt. Alexander Gibson's Co.
1st Sublegion
Capt. Erskurius Beatty's Co.
Capt. Thomas Martin's Co.
Capt. Abner Prior's Co.
Company not indicated
3rd Sublegion
Capt. Howell Lewis's Co.
Miscellaneous Records
1st Infantry
Capt. Thomas Hamilton's Co.
Capt. Daniel Hughes's Co.
Capt. Ballard Smith's Co.
Capt. David Strong's Co.
2nd Infantry
Capt. Matthew Arbuckle's Co.
Lt. Joshua B. Brant's Detachment of Invalids (or Supernumeraries)
Capt. Alexander Brownlow's Co.
Lt. Shubael Butterfield's Detachment of Invalids
Capt. Reuben Chamberlin's Co.
Capt. Edmund Pendleton Gaines's Co.
Capt. John Miller's Co.
Capt. Alexander Ramsey Thompson's Co.
Company not indicated
3rd Infantry
Capt. Henry Atkins's [sic, Atkinson's] Co.
Capt. Samuel Waring Butler's Co.
Capt. William Butler's Co.
Capt. Henry Chotard's Co.
Capt. Duncan Lamont Clinch's Co.
Capt. James Edward Dinkins's Co.
Capt. William Laval's Co.
Capt. Samuel C. Mabson
Capt. John McClelland's Co.
Capt. Hays G. White's Co.
Capt. Joseph Woodruff's Co.
4th Infantry
Capt. John Binney's Co.
Capt. George Gooding's Co.
Capt. Lewis Peckham's Co.
Company not indicated
5th Infantry
Capt. Richard Hales Bell's Co.
Capt. Eben (Ebenezer) Childs's Co.
Capt. John R. Corboley's Co.
Capt. William L. Foster's Co.
Capt. John Fowle Jr.'s Detachment
Capt. William S. Henshaw's Co.
Capt. John Jamison's Co.
Bvt. Maj. Morrill Marston's Co.
Capt. LeRoy Opie's Co.
Men at Fort Mifflin and Province Island Barracks
Company not indicated
6th Infantry
Capt. John T. Arrosmith's (T. J. Arrowsmith's) Co.
Capt. Londus L. Buck's Co.
Capt. Ralph Burton Cuyler's Co.
Capt. James E. A. Masters's Co.
Capt. Edward Webb's Co.
Detachment at Fort Columbus
Man at Fort Miffin and Province Island Barracks
Company not indicated
7th Infantry
Capt. N. Young's Co.
9th Infantry
Capt. George Bender's Co.
Capt. William L. Foster's Co.
Capt. Abraham Fuller Hull's Co.
Capt. Chester Lyman's Co.
Capt. James F. Norris's Co.
Company not indicated
10th Infantry
Capt. Phillip Brittain's Co.
Capt. Joseph Clay's Co.
Capt. Jesse Copeland's Co.
Company not indicated
11th Infantry
2nd Lt. John Varnum Barron's Co.
Capt. Richard Bean's Co.
Capt. John Bliss's Co.
Capt. Malachi Corning's Co.
Capt. David Crawford's Co.
Capt. William Sewell Foster's Co.
Capt. Valuntine R. Goodrich's Co.
Capt. Horace Hale's Co.
Capt. Jonathan Stark's Co.
Capt. John W. Weeks's Co.
12th Infantry
Capt. James Charlton's Co.
Capt. Andrew Lewis Madison's Co.
Capt. James Paxton's Co.
Capt. Thomas Post's Co.
Capt. Lewis B. Willis's Co.
13th Infantry
Capt. John L. Fink's Co.
Capt. Samuel Haring's Co.
Capt. Stephen Watts Kearney's Co.
Capt. Mordecai Myers's Co.
Capt. John Sproull's Co.
Lt. John Williams's Detachment
Company not indicated
14th Infantry
Regimental Staff
Capt. Richard Arell's Co.
Capt. Reuben Gilder's Co.
Capt. Joseph Marechal's Co.
