Official Logbook, St. George Island,

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JUNE 16 Tuesday

Having received orders from the Navy to prepare for an immediate evacuation of all white and native population, the entire village has been mined with TNT; the cattle were rounded up and stanchioned, then shot; pails of gasoline stationed in each house to facilitate destruction, etc.  Everyone was limited to one suitcase only; however at the last minute, several small boats and outboard engines were salvaged.  (See [in blue ink]previous pages for more complete information in this regard.)

JUNE 17 (Enroute Dutch Harbor) Wednesday

JUNE 18 Thursday

Arrived Dutch Harbor yesterday, picked up Atka natives, some of whom were flown in after their village was bombed and machine-gunned by the Japs; left Dutch Harbor early this morning.

JUNE 24 Wednesday

Arrived at cannery site, Funter Bay, Alaska.

JUNE 26 Thursday

Due to the lack of space at the cannery, all St. George Natives and white personnel have been moved to the Admiralty Alaska Gold Mining Co., just across the bay.

JUNE 29 Monday

9 men cleaning up around buildings, etc.
7 removing rocks from boat landings
2 sharpening saws
2 splitting wood
2 assisting with the stores
6 digging for clams, cutting grass, etc.
6 carpenters repairing walks, broken down bldgs.
1 man building bed-pan
2 men making a bell (dinner)
1 working in the laundry

Tikhon, infant son of Constantine and Agafia Man-
dregan, born 6:30 P.M.