Travel Document for the Schooner Syrena, 1817

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Folio 1489

Province of Havana

Don Sebastian Paez of Cadena and Seix, Captain of a frigate of the Real Armada, and Interim Military Commander of the Enrolls of the Island of Cuba.

Hereby grant this license to Don Jose Dias Pimienta Captain of the Goleta Espa. La Sirena carrying 617 ½ [?] tons, for the voyage from this Port La Corta, Africa  with twelve men sea enlisted, whose class, names, homes, quadrilles[?] that are found and fólios of their seating, they are listed in the following form.

Classes Name Homes Folios Quadrillas
Captain’s 2nd Pilot Dto Pimionto Havana    
Ten [?] Pilot Jose Mactre [?] Cataluna [?]    
Boatswain [?] Manuel Alpon Galicia    
Cook Luis Solano Trinidad & Barbados    
Sailors Alesandro Bermuson [?] Galicia    
  Ramon Martinez Tri[nidad]    
  Anto. Jose Campe. [?]    
  Jose Gomes P[uer]to Rico    
  Franco Pena La Guard. [?]    


Note:   Question marks represent illegible text.