Enemy Alien Registration Affidavit of
Hans Joachim von Fischer-Treuenfeld,
February 8, 1918

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15. Have you since January 1, 1914, reported to or registered with a consul or representative of any country other than the United States for military or naval or other service?  Yes.  If yes, state when and where and to whom and for what country and for what service. at outbreak of this war—August 9, 1919—I reported as Reservist to the German General consul at New Orleans, but was dismissed as there was no transportation. My last communication with Germany

16. Have you ever been arrested or detained on any charge? Yes.   If yes, state when, where, and on what charges? Abusing the person of the German consular agent at Kansas City, Mo   Are you on parole? Charge dismissed by Court 1917 City Hall, K.C. Mo.

17. Have you a permit to enter forbidden areas? Yes   If yes, state number of permit F7861.

I solemnly swear that all the above statements and answers by me made are true.

(Signature) Hansjoachim von Fischer-Trenenfeld
Sworn to before me this 8th February, 19 18
at Police Headquarters Kansas City Kans

W. O. Thomas
(Registration officer.)

Secretary Police Dept
(Official title, police or post office.)

(To be filled in by registration officer.)

[signed photo]

Age 27 years Mouth Small
Height 5 ft.  6 in. Chin Square
Weight 134 Hair Light Brown
Forehead High Complexion Light
Eyes Blue Face  Oval
Nose Large  
Distinctive marks Ears Prominent Scar right cheek
Light mustache
Name Hansjoachim von Fischer-Trenenfeld
Address 714 Bernett Ave. Kansas City Kans.