Letter from Adam Castillo to All Captains, October 30, 1922

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Gov. Ex 65

Head Quarters Mission Indian Federation
171 E, Prospect Ave. Riverside Calif.
Oct. 30, 1925

To all captains:

The department of Police of the Mission Indian Federation is a department within the said Mission Indian Federation and Its function is to assist all federal and civil officers.

To preserve peace- to protect its members against illegal and unjust treatment.

All captains are instructed to see that the Federation Police assist all peace officers in the suppression of the liquor traffic.

All captains are instructed to see that these principles are strictly enforced.

All officers are elected by their tribe, to perform their duties under their head-men or chiefs.

All Mission Indian Federation Police are to serve without pay, they carry no fire arms.

Grand President Adam Castillo
Grand Secretary Ben Watta

MAR 12 1931
By M. L GA[?]
Deputy Clerk


Note: Question marks represent illegible text.