Capt. William McIlvain's Co.
Capt. Thomas Montgomery's Co.
Capt. Clement Sullivan's Co.
Company not indicated
15th Infantry
Capt. Joseph L. Barton's Co.
Capt. Charles Carson's Co.
Lt. Alexander Godwin's Detachment
Capt. John Lambert Hoppock's Co.
Capt. Zachariah Rossell's Co.
Capt. Henry H. Van Dalsem's Co.
Capt. White Youngs's Co.
Men at Fort Mifflin and Province Island Barracks
Squadron on Lake Champlain (under command of Capt. White Young)
Company not indicated
16th Infantry
Field and Staff
Lt. John Caldwell's Co.
Capt. William Davenport's Co.
Capt. Miles Greenwood's Co.
Capt. Thomas Lyon's Co.
Capt. John Machesney
Capt. Alexander McEwen's Co.
Lt. Thomas M. Powers's Co.
Capt. George G. Steele's Co.
Men at Fort George
Men at Fort Mifflin and Province Island Barracks
Company not indicated
17th Infantry
Capt. Robert Edwards's Co.
Company not indicated
18th Infantry
Capt. John Gray Blount's Co.
Capt. George Butler's Co.
Capt. Owen Clinton's Co.
Capt. James Hamilton's Co.
Capt. Edward King's Co.
Capt. Thomas J. Robeson's Co.
Capt. Henry P. Taylor's Co.
Capt. William Taylor's Co.
Capt. Montague G. Waage's Co.
Company not indicated
19th Infantry
Capt. John T. Chunn's Co.
Lt. William MacDonald's Co.
20th Infantry
Capt. Henry Branch's Co.
Capt. Reuben Crawford's Co.
Capt. John ("McCraye") McRae Jr.'s Co.
Capt. John A. Thornton's Co.
Capt. Torrington's Co.
Company not indicated
21st Infantry
Lt. Josiah Bartlett's Detachment
Lt. William Bowman's Co.
Capt. Lemuel Bradford's Co.
Lt./Capt. Sullivan Burbank's Co.
Capt. Ira Drew's Co.
Lt. Thomas Harrison's Co.
Capt. Benjamin Ropes's Co.
Capt. Charles Edward Tobey's Co.
Capt. Joseph Treat's Co.
Capt. Josiah H. Vose's Co.
Company not indicated
22nd Infantry
Capt. Willis Foulk's Co.
Lt. Robert R. Hall's Co.
Capt. Thomas Lawrence's Co.
Capt. William Morrow's Co.
Capt. John Pentland's Co.
Lt. Samuel A. Rippey's Co.
Men at Fort Mifflin and Province Island Barracks
Company not indicated
23rd Infantry
Capt. Horatio Gates Armstrong's Co.
Lt. Peter L. Hogeboom's Co.
Lt. Justus Ingersoll's Co.
Capt. Peter Mills's Co.
Capt. Azariah W. Odell's Co.
Capt. Samuel Tappan's Co.
Capt. Derck Van Veghten's Co.
Company not indicated
24th Infantry
Company not indicated
25th Infantry
Capt. William Battey's Co.
Lt. Jesse Beach's Co.
Ensign Alexander T. F. Bill's Co.
Capt. Peter Bradley's Co.
Lt. James Burbidge's Co.
Ensign John Gifford's Co.
Capt. George Howard's Co.
Maj. Daniel Ketchum's Detachment
Capt. Joseph Kinney's Co.
Capt. Henry Leavenworth's Co.
Capt. John Bates Murdock's Co.
Capt. Seth Phelps's Co.
Lt./Capt. Thomas M. Read's Co.
Capt. Thomas S. Seymour's Co.
Capt. William Walker's Co.
Capt. Benjamin Watson's Co.
Lt. Edward White's Co.
Company not indicated
26th Infantry
Capt. William Bezeau's Detachment
Capt. Ira Williams's Co.
Men at Fort Mifflin and Province Island Barracks
Company not indicated
28th Infantry
Capt. George Stockton's Co.
