Dowry Gift of Slaves, Ann Taylor v. Thomas Hart, Jr., June 11, 1773

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This indenture made the eleventh day of June one thousand seven hundred and seventy three Between Philip Johnston of the county of Caroline of the one part and Ann Taylor of the same county of the other part. Witnesseth that pursuant to the articles of agree-ment entered into by the said Philip Johnston previous to his intermarriage with Elizabeth the Daughter of the said Ann Taylor bearing date November the sixth one thousand seven hundred and seventy one, and for the sum of five shillings to the said Phil in hand paid by the said Ann Taylor, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged to[?] the said Phil Johnston hath granted, bargained and sold and by these presents doth grant bargain and sell unto the said Ann Taylor her heirs executors administrators and assigns three negroe slaves which since [?] the said marriage on a division of the estate of Mr. James Taylor dec[eased] late father of the said Elizabeth and delivered to the said Philip Johnston, to witt, a negroe woman named Jen[ny?] her child Joe and a boy named Anthony also the reversion [?], remainder, right title and Interest which the said Philip Johnston and Elizabeth his wife have and are entitled to expectant on the death of the said Ann Taylor of in and to a moiety of four negroes slaves allotted to the said Ann upon the division aforesaid to witt, a woman named Dinah and her children named Caroline Winney and Ned, with their future increase. To have and to hold the said three negroe Slaves, Jenny Joe and Anthony and their future increase [in?] Possession, and the said Dinah Caroline Winney Ned, and their future increase after [the?] death of the said Ann Taylor unto the said Ann Taylor her heirs exeors. & admors.[executors & administrators ] forever,

In Trust to and for the following uses that is to say to the use of the said Philip Johnston and Elizabeth his wife during their joint lives. and to the survivor of them for his or her [life?] and from and after the death of such Survivor, then to use of the children of the said Phill and Elizabeth begotten, between them equally to be divided if there shall be then [one?] such living, and if there be no child of the marriage then living, then to the use of such [person?] or persons to whom the said Elizabeth by deed executed in her lifetime, or by her last Will and Testament in writing, or any writing purporting her last Will, whether she be then Sole Covert shall direct limit or appoint the same to go! and in default of such appointment [?page cut off] to such person who at the death of such survivor. shall be the heir at Law of the said Elizabeth and whereas on the said Division there were sundry stocks and household goods. allotted to [the?] said Elizabeth to the amount of forty pounds and there is also due to her some money by the gift of her grandfather, and for a legacy devised her by the Will of her Aunt Mrs. Mary Watkins, which by the marriage Articles was to be laid out in slaves and settled to [these?] uses. The said Philip Johnston for himself and his heirs, doth covenant and grant to [page cut off] with the said Ann Taylor her heirs executors and administrators that the said Phil[ip?] suffer and permit the said sum of money is due to the said Elizabeth and will as soon as[?] conveniently he can pay and advance the sum of forty pounds in lieu of the said Ho[?]ks and Wh[?]-hold goods to be added thereto to be laid out in the purchase of one or more slave or slaves which [?] purchased shall be vested in the said Ann Taylor her heirs executors and administrators. [Page cut off] Trust to and for the like uses as are herein before mentioned as to the other slaves. Prov[?] always and is hereby agreed to be the intention of the parties to these presents, that the [page cut off, end of scanned document]


Note: Question marks represent illegible text.