Warrant for Habeas Corpus, September 21, 1839

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District of Connecticut
In the 2nd Circuit of the U. States

To The President of the United States of America –
The Marshall of the District of Connecticut


We command you that you have before our Circuit Court now in session at Hartford in and for said District of Connecticut at the opening of the Court the bodies of the thirty seven six Africans called by the names

Burnah Coromah Bargyah Kieabo
Poomah Nahquoi Feirrie Fahbannah
Gahbow Carfree Chorlay[?] Lah
Dammah Peiah Shahto Fahjonah
Berrie Kennah Forru Carlee
Yahonah Burnah 2nd Bahoo Lese
Fah Fawnee Carlee 2nd Shumah
Cabbah Yammanu Bah Morrah
Cau Yahboi Coohamah Antonio
& Jinqua      

or by whatever names they are called now in your custody & keeping whether in Prison or elsewhere in and under your charge & care together with the cause of their captior [sic] and detention & to receive and do what said Court may order and adjudge in the premises & have you there this writ with your return thereon—writing the Hon Roger B Taney Esq. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States at Hartford this 21st day of Sept 1839

Ches. A. Ingersoll

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In the matter of Cinque and other Africans for a Habeus Corpus

Warrant of Habeus Corpus


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