Petition by John Hill Wheeler, July 18, 1855

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To the Honorable John K. Kane
Judge of the District Court of the U.S.
in and for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

The petition of John H Wheeler respectfully represents – That your petitioner is the owner of three persons held to service or labor by the laws of the state of Virginia – Said persons being respectively named Jane – aged about thirty five years, Daniel – aged about twelve years, and Isaiah aged about seven years, persons of Color. – and that they are detained from the possession of your petitioner by one Passmore Williamson resident of the City of Philadelphia, and that they are not detained for any Criminal or supposed Criminal matter.

Your petitioner therefore prays your Honor to grant a Writ of Habeas Corpus to be directed to the said Passmore Williamson commanding him to bring before your Honor the bodies of the said Jane Daniel and Isiah to do, and abide such order as your Honor may direct.

Jno. H. Wheeler
Sworn to & Subscribed
July 18, 1855

John B Heaslett [?]
N. S. Comm.


Note:   Question marks represent illegible text.