Letter from George Jones to James G. Blaine
Recommending Frederick Douglass as United States Minister to Haiti,
July 2, 1889

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[stamped “Department of State * Received * JUL 5 1889]

Indianapolis, July 2nd 1889

Hon James G. Blaine
Sec’y of State Wash D.C

My Dear Sir:

You al will allow me on the part of my people to congratulate you most heartily for commissioning Hon Frederick Douglass Minister to Hayti.  He is the Lion of our race and represents in its most fullest sense the honor and dignity of our people.

In this connection I might add that the appointment of Lynch and Townsend of Indiana and other recognition recently had is more than ample testimony of the fairness of the administration toward the colored people of the entire country.

Gratefully yours          Geo. F. Jones             547 N. Miss St