"Temporary Dwelling Units, Buckeye, Arizona-Soil and Ground Preparation"
"Temporary Dwelling Units, Buckeye, Arizona-Soil and Ground Preparation"

By Lesmer and Mahoney, architects and engineers for the Federal Public Housing Authority, June 10, 1943
Pencil on tracing paper
26" x 29"
National Archives and Records Administration, Records of the Public Housing Administration Full citation

World War II Boomtowns: Buckeye, Arizona
The Manhattan Project's efforts at developing an atomic bomb meant establishing several top-secret sites throughout the United States. Much of the temporary housing built for defense workers during World War II was hastily conceived and quickly constructed, but architects and planners did sometimes attempt to create more livable, pleasing spaces. One such effort was at Buckeye, Arizona, a war boomtown west of Phoenix. There, architects added amenities such as lawns, clothes lines, and space for gardens, flower beds, and trees to a block of apartment houses.

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