29th Infantry
Capt. Matthew D. Danvers's Co.
Capt. Elam Lynds's Co.
Capt. Lyon's Co.
Company not indicated
30th Infantry
Capt. James Taylor's Co.
32nd Infantry
Capt. Robert Patterson's Co.
Men at Fort Mifflin and Province Island Barracks
33rd Infantry
Capt. Benjamin Adams's Co.
Capt. Francis Drew's Co.
Capt. Benjamin Dunn's Co.
Capt. Elijah Foss's Co.
Capt. Rufus K. Goodenow's Co.
Capt. Isaac Hodsdon's Co.
Company not indicated
34th Infantry
Capt. Joseph C. Addams's Co.
Capt. Benjamin Bailey's Co.
Capt. Peter Chadwick's Co.
Capt. Daniel Crossman's Co.
Capt. Robert Douglas's Co.
Lt. Jeremiah Ede's Co.
Capt. Robert R. Kendall's Co.
Capt. Sherman Leland's Co.
Capt. John Merrill's Detachment
Capt. Benjamin Poland's Co.
Lt. Royal D. Simons's Detachment
Lt. William A. Springer's Detachment
Capt. William Sweet's Co.
Company not indicated
36th Infantry
Capt. Thomas Carberry's Co.
Capt. Samuel Rasin's Co.
37th Infantry
Company not indicated
38th Infantry
Capt. James Harvey Hook's Co.
39th Infantry
Capt. James Davis's Co.
Capt. James Gray's Co.
Capt. Henry Henniger's Co.
Capt. John Jones's Co.
Capt. John B. Long's Co.
Lt. Bernard M. Patterson's Detachment
Capt. John Phagan's Co.
Capt. Thomas Stuart's Co.
Capt. William Walker's Co.
Detachment (commander not indicated)
Company not indicated
40th Infantry
Capt. John Fillebrown Jr.'s Co.
Capt. John Leonard's Co.
Capt. James Perry's Co.
Company not indicated
42nd Infantry
Capt. George W. Barker's Co.
Capt. John Jehu Robinson's Co.
Men at Fort Mifflin and Province Island Barracks
43rd Infantry
Capt. Henry Garrett's Co.
Capt. John L. Thomson's Co.
44th Infantry
Capt. Isaac L. Baker's Co.
45th Infantry
Capt. Joshua Danforth's Co.
Capt. Smith Elkins's Co.
Capt. Elijah Hall's Co.
Capt. Daniel Holden's Co.
Capt. Henry Snow's Co.
Capt. Nathan Stanley's Co.
Lt. Samuel Sylvester's Detachment
Capt. Thomas B. Sylvester's Co.
Company not indicated
Men at Fort Mifflin and Province Island Barracks
1st Dragoons
Capt. Arthur P. Hayne's Troop
Capt. William M. Littlejohn's Co. (Note 3)
Capt. Asa Morgan's Co.
2nd Dragoons
Lt. Abel Wheelock's Co.
Capt. Clinton Wright's Co.
Light Dragoons
Lt. George Birch's Co.
Capt. Henry Bowyer's Troop
Capt. George Haig's Co. (or Troop) (Note 4)
Capt. William Winston's Co.
Company not indicated
1st Light Dragoons
Capt. Noah Lester's Co.
Capt. Selleck Osborn's Troop
Lt. I. [J.?] Palmer's Detachment
Company not indicated
2nd Light Dragoons
Capt. John A. Burd's Troop (or Company)
Capt. Samuel D. Harris's Troop (or Company)
Capt. Samuel Goode Hopkins's Troop
Capt. Joseph Selden's Co.
Capt. Charles Smith's Troop
Company not indicated
1st Riflemen
Capt. George Gray Jr.'s Co.
Capt. Lodowick Morgan's Co.
Capt. Thomas Ramsey's Co.
Capt. Edward Wadsworth's Co.
Company not indicated
3rd Rifle Regiment
Capt. Walter Coles's Co.
4th Riflemen
Capt. Joseph Kean's Co.
