Wong Kim Ark’s Discharge, January 3, 1896

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In the

District Court of the United States,

Northern District of California


In the Matter of
Wong Kim Ark

On Habeas Corpus
)    No. 11198

This Matter having been regularly brought on for hearing upon the issues joined herein, and the same having been duly heard and submitted, and due consideration having been thereon had, it is by the Court now here ordered, that the said named person in whose behalf the Writ of Habeas Corpus herein was sued out, is illegally restrained of his liberty, as alleged in the petition herein, and that he be, and he is hereby discharged from the custody from which he has been produced, and that he go hence without day

Entered this 3rd day of January 1896

Southard Hoffman

By [?]
Deputy Clerk


Note: Question marks represent illegible text.