Petition Protesting Conditions, Aleut Women,

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We the people of this place wants a better place than this to live. This place is no place for a living creature. We drink impure water and then get sick the children’s get skin disease even the grown ups are sick from cold.

We ate from the mess house and it is near the toilet only a few yard away. We eat the filth that is flying around.

We got no place to take a bath and no place to wash our clothes or dry them when it rains. We women are always lugging water up stairs and take turns warming it up and the stove is small.

We live in a room with our children just enough to be turn around in we used blankets for walls just to live in private.

We need clothes and shoes for our children how are we going to clothe them with just a few dollars. Men’s are working for $20 – month is nothing to them we used it to see our children eat what they don’t get at mess house and then its gone and then we wait for another month to come around.

Why they not take us to a better place to live and work for our selve’s and live in a better house. Men and women are very eager to work.  When winter comes it still would be worse with water all freezed up grub short do we have to see our children suffer.

We all have rights to speak for ourselves.


Mrs. Haretina Kochutin
Mrs. Alexandra Bourdukofsky
Mrs. Valentina Kozeroff
Mrs. Platonida Melovidov
Miss Anastasia Krukoff
Mrs. Alexandra Fratis
Miss Haretina Kochergin
Mrs. Sophie Tetoff
Mrs. Anna Kushin
Mrs. Anfesa Galaktionoff
Mrs. Olga Kochutin
Mrs. Juliana Gromoff
Mrs. Agafia Merculief
Mrs. Alexandra Kochutin
Mrs. Natalie Misikin
Mrs. Mary Kochutin
Mrs. Claude Kochutin
Vassa Krukoff
Anna Emanoff
Chionia K. Misikin
Heretina Misikin
Alexandra Melovidov
Marina Kozloff
Mary Kushin
Ifrosenia Rukovishnikoff
Mrs. Pelagia Krukoff
Mrs. Agrippina Tetoff
Mrs. Marth Krukoff
Mrs. Mavra Stepetin
May Oustigoff
Agrippina Hanson
Alexandra Mandregan
Helen Mandregan
Alexandra Gromoff
Nina Oustigoff
Helena Krukoff
Miss Justinia Stepetin
Antonina Stepetin
Francis Emanoff
Anna Stepetin
Kapetolina Buterin
Helen Kochergin
Prascodia Hapoff
Marina Sedick
Ludmilla Bourdukofsky
May Bourdukofsky
Alica Philemonoff
Virginia Kozloff