Capt. John Lytle's Co.
Company not indicated
4th Rifle Regiment
Capt. Benjamin Birdsall's Co.
Company not indicated
Rifle [Regiment?] (Note 5)
Man at Fort Mifflin and Province Island Barracks
Capt. William Cocks's Co.
Capt. Enoch Humphrey's Co.
Capt. James B. Many's Co.
Capt. James Read (1806) [see 2nd Artillery, Capt. James Reed (1813)]
Men at Fort Mifflin and Province Island Barracks
Artillery Corps
Capt. John Wingate Gookin's Co.
Capt. James Green's Co.
Capt. Julius Frederick Heileman's Co.
Capt. Rufus McIntire's Co.
Capt. Francis Newman's Co.
Capt. Joseph Philips's Co.
Capt. George H. Richards's Co.
Capt. John Ritchie's Co.
Capt. Richard Augustus Zantzinger's Detachment
1st Artillery
Capt. Addison Bowles Armistead's Co.
Capt. Stephen Conover's Co.
Bvt. Maj. Ichabod Bennet Crane's Co.
Capt. Samuel T. Dyson's Co.
Capt. William Gates's Co.
Capt. Nathaniel Leonard's Co.
Capt. Benjamin Kendrick Pierce's Co. (Note 6)
Lt. Samuel Rockwell's Detachment
Capt. James T.B. Romayne's Co.
Capt. James Strode Swearingen's Co.
Capt. John De Barth Walbach's Co.
Company not indicated
2nd Artillery
Capt. Samuel B. Archer's Co.
Capt. James Nelson Barker's Co.
Capt. Thomas Biddle Jr.'s Co.
Bvt. Maj. Alexander C.W. Fanning's Co.
Capt. Spotwood Henry's Co.
Capt./Maj./Bvt. Lt. Col. Jacob Hindman's Co.
Capt. Benjamin Lawson's Co.
Capt. William Nicholas's Co.
Capt. James Reed's Co. (1813)
Company not indicated
3rd Artillery
Lt. John P. Bartlett's Co. (Note 7)
Capt. Jonathan Brooks's Co.
Capt. William King's Co.
Capt. James McKeon's Co.
Capt. Benjamin S. Ogden's Co.
Capt. Benjamin Kendrick Pierce's Co. (Note 8)
Capt. Thomas Stockton's Co.
Capt. Horace Harvey Watson's Co.
Company not indicated
2nd Heavy Artillery
Company not indicated
Light Artillery
Lt. John R. Bell's Co.
Capt. William Bezeau's Co.
Capt. Benjamin Branch's Co.
Capt. William Campbell's Co.
Capt. Nathan Estabrook's Co.
Capt. John N. McIntosh's Co.
Capt. Arthur Whetham Thornton's Co.
Company not indicated
1st Light Artillery
Capt. Luther Leonard's Co.
Capt. Robert Hector McPherson's Co.
Capt. George Washington Melvin's Co.
Miscellaneous Units
Lt. Wilkinson's Co. (1811)
Col. Denny McCobb's Volunteer Regiment (1814)

Military Districts
3rd Military District
4th Military District

Corps of Engineers, Company of Bombadiers
Corps of Engineers, Company not indicated

Paymaster General's Department
Quartermaster General's Department
Militia at Fort Mifflin and Province Island Barracks
Unit not Indicated
Men who Served on Lake Champlain (1814)
Man at Fort Mifflin (1808)
Men at Fort Mifflin and Province Island Barracks (1814)
Men Whose Unit or Place of Service is not Indicated
Footnotes (as numbered in the original publication).
Note 3: This company is also shown in these records as being in 1st Light Dragoons.
Note 4: This company is also shown in these records as being in Dragoons or 1st Light Dragoons.
Note 5: The record does not state the nature of the organization.
Note 6: He also had a company in the 3rd Artillery.
Note 7: Or Lt. Bartlett's Artillery Co., 3rd Infantry.
Note 8: He also had a company in the 1st Artillery.

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